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  1. I have a Macbook Pro like the one you’re about to buy and it cannot sadly. 😞
  2. Uniquee


    Seemingly you do care otherwise you wouldn't have taken some of your extremely valuable time to write this reply. However, I did apologize right away on the phone and you hung up on me. Thank you! Have a good night!!
  3. Uniquee


    It's very simple; just decide not to sell it! Plus never announced it was sold either.
  4. Uniquee


    That's a very sad story I hope you'll recover soon!!
  5. Uniquee


    Seems like you won, congratulations! Call me on #
  6. Uniquee


    Depends what do you have?
  7. Uniquee


    Auction is closing tonight at 8pm. ((server time))
  8. Uniquee


    SELLING: Enus Deity > Advanced Enus performance package. > Premium alarm system & locks. > Good mileage. > Registered. Pictures: ((https://imgur.com/a/s4N7Qds)) ((OOC STATS)) Leave your contact details and/or offers below! Starting bid: $300,000 Buyout: $400,000 Contact: ☎️#
  9. Rest easy and fly high 🤍 🕊️

  10. my mom said she could bring me and three friends only if one of your moms could pick us up again, is that OK?
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