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  1. -1 I understand the reasoning but now that you can import Menyoo xml’s you can easily pick up an old character again. That is if you exported the xml before you deleted the character and if their name hasn’t been taken yet by someone else.
  2. Name: MarΓ­a Comment: The best buffet restaurant in town, can't beat it!
  3. Uniquee


    Detailed Description: Since the new HP update was introduced players are unable to quickly fix a missclick, as of how it stands right now you'd have to go to a 24/7 to then buy a couple of snacks/drinks and replenish your health. Let's say you're an illegal roleplayer, a friend accidentally missclicked you once or twice and something is about to go down, you're at a disadvantage already. Now you've to run to the nearest 24/7 to quickly and unrealistically eat 5 burgers just to heal up and in the meantime a fight already started. That's why I think /fixhealth should be added, it should ping admins right away so they can check whether it was abuse or not. And to combat abuse even better it should be locked behind a timer as well, if a player recently was in a fight they can't use the command for X minutes. Just like you can't use food to heal after you've been in a fight. Relevant Commands/Items /fixhealth (/fixhp) How will it benefit the server? This would both help all the accidental OOC causes of HP loss, and still combat the HP abusers where the update was intended for. This is not just to help illegal players, same goes for cops. Imagine being a police officer, you're chasing a suspect only to get one shotted minutes later because your fellow officer missclicked you twice during the briefing and you forgot/had no time to go to a 24/7 and inhale a 12 piece Dunkin Donuts box.
  4. There have been suggestions in the past for adding hunger/thirst systems and everytime it was locked and archived with the argument β€œwe’re a heavy roleplay server, forcing this on players won’t do any good”. Yet here I am running to a 24/7 and buying 5 burgers just to fix a missclick..
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