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  1. Updated with some new interiors.
  2. paym4n


    ((Ah fixed it. Did 3x market price AND furniture price. My bad.))
  3. paym4n


    One bedroom apartment with a open concept kitchen and livingroom located north in Little Seoul in the Dream Tower. The livingroom of the apartment has recently been renovated with new paint and new flooring. The same goes for the bathroom. The apartment itself contains: 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Kitchen/livingroom Empty closet ((OOC)) Market Price: $105,000 Furniture Worth: $73,272 Starting bid is set to $175.000 with a buy-out of $380.000 (negotiable). I can be reached on phone: 257-9033 or on mail: [email protected] for any questions or viewings. PICTURES OF THE APARTMENT
  4. Don't really see a fix to the whole inflation going on. Only way would be to change the mindset of all the players who put assets > RP. Or you could add some nasty taxing on everything. But then again that'd ruin roleplay for a lot of people who can't put in more than a few hours a day. Guess one way to tax things would be to tax the total assets people sit on. Say just having a vehicle and an apartment worth below 250-300.000 wouldn't really get taxed. But once your assets crawl up towards the million(s) you'd get taxed much more. And potentially additional taxes if you decide to own more than one propety or more than one vehicle.
  5. paym4n


    The boat is in a mint condition and was sitting in a dealership just a few months back. The nautical mileage is also low. Asking for $275.000, non negotiable Contact through mail at [email protected] or at 88869 ((OOC info))
  6. Best solution to the hyperinflation issue would been to have the 5k x 40 paychecks account bound so you'd have to choose which char you wanted them on / spread them out on. Then there'd be no more freebies no matter if you created a fresh character or not. But it's past the point of turning back now LOL. Adding 9999999 different taxes would also have its pros and cons. But it'd definitely bite the normal people whom only have a few hours a day to play in the butt compared to the people who can put in 10 +/- hours.
  7. Really appreciated the Park Rangers the past few days. Had some cool run-ins with them.
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