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  1. Last triathlon was hosted on the 25th of June 🙂
  2. I'm offering $60,000.00 for your Canis Seminole Frontier. e-mail: [email protected] phone: 32129441
  3. Business Licensing was being prepared to launch as of today, March 1st. However, due to the feedback we've received on the initial fees (which were also approved by Property Management), the license fees will be lowered in order to take more complex businesses (such as nightclubs and stripclubs) into account, which generally require more preperation and have lower income due to higher staff costs. While it is hard to strike a fair balance with the currently varying income of different business types, we'll try our best to come up with a system that doesn't penalize any in particular. The City of Los Santos as a faction doesn't intend to take the fun out of business roleplay or to make them unprofitable. For the time being businesses aren't required to apply for a license. Thank you for everyone's input so far!
  4. Vehicle has been sold and is no longer available. ((Can be L&A))
  5. Asking price lowered. Still for sale!
  6. Dear Sir or Madam, sadly I am unable to accept a price that low. I wish you the best of luck finding a Dominator in similar condition. Best regards.
  7. Vehicle Details Manufacturer: Vapid Model: Dominator Classic Year of manufacture: 1968 Current mileage: ~702 Color: Dark Blue (Navy) Overall condition: Restored This beautiful american classic was overhauled and restored from the ground up by a specialized mechanic. The vehicle remains close to the original look, however some parts of the engine have been replaced due to a lack of original Vapid parts in good condition. Additionally it now features modern amenities, such as a digital car radio, air conditioning, improved locks, security features, (toggleable) ABS system, heated seats, electronically adjustable and heated mirrors. The paint and overall condition is pristine and the interior is properly maintained. Furthermore you're not going to have any unpleasant smell inside, as it was always a non-smoker vehicle. The vehicle is registered at the DMV and the insurance is covered until 10/MAR/2021 ~14:00:0 The car is being sold from second hand and I'm looking for $185.000 for it. The proper papers (manual, registration, insurance), as well as a spare set of keys will be provided with the sale, as well as the custom number plates. Contact information: Phone: 32129441 e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) ((OOC stats))
  8. Regarding mapping: This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it's pretty tedious over time: - When sharp rotating an object it throws you back in the overall object menu instead of staying in the sharp-rotate one. This just causes a lot of extra menu navigation when you want to turn objects 180° or even 270°. A fix for this would be to just keep you in the sharp rotation menu after sharp rotating an object OR being able to select how many degrees you want to rotate the object when selecting an option (45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315°).
  9. Hey, I noticed the following values for insurances are not correct: Dominator Classic (Mod Car): Albany V-STR: Seems like the insurance on the Dominator Classic got reduced to 5% instead of 10%.
  10. Shoutout to @HaveADream for answering my questions and helping out ingame whenever needed! Also mad props to all the folks over at Property Management for their additional workload nowadays!
  11. Name: LeMovieConnoisseur Rating (Up to 5 ⭐) : ⭐⭐⭐ Comment: It's nice to see an actual Los Santos movie production doing its first steps. While the plot itself seems heavily influenced by popular movie franchises such as Friday the 13th or Halloween, the lack of production funds is noticeable at times. Especially when it comes to proper lighting of some scenes (inside the house!) there could've been some more effort put in. Also I would've liked a longer phase to establish the monster in the movie. For example scenes where it would lurk around the house, scouting its future prey. Apart from that, pretty solid movie, good acting.
  12. Name: AtomicFlounder Rating (Up to 5 ⭐) : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: The little twist at the end saved the commercial. Also, might visit if the music in the gym is as good as the song in the ad.
  13. For Sale: Benefactor Streiter (Sedan) Vehicle data Manufacturer: Benefactor Model: Streiter (2020 Sedan) Year of manufacture: 2020 Current mileage: ~730 Color: Benefactor Stone Gray (Roof: Black) Overall condition: Like new This beautiful sedan features a state of the art GPS system, car radio, air conditioning, heated seats, electronically adjustable and heated mirrors. More than that it comes with a set of new winter tires. The car is being sold from first hand and was never involved in any accident. The paint and overall condition is spotless and the interior is properly maintained. Oil has been exchanged recently and the battery is in good condition. The vehicle is registered at the DMV and the insurance is covered until 20/AUG/2020 12:56:50. I'm looking for 75000$ for the vehicle. The proper papers (manual, registration, insurance), as well as a spare set of keys will be provided with the sale. Contact information: Phone: 96282055 e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) ((OOC stats))
  14. This would definitely be a neat improvement. In order to increase convenience even more, you could also allow to enter the Phone ID instead of the phone number to switch between phones. For example: /myphones ___MY PHONES___ 1. Samsung Galaxy S9 - 12345678 [ON] [CONTRACT|ACTIVE] [MAIN] 2. iPhone 3 - 87654321 [ON] [CONTRACT|ACTIVE] /smp 2 ((instead of /smp 87654321)) You've set your main phone to #87654321. It will now be used when you /call or /sms.
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