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  1. It's because of the cloufdlare protection which blocks api access. Try again now since it's disabled again.
  2. Added an extra line to clarify it, it's not visible anywhere on your profile either, just in the backend for moderators.
  3. Facebrowser Update 3.12 Additions Added: Mandatory character name (only visible to FB mods), current users will be forced to insert their character name, new users will be forced upon registration Added: Extra FB moderation features and changes to FB reports Added: Accept / Decline all friend requests when there is more than 1 request Added: The ability for page owners to comment as their user or as their page on a page post Added: Groep & Event reviews Added: The ability to link an event to a page Changes Updated: Prevent verification badge from being removed when updating FB username with a VIP package Updated: Show the page name in notifications instead of the user's name when sharing a post as a page Updated: Allow .mp4 extensions when posting posts from imgur
  4. Allowed this, I don't think it embeds properly with i.imgur.com but it does with imgur.com This is just the average FB experience complaining about things not working properly but everyone deciding to complain and not make a bug report / suggestion.
  5. Page owner will have the option to comment as page or user with upcoming 3.12 update. User will be default. Little bit 'hidden' but its the neatest option I can think of
  6. I'm not going to be adding this, if any other web dev in the future wants to pick up such a feature they're free to but it's not as easy as coding on the UCP, MDC, CAD etc. Facebrowser is a script that's under active development from a 3rd party that we add custom code into. It takes me a couple of hours each update to go over everything to make sure the new script version is merged into ours. The more custom code the longer it'll be in the future and I'm not planning to do that. Such a feature will most likely eventually be created by the 3rd party dev himself which then is even worse to intergrade / change into our custom code. As a workaround you should create a new FB user, name it the same as your page, same profile picture etc and go around like that.
  7. What page notifications are you talking about?
  8. Make a new suggestion under game suggestions, this is not something we can handle. I also think that the CEF browser in-game does not remember/store browser cookies used to remain logged in on web pages.
  9. Whenever you reply to posts on your facebrowser page the user is automatically converted to the page already, it won't post as your character.
  10. Make a closed or secret group, invite your specific friends and dump your content in there. It'll show up in the timeline like any other post. No need to make more custom code when you can do a workaround like this.
  11. Can you text on 2504? I'll be busy for like 30m-1h
  12. Call me on 2504 when you're around.
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