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  1. Facebrowser Update 3.9.1 (@Centauri) Additions Added: Removed the old gift system and replaced it with a custom image system through a link Added: Denied verification requests will automatically clear after 7 days to allow you to re-apply Fixes Fixed: Embedded webp images not showing up when pasting a link
  2. Facebrowser Update 3.9.0 (@Dama & @Centauri) Additions Added: The ability to link facebrowser accounts together and swiftly switch between them Added: The ability to change your profile/page/group picture from previous uploaded photos Added: Extra logs to moderator actions Added: New system design The old design remains accessible through the theme selector but will no longer be supported with new features Changes Updated: All verification requests must now go through the proper channels and can no longer be manually set by a FB mod Updated: Administrators & Developers can now delete site notifications older than 1 year to clean up the database Updated: Moderators can now search for a page/group by id instead of just the name Updated: Emoji's have been updated to lazy loading instead of the whole emoji list at once Fixes Fixed: Minor bug fixes Fixed: Bootstrap is now under local files instead of a CDN (CDN is blocked in some countries)
  3. Yeah because the repost is a new post which is not hidden, you just have to block them there's no other way really.
  4. Block them if you don't want to see their posts? I checked the code and yes the description of 'hide post' is misleading, it only hides that specific post and not every single post of that user, that's blocking them.
  5. Show me what's wrong with the hide button, it hides the post doesn't it? That's exactly what it does.
  6. This whole topic is a suggestion.
  7. There isn't a section right now but Selena is head of FB so you would have to message her then.
  8. Which is why there needs to be more clarification on what should be blurred and what not. I for one would not be interested in coding an entire custom feature into the software that might not be easily transferable when the software itself upgrades, it took me 6 hours last time to make our version compatible with the latest one of the creator. Adding more custom work will be a pain for in the future. Perhaps there should be a section on the forums where you're able to appeal moderator decisions, everything is logged so it's easily traceable who blurred your picture.
  9. I personally don't believe this to be necessary, we're not as big as social platforms irl, the moderation can easily be handled by the mods when more baselines are setup to determine what is allowed and what isn't. I suppose that will be up to the head of FB but probably staff members like they are now.
  10. Most of you have noticed that the speed of facebrowser is finally stable even during it's peak moments, I've seen an all-time high today while the site was still holding pretty well. There's more exciting stuff to come with the upcoming version but I believe the next topic of discussion should be regarding facebrowser's rules. I'm going to be voicing my own opinion here to engage in a discussion regarding the rules, nothing I say has anything to do with the development team. Facebrowser is a completely IC platform but the moderation is OOC, I understand why however this doesn't justify the lack of IC rules, there are no IC rules at all, everyone can post whatever they feel like without any consequences moderation wise, I suggest there should be some kind of list of what is not allowed to be posted on facebrowser and what is but will get marked as NSFW (blurred). Examples: > Pictures of dead bodies = post deleted > Pictures of injured people = NSFW > Video's of people fighting = NSFW > Pictures of people holding up illegal firearms = NSFW > Posts regarding the sale of firearms / drugs = post deleted > Account should also be able to be terminated if its purely to try and sell your illegal items > Nudity = post deleted > Sexualized pictures = NSFW > Sexualized pictures posted under 'friends' should not be marked NSFW, is it your own choice to add this person as your friend and see their content > 'Sexualized' pictures is a pretty vague, what is considered sexualized and what is not? Moderators on facebrowser seem to be very inconsistent with what should be allowed and what should be blurred, this is because the OOC rules state that it's up to the discretion of the mod, a sensitive mod will blur more easily. > Posts that harass a user should be allowed and dealt with IC (i.e. accounts who share pictures of someone to make fun of them) > Posts that call for violence should be deleted. There's this trend going on where firearms and drugs are being mass reported however not deleted/blurred since that content is allowed. Sexualized posts are also actively being reported and most are blurred even if (in my opinion) it does not warrant to be blurred, this will cause the blurred user to get upset and starts being petty, reporting other people and even posts from months ago just because their picture that showed some skin got blurred. I was told that LEO's and GOV are completely in love with how facebrowser is right now and that they actively work on posts that are clearly illegal. Does this actually actively happen or is it something that is a possibility but nobody bothers doing? I personally have not seen court causes that request user data from facebrowser (although I do not actively pay attention to that) To my understand the blurring and removing of more sexualized posts (posts that show more skin than usual but is not nude) happens because minors are allowed to utilize the website, this is completely fine in my opinion but there needs to be a standard on what is unacceptable to show a +- 16 year old and what is, they're on the internet and just a google search away from the real thing. Guns, drugs and violence seem to be acceptable to show to minors though since it is not blocked. What do you think about the current facebrowser rules and what should be adjusted? Or do you think everything is fine the way it is right now and that nothing needs to be changed? https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/36660-facebrowser-rules/
  11. Facebrowser Update 3.8.1 (@Dama & @Centauri) Additions Added: The ability to turn off friend requests in your privacy settings Added: The ability for page admins to see job applications instead of just the page owner Added: The ability to revert back to old emoji's system-wide instead of having all emoji's automatically turn into the new ones Changes Updated: Changed the text editor for articles (blogs) into a more advanced one Updated: Changed all system files to CDN files for better performance Fixes Fixed: Reaction emoji's being super small on desktop Fixed: Usernames not showing in the popup when hovering over a user's name Fixed: Chat 'seen by' privacy will now work properly based on your settings
  12. *Username: Laura *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ *Comment: Great store with a huge variety of items to choose from
  13. Yep agreed to either mapping them or getting thrown into a dim with sunlight.
  14. Detailed Description Please add in an option in /settings to switch between the latest audio system for the boombox and the old one, while 3D audio is pretty cool it's slightly annoying that you can't get good quality music out of the boombox anymore without your camera facing it directly, allow players to switch between the two as they please. Relevant Commands/Items Option in /settings How will it benefit the server?
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