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Staff Update - December 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the December 2021 Staff Update, as we are now wrapping up the year!

We hope everyone had a great start of the holidays throughout November, as we are coming towards the end of the year, as I know we are all ready to start a New Year!

Throughout the month of November, specifically notably is how the community came together and donated nearly 10,000€ ($11,000) in support of the research of Cancer. As we all know, Cancer is a horrific disease that sadly takes the lives of millions of people every-year. Together as a community, we came together and surpassed any goal that we thought we would reach and be able to achieve. Cancer always needs more research and always can use new ways to fight against it. We thank you all an extreme amount for helping out with charity and we hope you all enjoy the new vehicles that have been placed in game for a specialty due to the fundraiser. You should all be proud of yourselves for being able to put differences aside and simply help out for a better cause. It shows the heart that you all have.


Earlier within the month as-well, @Armolis was appointed as the Interim Head of Roleplay Quality Management with @LilManiac being appointed as the Interim Assistant Head of Roleplay Quality Management. While they are undergoing their training phases, they will be working closely with Management to have a better improvement to RPQM and to assure that the duo are receiving the correct training to lead the team into success as they have already been. Both Armolis and LilManiac look to make overall improvements to RPQM and how it operates. Both agree that transparency and keeping active communication with the community is something important and they look forward to keeping in conversation with those that bring up issues to RPQM, and to take that feedback and improve from it.


From the start of November until the end, it has been packed with updates being pushed through by Nervous & The Development Team. They continue to work everyday on making sure that bugs are fixed, stability continues and that new features are continued to be pushed out to the community. In the start of the month we saw multiple updates regarding out weapon scrips our drug system, and the Economy Update that has brought an everlasting different experience towards the community both on the legal and illegal side. On the gambling side of things, Poker and Black Jack are both back and ready to be played!


Thank you to all the players & Staff of GTA World that bring us together to be a community. We appreciate all of you for being here with us at GTA World. Specifically for Staff, thank you for the hard work and continued dedication & effort that you place into the community every day. While all the work you do voluntarily, you continue to strive and make sure the community is some of your first priorities. As a courtesy, between December 15th and January 15th, we are removing the housing activity requirements so those needed can take an extended leave of absence and not fear getting a property wiped!

We hope everyone continues to have an amazing end of the year and a happy holidays. Make sure to spend time with family and friends as they are some of the most important people! When the holidays come around at the end of the year, we start to notice a true bond and connection that forms between people, as it's a symbol of Joyce no matter where you are from and what you might or might not celebrate. It's a symbol of people coming together to celebrate what we have together, and that is the joy of life, holidays, friendship, family, and of course, GTA World (😉). Next Staff Update will be a bit more of a "wrap-up" as it will come along on January 1st (spoiler), so we hope you all look forward for that! For last update of 2021, it only feels appropriate to do so and say;

See you next year!


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotion


Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator

@Storm (Senior Legal Faction Management)


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



Senior Support to Trial Administrator





To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @KV or @Jonesy for assistance
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