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  1. Honestly, it's lipstick on a pig. It won't fix the problem but instead result in hundreds of hours of mapping and redesign within the SD for little to no benefit after a few weeks and the shine wears off. In the end, you're best off speaking to sd faction leadership about this as in the end its their call.
  2. Just speaking from experience. The jail is a soul sucking endeavor and keeping anyone in place to run it for more than a few months is impossible (shoutout to Stephen whose the exception). Back when this topic raised in the past, I made an offer to many of the illegal community members with issues that they would have full autonomy if they chose to come and enact their vision for the custody section and make it active. When the rubber met the road, they took up the offer but quickly realized that very few of the illegal roleplayers that had big opinions on the forum thread were willing to help them and they eventually left (albeit there was more to it but that was the jist). While I had always wanted to see an active ttcf full of dedicated custody deputies it simply doesn't happen for long and I can count on one hand the amount of people who retained any sort of motivation for over 2 weeks despite near autonomy and a clear path to leadership and decision making. Forcing people in the jail has lead to the unfortunate consequence of having people in the jail but with a distinct lack of interest. ------- Also, allow me to respond to these folks saying that sd was supposed to be custody and is now a second pd but obviously don't know what they're talking about. The sd isn't a budget pd and the patrol element was allowed to expand due to the overwhelming cry for quality law enforcement roleplay, a niche apparently left unfilled until November 2019.
  3. Got Pour one out. Got caught slackin
  4. You were one of the realest ones buddy. Always managed to have the best sense of humor regardless of the situation and the rough hand you were dealt. 


    If Patty's parents wind up seeing this, patty was instrumental in making a community a great place for people to escape their own difficulties and made a lot of people's days better every day. You guys raised a good kid.

  5. honestly seems like this is a match made in heaven for you buddy In fact its a perfect chance to flex for some of those catgirls bro
  6. Jonesy

    The Red Devils

    Takin' Care of Business To be continued...
  7. I took your advice and repaired my relationship with my father, very cool thanks.
  8. Unfortunately not. Any access to the items in a house require an admin to supervise.
  9. Hey guys, I'll clarify here. The /breakin command is not required if: The homeowner leaves the door unlocked and/or you convince them to let you into the residence. You only intend on assaulting/robbing the occupants of the house and what is on their person. Any forced breaking of doors, windows, etc to gain entrance into a residence requires a /breakin request as well as stealing any items from the property's inventory. We're going to work on clarifying this through an ammendment to the /breakin command's text and/or a rule update in the future.
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