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  1. im forever subscribed to this never stop posting
  2. Me walking to hopefully the new #music channel where I can share my music
  3. poor character portrayal moment
  4. As a person who roleplays around Charleston, the issue isn't the projects, it's the massive scenes that take place around them all the time. During regular hours, if my character exits the house? Everything is fine. But as soon as there's a massive scene nearby, you'll get freezes or even crashing. I don't think it's the cop cars exactly, I just think it's the massive presence of vehicles in the same place, just like when you have a club opening and no cops, you still get texture loss. P.S Changing the texture quality to Normal fixes texture loss, keep all of your settings the same but change just that.
  5. I believe this suggestion should be reviewed once we can get modded weapons again. Giving each pistol that we currently have an automatic counterpart. The Combat Pistol for example, has a capacity of 12 bullets (16 w/ Extended). While the AP pistol has 18 (36 w/ Extended). They are two different weapons and the suggestions wants to make them one with a single modification, which honestly makes no sense. No for now, yes in the future with modded guns.
  6. Exodus

    no. you're mom

  7. As mentioned above, some mods are paid/private and are not for public release. Going through the entire pack just to find what's public isn't something we are going to do. I'll be locking this as this is not gonna happen unfortunately.
  8. I can not believe this bait got 5 pages. Locking, no real discussion here.
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