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  1. Exodus

    [4SALE] L&A

    (( )) The BF400 is an excellent bike, very fast and fitted with all after market parts that you need. I'm looking for 18k. (( )) The Rancher XL is a great, cheap daily driver, comes with a new transmission, I'm looking for 10k. Please contact me on 72792723 or by e-mail ((Forum PM)) if you're interested in any of them.
  2. talk about throwbacks
  3. Exodus

    [BUYING] L&A

    Found, L&A.
  4. this is so sad can we get five likes ??
  5. Pixel height can be limited, as far as I know, at least we had that feature in some old forums... While I do agree, some people do want to put signatures, and that's fine, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring them back with the option of toggling them on your end, and with rules about them (can't go over certain size, etc).
  6. Exodus

    [BUYING] L&A

    Updated. Still looking.
  7. Exodus

    [BUYING] L&A

    Looking to buy a Dubsta Sport or Baller LE (not LWB), better with aftermarket parts and upgraded security. Contact me on 72792723 or at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. It does not have a private one. Pictures in spoiler
  9. An amazing, renovated standalone apartment with an amazing view right on the beach! Base Value: 55,000$ Renovation Cost: 60,000$ Starting Bid: 105,000$ Min. Increment: 10,000$ Current Bid: 150,000$ Buyout: 225,000$ Amazing location - located right on the beach by the mask shop and the clothing store on the street. Parking - not a problem, lots of parking under the building itself. Renovated - recently, very spacious and luxurious. Photos in the link - ACCESS
  10. Got one, can be locked.
  11. Answer is literally in the OP, if that doesn't solve it, I'd look into the RAM, eight sounds too low. Try cleaning up the hard drive and report back, please. Your specs? (CPU, RAM, GPU).
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