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  1. Update 3.1.14 Additions Completely reworked how /seclist is working. If a player types /seclist, the UI will automatically display, but if he types /seclist text, everything will appear in chat as before. New business type exclusively for /vdup business vehicles to assist Blaine Aviation with flight school Added 25 new images to the icon picker upon players requests. (ADMINS) Added additional UI as optional - /damagesui [target] (ADMINS) /devgivegun will now have an UI if no ID has been passed. Changes Some messages have been adjusted to follow specific format. Adjusted /endshift permissions so supervisor can use it instead of manager and higher. /enablepointing message has been moved to a notification. (ADMINS) /listitemtemplates has been moved to a UI. (ADMINS) /bmanager now will work for IFM and LFM. Fixes Fixed "This business is looking for employees!" message spam while entering store. Fixed dealership sometimes throwing expired multiplayer object error. Fixed walking style loading data from previous character after doing /changechar. Fixed player not being able to leave the car after pressing key to stop hotwire.
  2. Will be available in the upcoming update, however it was somewhat changed. If a player types /seclist, the UI will automatically display, but if he types /seclist text, everything will appear in chat as before.
  3. Update 3.1.12 Additions Added crouch and crawl system from french GTA:W server. Default keybinds: LCTRL for crouching, LALT for crawling - you can change them using /settings UI! Those functions are disabled by default, enable them with /enablecrawling or/and /enablecrouching. Fixes Fixed many typos that have occurred mainly in the customization system. Fixed potential game crash while trying to /changechar with spawned pet. Fixed a bug where the buy clothes menu wouldn't open unless you got closer to the blue checkpoint. Removed an old debug prompted when you used the /gps for a multi-interior property. Fixed few server lag exploits - server should be much more stable now. While using object editor (/fur), you will no longer be able to use some keybinds. (e.g. opening doors, entering properties, toggling crouch/crawl mode)
  4. Disable accelerated CEF rendering in RAGE:MP settings and it should fix that (Atleast it works like that for me)
  5. There is already an equivalent for vehicle car wash - just use /cleanboat as mentioned.
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