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  1. Do you happen to sell the house by any chance?
  2. Supporting, I see more people opting to pay for insurance too in the case of your suggestion being implemented and it really makes sense as real life has enough insurance types for any kind of person.
  3. Now it will also depend on what internet you have and if it's fast or slow, the site is running well now with occasional delays of maximum 10 seconds which is way better. Though people with slower internet including me of course won't be able to experience that sweet instant 1 second load ups
  4. Good luck trying to get 380 thousand it's all I'm saying
  5. Useful guide for newbies but imo forum and UCP name changes should be free. Never have I ever seen a server charge currency for forum name changes until now
  6. I think their responses will be a bit delayed indeed and we won't see any more "remind people of their expired licenses" simulator. Or telling random car salesmen they can't maintain business in public parking lots like they always used to at least for a while.
  7. R0xx0r

    Phone UI

    I still think this should be a thing, it is also a feature on another voice RP rather known server but it wouldn't hurt to have it here too. You should add a poll.
  8. I know I'm late but holy fuck this is needed
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