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  1. You mean Davis'tan xD Cause honestly with they type of gear the cops wear there it ain't far from being that.
  2. The issue is not he interior-camp, it's the fact that he's got a warrant on his ass, he's out there with other 3 guys fully loaded with guns doing shit that attracts attention from Law Enforcement. There's plenty of other roleplay he can do without drawing more attention to himself, including illegal! A hit-car ain't it.
  3. That's hell of a question! Especially in 2022, where law enforcement asks the help of the community for leads to find people like that.
  4. That's Rule 19 grey area.. that rule was created for a reason.. most of the reworked rules were due to people abusing! Admins got plenty of work cut out, if people don't fear the consequences nothing will change.
  5. Similar thing happens with business, some two dollar schmuck waltzes in asking for the owner middle of an opening, like it's the fucking 1970's. That type of thing won't work in 2022.
  6. Cause they want to be EVERYTHING at ONCE. Like the characters who are: Manager, Guard, MMA fighter, top notch mechanic, 18 y/o, driving an Elegy, Photo Model, DJ, Barternder, gang-banger. I do not exaggerate, seen a few like that.
  7. Sums up what I currently think about the way Admins handle things. I am not against leniency towards a person who has relatively clean record, such a person should be given a chance especially if they admit the guilt and take responsibility, but when the record already shows previous rule breaks, no leniency. As things stand right now, admin punishments have no weight it seems on the people it should (the ones who constantly breaking the rules!). Also, Permanent ban? Appeal in 2 weeks? Too short of a time, depending on severity of offense should be longer.
  8. Don't get me started on Drugs. There was plenty of evidence to support the fact that people overdose on drugs to get health boost, without proper portrayal of what those amounts of drugs would do to you and how you'd be walking (if at all!).
  9. These people are the ones who need to be handled by admins. Admin jail is great tool, problem it does not affect anyone if it's 15 minutes or anything below an hour. I recall last year, one of my employees opening up the car lot on their own. A server crash/restart takes place, they respawn and begin to respawn the stock, customers who were on premises respawn as well. I spawned in right after restart, I noticed they approach my employee and suddenly they proceed to ROB the employee and me on our car lot. Due to the way server was loading resources and the rules regarding CCTV I was asking for CCTV permission in /b (cause back then it was dumb, even if you had it MAPPED you had to ask permission from other party to RP it). in my case, the mapping wasn't loading, until I /reported and Nervous showed up confirming it. One of the guys randomly does /mask and says in /b I am masked you can't see my face on CCTV. When right before restart all 3 were on premises without MASKS! End result is they fail to steal my employees weapon (employee specified where the gun was, they never RP'd taking it!), they run and employee shoots them as they flee. We gun one down. Later I get a pm that the body we shot is IC is not there, yet script-wise it is there. My employee reports, while report is up, we spot that 2/3 of the group were banned for chain robberies. Moreover they stated that the attempted robbery they did on us was in an "alley" .. when it is a known business. Only reason they robbed us was for the gun. I am not against taking the L, only when it's done in very poor rushed and not thought out manner, where you abused a server restart, PG'd having masks on when there is CCTV feed from before server restart seeing you three on premises. People rob for the sake of LOOT, only reason, 0 consideration of character development behind it! Okay you got loot, what about adding some character development in the mix!? Are we on GTA:O or a Roleplay server?! Because right now the line seems to be blurrier than ever. Short Admin Jail do not work, when GTAW started in 2017 up until late 2019 I've seen people get perma-banned for chain robberies. People were keep on not breaking the rules and actually thought about their actions, these days, nah, they don't think feels like server is infested with kids who want fast wins. Roleplay is not fast paced, want that? Go Warzone, PUBG, Fartnite, Apex, those games are fast paced, GTAW is not the place for you.
  10. I run a car lot, I've met people who come in, be rude IC, get denied service for their attitude. Proceed to threat with violence, asked to leave, do not do that, 911 is called, officers show up, and three options happen: Guy leaves after being spoken to (if he did not have a weapon in his hand) Guy runs, cops chase. Guy fights cops and looses. In certain cases where said person who was acting tough starts a fight with customers, they outnumber him, he decides it's a good idea to pull a weapon (gun or knife, does not matter) in the process giving EVERYONE who has a gun (legal or illegal) a reason to shoot him. Latest incident we had in a faction I am in, we were setting out to ride out. We move out, hear a car alarm go off, owner shows up (no idea if he was local) with his car and friends, accuses us of trying to jack his shit after we denied it (mind you if it were us and the alarm went off we'd not be lingering around!). We outnumber them, a fist fight breaks out, they start loosing, they pull a gun. Poor escalation right then and there. The mentality of players has to change, and in this case by Admins taking serious action over poor-escalation against the aggressor. You escalated a situation, regardless what it is. There was mention of female characters being KILLED over denial, saying no. People forget what murder entails beyond the conscience of you taking a life, law enforcement will be looking for you. We're in 2022, cameras are EVERYWHERE (not only CCTV), just take a look at news stations they show a lot of phone-recorded videos of incidents they report because EVERYONE has a phone with a camera. Two years ago, this was not the case, either the people mentality changed or admin action for poor-escalation is not enough to deter people from doing it, not to mention think about their ACTIONS! Two years ago, you could Roleplay outside without fear someone would roll up on you. Today it is not the case, you can not RP anywhere like we used to, only if it's a hot-spot then you have some chance of Roleplay. Two years ago, everyone including illegal players took the moment to think of the action they plan to perform. These days, "bang bang bang & run" is the mentality. For example the rampant robbing & mugging that took place mid of 2020 to late 2021, it changed only when Rules of the server were changed to properly set guide lines for it. People abused the HECK out of the BF400 to the point where it was nerfed script wise on it's speed, everyone switched to a Sanchez/Manchez now due to that. As much as I prefer everything being dictated in IC, proper guide lines on OOC level must be set to prevent blatant abuse of Play-to-Win mentality players.
  11. As long as Play 2 Win mentality exists and people refuse to lose it will never change.
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