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  1. When there are cameras everywhere on the street? Regardless if it's Government place or Business place cameras, they are everywhere. The rules of CCTV need to change, because if you run GTAV you definitely can record a video even with the lowest quality which can serve as CCTV this is not screenshots or /do where you can lie it's a video that shows your perspective of events. Moreover, I never said everyone from gang-affiliated role-play do that bull-crap, but the rotten apples do which is a shame since they draw most attention.
  2. I agree Legal Roleplayers are not perfect either. For instance my character has only 2 business, she's in her 30's, does not drive a 400k car.
  3. My main issue when Illegal character and his friend who are residents of LS, go out of their way ride all the way over to the county (Sandy, Paleto etc) in order to rob someone, having 0 reason to do so moreover no development of the character occurs during said trip. Majority of people who do that, do it for the LOOT, only that. That's my beef with people who actually DO that for the sole purpose of robbing a business/person. Not to mention the way Illegal Roleplayers attempt extorting business, coming during busy opening hours with a group of 3 or more asking for the owner making
  4. if the file is encrypted you'll need someone to crack the encryption in order to be able to create encrypted files.
  5. I wonder if this method could crash a game..
  6. High end system friends. Most of the issue could be attributed to the 4k/8k resolution vehicles that were added to the server-side mods on GTAW. The client itself needs more optimization work. Due to a lot of improvements on 1.1, but there's more work to do I am sure. Mods that you install directly onto GTAV files themselves will WORK, files in "%WHERE_YOU_INSTALLED_RAGE%\client_resources" will not, at least not easily.
  7. if they fix the random floating cars and the few minor issues that were found yes, also the Tow truck hook too (RageMP fixes)
  8. Fully agree, my house has a balcony with Smart TP but inside you see the outside with seating and such.
  9. That kind of issue would happen at location with a lot of people in 0.3.7 but this is weird.
  10. Flatbed mod, has issues with 1.1 probably due to the floating/bunny hopping cars bug: https://streamable.com/rtmx7w
  11. The gun being equipped after leaving your vehicle (if you did not equip it) is still there.
  12. Every few minutes (5 or so) my game freezes up for a few seconds (Not Responding state) and then goes back to normal, was not a thing with previous test sessions. Can not provide screenshots or video as the game freezes. This happens regardless what I am doing, whether talking, driving or anything else.
  13. Certain niche characters can be good, majority of the ones I met were without a proper background and felt troll-ish at times. But there were the few that were very good and unique in their own way.
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