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Vash Baldeus

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  1. Most if not all the ENB configs I've seen focus on something that makes the game look off to me, like either too effing dark where you can't see or too effing bright that is BURNS your corneas out. Or worse, mix of the two.
  2. Only thing I see, is crack-house having an alarm, usually those places are run-down blocks / houses and or apartments .. having an alarm there is quite strange and could be attributed to poor portrayal. If the house is in Mirror Park, Vespucci Canals or in an area with lower crime rate it would make sense.
  3. That pretty much sums up what each Riot caused.
  4. 'Course, they are making outfits for camping.
  5. Boat is mint condition, used once Asking Price: $350,000 Negotiable Within reason Contact on [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or 5422
  6. When you compare yes, I don't want to see a hood house go for higher price than Mirror Park, does not make any sense. Even in real life.
  7. I'd rather not, should be a max as a house in Davis/Rancho ain't worth the same as in Mirror Park or any other location.
  8. As much as I agree, we are roleplaying inside a game, this ain't real life. I mostly agree with this, except I don't want to see a house in Grove or even worse area be sold for more than it's worth like another community had it. Lets be honest, you cant' have a Mansion in an area like Davis/Rancho where gangs are prevalent that's unrealistic and such is the pricing of those houses. Moreover, I do believe that Houses Market Price compared to Apartments is lower, as here a few examples I found of Apartments costing more than a few houses I saw the MP(One was 205k) of: E
  9. Fully agree, it's an IC issue where somewhat of an OOC system is being abused. Action should be taken against people who advertise illicit things.
  10. I'd say the issue is that the adverts are sugar coated and as per Rule 19, such adverts should be more explicit about the fact it's an 18+ type of advert. /ad is the easy way of promoting yourself, while there are other media options we have for someone to use such as Facebrowser and the IC forums here for classifieds. Not to mention it's a lazy way of doing it.
  11. With all honesty, that is the issue, prior the new adverts system update you would've seen admin action taken against those players. In real life, the way they advertise is either on the internet, or by spreading flyers offering discreet massage or escort. Fact is, it does not come onto main media (Radio, TV, News Papers) as you'd think compared to the internet where it's easy as heck to find such ads. So yes, since the ads system is serving us as Radio, TV, News Papers and other forms of media.. I agree, should not be allowed. Want to promote yourself as an escort? There's Facebrowser
  12. Now that depends on how the other party acts really. Moreover the people who had cops called on them can put a complaint in against the cop if they overstepped the boundaries without a proper reasoning.
  13. I saw a fucking video of a black guy who worked UPS or some other delivery company who was given the code by a resident so he can DELIVER the order, and some randoms started demanding him to answer how he got in etc.. the guy kept filming the whole thing.
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