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  1. Majority of that type of Roleplay was done and it was in-active af on another community.
  2. When the server started way back in 2017, this was the case, people were hit with severe punishment for breaking the rules. These days people do not get punishment and it shows, it does not deter people from breaking the rules. Not to mention that I was told of some cases where a guy was Permanently banned for breaking the rules and he was unbanned in a week. Moreover back then, there was less reports because people did not break the rules as often as they knew there are consequences that will follow. I broke a rule once, luckily had my clean record, was given a warning and had to face the IC consequences of my actions, which was Legal Punishment against my character.
  3. That is more or less the issue, that Rental cars do not have the ability to keep investigation going since it just despawns with out any traces. Someone already suggested that a record in the MDC would be kept who rented what can when and Rental cars get a unique Rental Plate which can be tied to someone when he rents it.
  4. Sums it up really, Admins should be cracking down harder on people who do a robbery solely for the items/cash.
  5. That is the issue really, does not matter if it's Legal or Illegal players.
  6. Happened to me in a civil court case I filed via lawyer on here, the guy did not show up for the majority of the case, took almost month and a half before I got the ruling sorted and the restitution paid. Mind you the guy was banned by an admin as well after he evaded from SD who were doing Repo' work..
  7. Admins avoid replying on reports that contain a lot of Back and Forth between the Plaintiff and Defendant(s) (best name I could use to describe the players), the back and forth adds more walls of text for the admin to sift through in order to actually understand the situation. There are reports that hang like this for longer than 3 months.
  8. Tell it to the owners of a gun store I know who was forced to build a Fort-Knox style of defenses against constant car & player robberies. It highly varies based on location, all I can say the location I have my businesses, new faction was created there not long ago, they know my character and business' as a Local even though my character does not live there. But they respect my character since my business' were there for over a year an a half now, by time alone they know I am not moving just cause they moved in. Moreover they are remaining friendly because I don't poke my nose in their affairs, only told them to be mindful of the CCTV cameras around my business.
  9. This is ONE of the factors as to why people do not Roleplay outdoors. Lack of fear from consequences on OOC basis for doing this type of thing, OOC consequnces should be severe if you break the rules, moreover, "This was awful roleplay, you have been warned for this in the past. You're going to be receiving a warning." why!? If they did the same thing they were warned about before, they should be receiving an admin jail at minimum. This example is just what I said a few pages ago, where I mentioned that Admins are less strict than they used to be. Lets be honest, here's a prime example of someone breaking rules that they received a warning for in the past. No second warning, this is an admin jail by all counts, just shows the guy did not learn his lesson. Only good explanation would be if the Warning was from over 6 months ago, then I would understand the decision, but since we are regular players and not admins we can not know exactly what is written on the Notes (That only admins see) & full admin record of the player.
  10. The issue is not the distance, it's the fact that the wilderness is tiny space wise.
  11. Fact is, they do dumb things that are not only dumb IC they break server rules by doing so, there's a line where the two meet and that's when you do something stupid IC and it also breaks in-game rules that were written.
  12. Speaking of SHAFT violations, have you read the Park Rangers Hunting laws? 150 yards (137.16 meters / 450 feet) away from Houses & Vehicles before you can open fire on game. Whoever drafted those laws and bill over all, clearly did not go to the tiny spec of wilderness that exists in San Andreas, you can't be 150 yards away from anything before you open fire. Also that act will work on business as well or just Housing/Vehicles?
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