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  1. i cant wait to get fully immersed by seeing america's only camaro, everyone knows thats the rarest car in the world /s
  2. Selling my 2003 Vapid Dominator ASP. It's been swapped with a third gen 5.0 V8 that's hooked up to a TR6060 6 speed transmission. Car's been pulled apart and been turned into a straight line warrior. Ran a 9 second quarter mile on E85, slicks and spray. Horrible on gas, but will put a smile on your face. Recently put the full interior back in to complete the OEM-ish look. Clean title, registered and insured, hasn't been crashed. No paint damage or rust, clean undercarriage. Can be inspected at qualified mechanic. (Only for serious buyers.) Taking $110,000 for it. No trades, cash only. (( ooc stats. ))
  3. dont forget the fucking cringe as shit nazi-esque avatars cause you gotta let everyone know you rp a skinhead duh
  4. If everyone lost it, so should them. Players are charging 600-900 grand for a fucking Humvee. This is murdering the economy because of the "limited" access to the Patriot. So it's basically a monopoly money printer working in their favor. They should get refunded the money for it and have it stripped.
  5. GTA:W: The economy is messed up! Also GTA: Removes Patriot Classic after 20 people buy it so said players can sell them for 600+ grand cause "ThEyRe RaRe NOT iN dEaLerHsHiPS". Please, for the love of god, fix this. This is stupid.
  6. For sale is a 2019 Emperor Vectre. Clean title, never crashed, driven rarely, mostly kept in as a garage piece. Clean internals, stock. No modifications other than a factory carbon trim package. Fresh fluids, tires and clean interior. 5.0L V8 and an 8 speed automatic. Vehicle is bone stock and performs just fine as is. $160,000 OBO.
  7. Gotta say, new interiors give me a very cool post apocalyptic vibe. OT: Major FPS drops around Mirror Park and the vicinity of Vinewood. RIP anyone that isn't running a big and powerful rig. I'm all up for visual enhancements but not when it kills performance.
  8. The Picador. It's literally just a muscle truck. What's not to love???
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