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  1. Selling my Bravado Gauntlet, '71. Comes equipped with a 426 HEMI and a 4 speed manual. Car's all motor, Holley equipped. Will throw in a nitrous kit for shits and giggles if needed. Body and paint are both in the clear, no rust present beneath or above. Relatively low mileage, mostly sat in a garage and got taken out to car shows and cruises. Registered, insured and never crashed. All parts on the vehicle are original factory parts, minus the wheels. Will throw in factory wheels with the purchase. Car's pushing 490 horsepower and is a good cruiser or a street car. Reason for selling it is lack
  2. This is ridiculous. This is literally how half of the server operates, from cars to factions. If a certain individual fucks something up, it'll simply get removed because "it left a bad taste in PD's mouth." Because fuck everyone else that wouldn't make the mistake and is a proper roleplayer, right? Laughable.
  3. Believe it or not, the majority of RP for a PD member shouldn't revolve around shootouts and pursuits. Teamspeak should only be used for pursuits/shootouts, making Teamspeak not required for the other 80% of encounters. Using the excuse "oh you need Teamspeak for pursuits and shootouts" when everyone knows you won't be doing this 24/7 is pretty saddening. Simply partner them up with someone and be done with it. Restricting someone from doing police roleplay because life dealt them a bad set of cards is pathetic. I was gonna post examples but they've been written above.
  4. 16C is far from "cold." It's a little bit chilly but it's definitely nothing too cold. 16C is short sleeves weather.
  5. Here's a scenario. You have people going out to rob other people, mainly civilians. Civilians get robbed often and decide "man fuck this I'm getting a gun to protect myself." And so they do, and so they fight back next time. You can't expect people to pretend it's a cops and robbers type deal where the civs stay victims permanently. There's only so many times they can get fucked over before they decide to defend themselves. Not everyone's gonna stay a victim forever.
  6. So just because we properly RP'd as we should means we should get fucked for decent pay and go under because the garages aren't being regulated/reported properly. Gotcha lmao
  7. How about the people that properly roleplay garages and prefer RP over script money? I worked with a small team at a domestics only spot that did restorations/tuning and this took OOC days. We weren't cranking out 30 cars a day, we were cranking out a car every 5-6 OOC days. I'd be making 30-40 grand profit a month, with a little bit of an extra included with the modding parts we got. How would we go about the people that properly RP this instead of use garages to grind out cash? Instead of limiting good roleplayers as it usually happens, why not enforce stricter garage requiremen
  8. Not illegal. Hot rods are commonly blown and I've yet to see a cop drop "obstruction of view" on that. Either way, good luck lmao.
  9. Nothing on that vehicle is "unsafe" so if you're looking to get sued by people, by all means lmao. People are too picky with what others drive. Just do your own thing and let people do their own thing, who cares.
  10. Great idea. Instead of letting people do this for free to get the ability to take immersive photos, you're putting it behind a paywall. What a joke.
  11. I played The Witcher 3 and figured CDPR would need to pull something out of their ass to top that. And then I ate my words. Even in the current semi-broken state, this game is a masterpiece and it's incredibly fun. Engaging story, incredible gunplay (give the shotgun a try, you know you want to). Fun as fuck side gigs, tons of areas to explore/loot. What the game lacks in customization vehicle wise, it makes up with incredible visuals that get you immersed into the world itself. Tons of choices too, so if you're looking for a game you can replay over and over and over again, you ha
  12. Running solid frames on a 1050TI on medium settings. Optimization patch drops 15/DEC so we'll see if that helps too. So far, game's fucking amazing. Encountered a few soft locks but nothing a reload didn't fix.
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