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  1. What type of RP is overrated? Young people RP. Make some older characters, damn you.
  2. Spent three years of my character development driving nothing but domestic vehicles because my character fucking hates anything import or european. It's been a fun ride. Thankfully we have plenty to choose from. But yeah, he's absolutely one of those old school hot rodders that'll shit on anything that's not American. He's that dude.
  3. I don't agree with this. I work 12 hour shifts and stupid overtime hours and I still try my best to stay active but sometimes it's a struggle. I use the property I have which is a house. Unfortunately, the system itself is stupid as fuck. Cars that should NOT be a lease are a lease, which forces me to pay stupid prices for them that nobody in their right mind would pay IRL. Alongside that, you're forced to pay house payments for the house requests which often bleeds you dry. Are we talking realism? My character can 100% afford his property and vehicles because they're literally 60's shitboxes.
  4. If you're gonna be dumb enough to try robbing a gun store or a hunter on active hunting grounds, you deserve an immediate CK if you're bodied. Stop being idiots.
  5. Glad ur powering over shyness king im with the suggestion, as long as people dont post like /vattributes CAR IS A 2018 DODGE CHARGER 800 HORSEPOWER FAST BOY cause thats gonna make me sad
  6. This. I think we're focused on the wrong area of horniness. Also, it's 2021. You got the pandemic and a bunch of horny dudes buying OnlyFans IRL. It's a stupid profitable business, if you do the slightest bit of research. And guess what they do it over. Social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And they make stupid bank off it. If we get rid of that, we might as well get rid of gangbanger posts since FB is 99% just gangbangers and E-Girls. I think we're getting too picky and restricting too much RP, even if it's the wrong kind of RP.
  7. Selling my 1970 Bravado Gauntlet. A weekend project, this Gauntlet's been fitted with a 426 HEMI and a 4 speed manual. Originally a 383 auto, car's been worked over and restored over time. Power steering, A/C blows cold, heating works fine, refurbished seats and an original dash. Custom shaker hood off an original AAR vehicle. Registered, insured, pushing 500 horses flat. Current asking price is $110,000 and not a penny less.
  8. I'll offer 137 on the Schwartzer for now.
  9. Interested in buying a Declasse Vigero. Condition doesn't matter much. Has to be manual.
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