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  1. Also more simple ways to enter the county, really. I remember a specific case, that is... a waste and somewhat heart breaking in more ways than one. :x A character (friend of my own) spent about 2 months preparing to move out to the county. The only reason why that character lived in the city was because there was 0 housing available in Harmony/Sandy, but that girl belonged there all along, from the beginning. Problem is: when she applied for a house there, she was told she needed to be active in Blaine County (like work there and such). So, she spent those 2 months getting support IC'ly from people all across, to rekindle some life into a business (a diner) that hadn't opened in forever. After 2 months of RP around Sandy and around preparing to open said diner... lease was denied. She couldn't get a house in the county because she didn't work there, and also she couldn't get a business in the county because she didn't live there. The diner was given to someone from the county. Oh also, fun fact, it never opened a single time since it was given in February. Not once. Zero. Amazing pick really. 😕 Now of course there's the usual "well get an RV" and other such stuff... but honestly, why would someone with an apartment in the city buy an RV to live on a parking lot? "Just go and RP with people from the county!", well yeah, she did for 2 months but it wasn't enough, it seems. And... that here is a big part of the problem. Admins and PM cannot know what a character's been RP'ing. It makes sense, there's 700 people online in the evening, nobody is asking them to be omniscient ^^' However, having criteria that are less set in stone, when it comes to county housing/business requests, could be nice. Because the consequence of that rigidity is that we HAVE PEOPLE WILLING TO OPEN BUSINESSES THERE and RP there. But they're denied. And then we have people complaining that there aren't open businesses in the county :x TL;DR: There is no simple way to move a character from the city to the county, if somehow as a new player you ever bought an apartment in the city you're stuck there - unless you're ready to live the RV life (as if it was a sort of trophy of good RP for your char to live in an RV or something), possibly for months upon months upon months, you won't be able to move out of LS. There is this weird mentality that to be "worth" RP'ing in the county you need to suffer through dumb shit, which is a little odd - and may partially explain the ebb and flow of RP there.
  2. Basically yeah. If we're only talking about houses specifically, it's funny because it's also a very commonly-known mechanism IRL. If houses are scarces, there are no constructions, and prices are left unchecked, then they skyrocket to hell and beyond. Most RL politics are attempting to build more in order to avoid the problem while keeping a free market (it's not working that well), but on the server it has been worse in the past since we can't even build ^^' And it's not a question of making hypotheses or "I think" or "It feels like" or whatever. It's the actual stuff we actually saw over different servers and different periods of time - every time, it went like clockwork. Keep house prices unregulated on a server => boom they become beyond insane. The delay is there for one reason: to avoid house flippers, who bought a place and then sold it a week or two after, in order to make profit. Those flippers have long, long been a COMPLETE PLAGUE on every single server where they existed, so it's pretty nice to see a way to calm them down.
  3. Tbh I hope it opens. The wild west environment was extremely openly racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and more. It could attract all those who OOC'ly love that stuff and we'll be better off on GTA 🙂 Absolute win!
  4. Except in extremely tense areas (like Sandy or Paleto), it was pretty easy to find an apartment at a reasonable price. Very much unlike the 500k+ I was asked for a simple 2-room place back when those rules didn't exist, in fact. So... "it doesn't work", well so far I've reached the litteral opposite conclusion so I'm not sure where this is coming from 😛
  5. Username: RandomWeirdo Comment: Hydrazine...? Isn't that a form of rocket fuel? Oo
  6. If I do illegal stuff with people from another origin than mine, then I'm not realistic. In fact, the Attorney General of California was also unrealistic when he wrote his famous report about the multiplication of multi-ethnic illegal groups in the state. He will soon be banned and must cease all activities in the meantime.
  7. Basically this yeah. Their most prominent characteristics are those you quoted (never set a foot in any hood, never documented themselves beyond a fox news show designed to make them afraid of black people, and using a lot of gang slang they found in Urban Dictionary not seeing why it would be inappropriate). Usually they also portray themselves as paragons of good heavy RP, in spite of their outlandish portrayal. As for why the OP was called an E-Thug, it's for the same reason as usual. People got no idea what they're talking about. I saw some characters, deep in some nasty (and pretty good) illegal RP, being called mallrats because they were sighted outside a club. It's usually better to pay it no mind ^^' Save your time.
  8. Username: RandomWeirdo Comment: I didn't know about either of those shops, gonna have to check it out! Alessa seems very nice, I hope her stupid problems can get better... this situation in LS is so weird. I got kidnapped and robbed in broad daylight in the middle of an airport, there were cameras everywhere, I knew the faces and names of all four of them, and the cops told me "oh we'll call you later maybe". They never did lol, and when I called them, they didn't even take a deposition, just said "we'll look into it". And a month later I found out no report was ever opened: I was asked to provide an incident number for a CCW and turns out the report didn't exist XD Top tier lmao. But damn... I miss the days when it was cool to punch nazis, instead of cosplaying as nazis.
  9. I think this is something to stress here, yeah. There's been plenty of misconduct and sheer illiteracy from some government / LEO workers, but those don't require any specific corruption perms. While what they're doing is wildly unethical, it's not in the "helping an OCG sell drugs" or "make some evidence disappear" categories that would require corruption perms. TL;DR: being a shitty cop requires no perms, being a criminal cop does ^^
  10. What baffles me the most is the weird mix of IC and OOC in those replies lol. From an OOC perspective, criminals are supposed to be a part of the game and of the RP. Having criminals is a good thing, it means the server is working as intended, and has players engaging in that type of RP lol. Then those illegal players remark that in many cases, engaging in that (explicitly encouraged) type of RP, that is a central part of the game, can lead to punishments that are OOC'ly problematic. And you have people replying "Then don't engage in that encouraged type of RP that is a central part of the game LULZ KEK". Like, bro, what? I'd find it funny to have people take it literally and go "all right I'll just go legal". Three weeks later, those same people will be like "server is boring it's only mallrats and erp there's no crime" xD
  11. EDIT: double post by mistake, feel free to delete that ^^' sorry!
  12. Then someone on Discord is like "Oh but there's an area where you can be released, in the jail, even if there is no deputy 😄 " but they fail to realize that... this area is not in your cell. And since the cells are locked 24/7, you can't get out of it. So you can't get to the area x') I had to /report for an admin to get me out after 3 days of trying /releaseme in the female wing lol, thankfully they were nice and let me go ^^'
  13. It's basically admin jail. Lockdown 24/7 so even if there were other inmates, you'd still be left alone to AFK for 6 hours, even at peak server times.
  14. This here sums it up yeah. I wanted to try and play the judicial game, because why not? So I got my character to contact a lawyer IC, and have the procedure opened - this was in February. The proper judicial thread was created about a month later - in the meantime, my char had the time to serve her time (in the female area that was empty 24/7 even at peak times), get caught again, serve another sentence (where I saw people only twice in an entire week), then get caught again and put on psychiatric hold, then released, and left to her own devices for several weeks. And now, each minor step takes from 2 days to 1 week because someone isn't replying. Now I'm not saying lawyers, judges, DAs, ... should have an obligation to reply quickly. Just like me they play for fun, if it becomes a boring job then it's just a no-go. But all those facts have to be taken into account: because of those various, perfectly legitimate delays, a prison sentence (or even a simple arraignment) can be the equivalent of having your character banned from RP'ing for weeks or months. There's a reason why so many people say that female jail = ajail. And given the kind of RP there is in the male ward... I may actually prefer ajail, frankly. Also before someone goes "well CrEAte YouR OwN RP" well, I mean sure go ahead. Create a female lifer, and have fun /me'ing on your own in a locked cell (since they're rarely if ever unlocked). Have all the fun you want, nobody will prevent you. But that's not how I conceive RP, personally. If I wanted to write on my own with no interaction, I'd just write a damn novel.
  15. This basically sums it up. Going after "realism" to justify who has VC and who doesn't is doomed to failure, especially since the "LEO have VC but not the rest" are rules that were inherited over 10+ years from one SAMP server to the next. Except something like 15 years have passed since then 😕 The only reason why it's allowed is because previous servers allowed it. Best fixes are to allow for all, or none. I'd more of a proponent of the latter, since monitoring a ton of voice chats is impossible, and having seen how OOC voice chat cliques can be a toxic shitfest for a server 😕
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