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  1. Will you accept a trade for a nimbus?
  2. Looking to sell my Coil Taranis under an 8 hour bid. Starting bid: 370K Buyout: 420K Ending bid winner will be announced in exactly 8 hours from the making of this post or to the highest bidder. (( OOC STATS ))
  3. Potentially a bit more since im doing this purchase with a business partner
  4. If this isn't sold I can do 525K
  5. Looking to sell my cozy 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment at 1003 Strawberry Avenue. ((Stats)) Starting bid: 150,000 Will sell to the highest bidder in 48 hours from now. Exterior Picture: Interior Pictures:
  6. 2021 Dinka Jester Modern Supercar. Guaranteed Low Mileage!! Includes a performance package. Performance package includes: 4-Liter V6 Engine 420 HP and a clocked top speed of 180 MPH Racing Tail Spoilers Dual Chrome Exhaust Daytime Running Headlights Snow White Pearl with Black Gloss as Secondary Color Upgraded Performance 5-Spoke Wheels (Shark Grey) Will not consider offers less than $290,000. Buyout set at $305,000 I am accepting trades for a Rebla GTS + buyer agrees to add cash on-top to the offer. (( OOC STATS ))
  7. iFlyKid


    I mean, you're the one that's interested in selling. I'm just browsing. Lowest I can do is 130K. For 140K, I'll pass. Good luck.
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