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  1. (left to right: Victoria Moore, Claire Skye) Just a quick update since we've been gone for a bit. Big content warning, we're talking about some nasty violence. Comments disabled.
  2. (left to right: M A S K) Username: Comment:
  3. (left to right: Victoria Moore, Marina Matsuyari, Claire Skye) (Thank you Mel Anderson for the studio!) Comments Enabled Username: Comment:
  4. (left to right: Victoria Moore, Claire Skye) (Everybody thank Tori for the sound quality.) Content Warnings: Discussion on bullying, su*cide, and kidnapping briefly. Listener discretion advised. Comments are enabled (moderated). Username: Comment:
  5. (left to right: Claire Skye, Marianne Karim) [LOADING...] [PRESS PLAY] Comments Enabled Username: Comment:
  6. (Claire.) [LOADING POCAST...] [PLAY] Comments Enabled Username: Comment:
  7. (left to right: Shawna Amato, Claire Skye, Alessa Winters) ((I lost the actual picture.)) Amato for Senator '22 Mild Content warning: Use of the word d*ke, talk of hate crimes and neo-nazis. Listener discretion advised. Comments Enabled but moderated. Username: Comment:
  8. (left to right: Shawna Amato, Claire Skye, Ella Hansen) (Amato for Senator 22) [LOADING PODCAST...] [PRESS PLAY]
  9. I'm interested in the cheaper Vapid Caracara 4x4! Number's 7770405.
  10. (left to right: Shawna Amato, Claire Skye, Kai Watanabe) (Amato for Senator 2022) [LOADING PODCAST...] [PRESS PLAY] Comments- Username: Comment:
  11. "Claire-Voyance, a podcast from and about Los Santos." -Shawna Amato Originally conceptualized as Claire's Clarity, Claire-Voyance will be a podcast co-hosted by Claire Skye and Shawna Amato. The content to come will be various- something as light as telling a story, or something as important as giving a voice to those unheard. The guests on the show will mirror this- one day it'll be a friend of the two coming over and chatting about anything and everything, and others it'll be important topics from people around us that don't get those topics acknowledged. Message me, Claire Skye, if you have something to talk about. (and it all started over a sludgie discussion at an old workplace)
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