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  1. It would have been perfect if they knew the format of SSNs LOL
  2. Let's cross our fingers the sexualized description don't also have the falling in love instantly clause or we're in BIG trouble, my friend.
  3. @Hoodfor being the best noob that I didn't even know was on staff.
  4. @Igloofor being very sweet to go above and beyond on a help issue in-game when he didn't have to take up his time with extra suggestions. @Zanifor always being very helpful to provide whatever he can and being a solid member of the community as well as a based friend to chill out with.
  5. @Midsummer Night's Dream . guess i am a potato at @-ing since it's not highlighting
  6. Please contact me today if you want to settle on it. Else moving on.
  7. Preferably on top floors. Email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. Interior Pictures https://imgur.com/a/trQfe6b Price: Market Price - $105,000 ((Furniture Worth - $111,848 )) Starting Price - $280,000 Buyout Price - $400,000 Contact: ((forum for email))
  9. Short description: Stacking accessories in clothing store for outfits Detailed description: I am not sure how viable it is but sometimes I find that I have to give up an accessory for another, so it would be helpful to be able to use more than 1 accessory on an outfit. Maybe if there's a way to make it work like hair tattoos where you can select multiple, I don't know but I thought it could be worth mentioning. Commands to add: Unsure Items to add: Extra menu options? Different coding? How would your suggestion improve the server? Being able to customize characters more
  10. I RP games with max server size is 80. This population would barely feel the hit with its playerbase but I'm sure it's "bad for business", just some things that happen are ridiculous without the restriction.
  11. Would cut some complications from rule 19 to say for starters. I personally wouldn't even allow ooc under 18 on the server
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