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  1. I don't see why this'd be necessary when there's a video attached in the main advert but sure, why not. Email me your availability. Bidding ends in 24 hours.
  2. A penthouse is traditionally known as the top-floor unit of a luxury residential building. ... Now, "penthouse" is usually more of a marketing term that refers to a unit with a different layout from others in the building, ample outdoor space, and great views — but it's not necessarily on the top floor. It is on the sixteenth floor.
  3. Starting Bid and Buyout adjusted.
  4. Lustrous performances from Magnolia Records starting today on stage.If you're not barefoot, then you're overdressed
  5. New Song Out Now - No Winslows by X.O.
  6. New Song Out Now - Money Flip by Lil Duppy
  7. New Song Out Now - DTB by TreChoppa - a TML Artist.
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