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  1. New Song Out Now - Red Lights by DrillBill lyrics: we gon slide thru yo side of town way off in the night yea till sunrise if we dont find u, we gon find u at the light past nine i dont stop at red lights no no goin 125 in the night time, I can't stop at red lights, cause I might die u cant get no feature from me unless u pay the price i got vices we gon twist up, drink up, i got ice now mix it with the Sprite, it taste nice now his bitch choosin, he wanna fight now she like my music, dont let her outta sight i might act up even if we cool ain
  2. New Song Out Now - No Hook by Shyste ft. NB Blixky
  3. 870 miles Registered Black Color GPS Upgraded lock & alarm Modified engine, breaks, and transmission Turbo Light usage Almost as new ((OOC Info)) Starting Bid: $70,000 Duration: 24 hours starting first bid Buyout: $90,000
  4. New Song Out Now - Payroll by Logan ft. DrillBill lyrics:(Logan)i always break bread when im with my broremember back when i aint had no doughyeah but u already knowi always had killas on my payroll(drillbill)I always had a killer on my payrollEver since I got into it with them lil bitches up way northGot the glizzy I ain't shy thoughRunnin with the pack, my dogs wit me like ShilohLean in the styrofoam, lookin like a siloFinna go psycho, I'm off the psilocybinThe demon in my head communicating through my eyelidsGot me playin mind tricks, walls turning vibrantThe toxicity in my c
  5. Buyout added. Auction ends in 24 hours, and goes to highest bidder.
  6. Renovated, clean, extremely beautiful. Interior Video Market Price: $185,000 Furniture Worth: $108,418 Staring Bid: $350,000 Buyout: $500,000
  7. New Song Out Now - Drop It by Hugo ft. CountEmClay
  8. New Song Out Now - Waves by Logan lyrics: i really need my bread lil homie like a big mac always keep a strap big chop thats that big mac see me in the streets homie u better step back get back sit back choppa got that kick back i dont ride waves lil bitch yall do that pull up to the scene wit my homie where the stu at a hunnid for my guys like homie where them blues at magnolia on top lil bitch u know we do that its logan u dont wanna kick it but yo bitch do im wit the gang an we pull up wit the big crew suckas only see the outside not what u been t
  9. Applications updated; we're now hiring a head model and video editors. Stay tuned for an upcoming platform!
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