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  1. lyrics:i swear im gettin fucked upwe pull up in the mack truckwith 30 MACs and a magnumsay sum & we act upwe'll turn your name into a captionits dark out here you gotta move with cautiontuck that necklace in ur hoodie, hold ur car keys when u crossincuz Ace got the blick and he hold it like an optionhe never pass that shit to nobody else no adoptionhe way outta pocket the way he roll out the pocketand send shots to the offense yeahe could get drafted tomorrow, hot like an auctionwhen common sense just aint that commonu walk to me u ask to be forgottenpleading forgiveness knowing damn well
  2. Good going, soldier 😄 Posting to follow.
  3. Can't wait to see this develop 😄
  4. Let this be the final piece of evidence to prove that Gruppe 6 instigated and escalated the violence that took place on the 23rd of January at Fantasia Event Hall. — Warning: This report contains graphic and upsetting details. Viewer and reader discretion is advised. — CCTV Footage ((Video would be captured from a CCTV camera. Any IC usage of information in the video will be reported to Admins)) As you can see from the CCTV footage, a Gruppe Six employee (yet to be named) struck a male who had his back turned by using his flashlight as a weapon. The victim of
  5. Gruppe 6, a security company endangering lives in the Fantasia Event Hall. January the 23rd at 9 PM; a young and unarmed man who was horrifically shot to death after trying to aid a friend who failed to pay an entry fee. He then continued to be riddled with an entire magazine as he fell injured, with a merciless murderer behind the barrel of their handgun. All started by a group chase with flashlight batons and loaded handguns, a tragedy at Fantasia Hall upon the actions of Gruppe 6. — Warning: This report contains graphic and upsetting details. Viewer a
  6. Hello, I am hiring a capable lawyer for a sensitive civil case. Please reach out to me using either of the following; - EMAIL: [email protected] ((forum PM)) - Facebrowser: Daniel Jones.
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