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  1. I'm so sorry you guys are going through that @MrsHamster I wish there was more we could do! This has me crying my eyes out at my desk. 😭
  2. You just gotta ignore the (M)eme's as best you can... 🤮
  3. Username: LawyerUp Comment: after going over the records, I can't find an arrest around this time. I don't think anyone actually got arrested. Even more libel, the parties in the photo are having their reputation ruined by some rag. Sue! Sue! Sue!
  4. ((OOC: I'm in game and reached out, let me know when you aren't busy! 😄 ))
  5. I don't have much to add other then this is turning into Cops vs Robbers. 😆
  6. Username: LawyerUp Comment: Textbook case of libel. If I owned stock in this news company, I would sell it.
  7. Give me your number and I can reach out! 😄
  8. Would you be willing to meet me in the middle? 😄 $120,000?
  9. Hello! Are you interested in a Komoda!? It's got a custom plate, # ICED It's Ice/Frost white, whatever fight me. Pick one. Dark tints, custom rims, and white walls. It also has a chopped suspension, complete engine rebuild, and an upgraded transmission. Fuck yeah it has a Turbo, and a recently installed GPS. Only 657 Miles on the Odometer! Asking $130,000. Will Negotiate. I haven't got around to installing security features, park at your own risk. ((Mind the absolute dog shit image compression. Thx <3)) Thanks for viewing! 😄 Now accepting offers!
  10. They should just insta-ban the shitty robbers and be done with it entirely, no warnings, no appeals. 🤮
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