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  1. I always thought limited run cars should be a thing either lease or dealership.
  2. Buying Sandking XL preferable with performance package and lift kit. ph: 88258851
  3. Willing to buy the Sandking XL with 117 miles on it. Cellphone 88258851
  4. A lot of the Mod cars are ridiculous fast not sure a lot of people realize. Torrence definitely one on that list it can hit 130-140 at a 60k price point with crazy acceleration. Vesper probably the most underrated sports car on the server. Not a lot owned and its stupid fast. Are you American? Me personally I have one modded out because I off-road with it actually in an off-road club. So I want to have things like the winch, LED Lightbar. And modificiations like that all the time on the Road in the U.S. The Yosemite Rancher is based on the Broncho and the Broncho are popular for off-roading so off course they are heavily modified. Don't know too many people that off-road or overland that don't heavily modified their vehicles.
  5. Isn't the reward the RP?
  6. Looking for Licensed Attorney to become legal partners with. Email or contact Ph: 420-000 if you are interested.
  7. As someone who has spent a lot of time in North and Southern California there are parts of that state you go too and its basically Kentucky.
  8. *edited* wthdrawn.
  9. Disagree that the rule is slowing it down. Houses prices are going up regardless we both agree on that. Say if I were able to sell that house the next day how much more you think I would be able to sell that house for? You think I'd be able to get away with reselling it for a million more than next day? My point is whether in-between that 6 month period that house was able to sell just once or three times the price increase would of been the same. Because prices don't increase just simply because seller ask more, because there gets to a point where he prices everyone out of the market. Money supply and the total money in the economy is what determined prices and that doesn't slow down because you only allow uncapped prices on houses after 6 months. New characters get created everday and that's a theoretically that is a new 200k being injected into the server. Paycheck of Government workers injects too money into the server and that money flowing through to our economy is what allow players to bid up prices. Say no new Cash flow came into the money supply. Government paychecks could only be sourced from collected taxes that are already in the economy oppose to being generated out of thin air, what do you think would happen to house prices? If there is no new money coming into the economy people don't have the ability to bid up prices. The only way to slow down housing price increases is to slow down the new money being injected into the server and that isn't happening anytime soon because I see no one here advocating for the removal for 200k starter cash and things like that.. And like I said not advocating for the removal of all restrictions. What if we reduced the wait period from 6 months to 3 months which is a compromise I'd support do you think housing prices would sky rocket as a result?
  10. You are dancing around my question. Why haven't the houses like the one I listed below which are selling after 6 months why are they not being sold for ridiculous prices there was nothing stopping this seller for asking for 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion dollars. Because you said it your self the rule is slowing down the rate houses coming to market and by your explanation the price increases. So if you reduce the houses coming to market that would make houses even more valuable because they are rarer. So again why haven't desirable houses like these been selling for 5+, 10+ million.
  11. THANK YOU. No one yet that has disagreed with me has been able to to answer this question for me. They keep saying if we remove price caps prices would go parabolic. So why haven't the Mirror Park houses which are probably the most desirable houses available for third party purchase on the server been selling after 6 months not been selling for 10, 20+ million. Anyone that disagrees please answer this for me.
  12. Disagree, I've been doing Government roleplay for about 8 years now and 2 years on GTA W. The issue is with what your suggesting is that is spreads Government roleplay participants too thin. Because now you need multiple mayors and multiple city councils for each township Government has a hard enough time filling roles for a centralized Government. And Senate has problems but don't think that is it. The Senate's problem more stem from it just being figure heads and having no real ability to affect anything.
  13. For me I enjoy the county. I have a character I use to be in a off-road club and go out to the county to off-road all the time and occasional have get togethers. What mostly keeps me out of the county is the gatekeeping. There are players that aren't receptive to you roleplaying out there unless you are fully committed to doing ALL your roleplay there which I thought was ridiculous like if you have a job in the city you can't roleplay in the county as if the idea of commuting is absurd. And I see this issue too with some of the more "hood" parts of the city like Davis. The idea if you aren't roleplaying a gangster you shouldn't be roleplaying or owning property in Davis. Me personally I'd love to live in the county do most of my roleplay their but commute to my city job from a property out there but with all the gatekeeping its just discouraging I don't want to get accused of an unrealistic portrayal even though I'd push back against that accusation so I avoid it outright.
  14. That is already the case. This is my issue here don't take this personal because you aren't the first guys I seen do this. People have opinions on these rules but aren't even aware of the current rules I had this same issue when people were complaining in general discussion about dealerships making too much money back when I ran one and people were commented who didn't know what they were talking about. Complaining about things there were already rules for. Excellent take. This is a RP server and I've seen less bureaucracy in the Government of a small town.
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