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Found 11 results

  1. Short description: Add in 'Smog', 'Fog', and 'Overcast' into the weather cycle. Detailed description: Add in 'Smog' 'Fog' and 'Overcast' into the server's weather cycle. Los Angeles is one of the most polluted cities in the united states by nature, usually clouded in a blanket of smog. The server has never once used the fog, smog or overcast weathers to my knowledge in the years and years it's been up, and I think it'd be very nice for RP variety to use them finally, adding something else to RP off of. Fog, Smog, and Overcast weather cycles wouldn't have to last longer than an hour or two, fog would make most sense around the morningtime. In addition to this, I'd really like to see rain chances increased a little. We never get to see rain anymore, nor anything else, and it's really nice for variety's sake that it might happen every once and a while- even if rain isn't common in Los Angeles, Los Santos is an island, and rain would happen a lot more often than it does right now. I've heard a few other people also mention they'd like to actually see rain once and a while- I sure would. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? More weather variety atmospheric and stuff more serverwide 'events' to roleplay off of pretty fog overcast looks cool Additional information:
  2. Beneath the canvas of the desert's dawn, Where golden hues and fiery streaks adorn, A cowboy rode, a solitary soul, Embracing tales untold, a story to unfold.
  3. Hello, so I am making this showcase with pictures of aircrafts around Los Santos. Sometimes it's not just about driving, we should enjoy the flying experience as I do everyday, around these flying toys. Enjoy! Feel free to post your own shots as well. Gallery Planes: Helicopters: Seaplane:
  4. This thread will follow the life and character development of an old-style Anatoliy Gringaus, a Jewish Ukrainian man, taking up any job to improve his life and his mother's back home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claimWestside when we ride come equipped with gameYou claim to be a player but I fucked your wifeWe bust on Bad Boy niggaz fucked for lifePlus Puffy tryin' ta see me weak hearts I ripBiggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Some mark-ass bitchesWe keep on comin' while we runnin' for yo' jewelsSteady gunnin, keep on bustin at them fools, you know the rulesLil' Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave yaCut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceasedLil' Kim, don't fuck around with real G'sQuick to snatch yo' ugly ass off the streets, so fuck peaceI let them niggaz know it's on for lifeSo let the Westside ride tonightBad Boy murdered on wax and killedFuck wit' me and get yo' caps peeled, you know, see
  6. Short description: 1. People purchase a jewelry with /createitem, then they get access to browsing the certain jewelry which an employee needs to accept like in garages. 2.Making the jewelry industry more realistic by letting those who purchase a watch/bracelet/chain at a unique item scripted shop the option to purchase the actual watch from the server scripted store. The main intention here is to stop players from skipping the RP of getting a jewelry at the actual store where people RP it. If there's another way to make this happen I'd be open for other suggestion and if I find it better I'll change this post. Detailed description: 1. We can either do it this way like garages, people who bought a watch with /createitem will then press y to get access to the browsing system of the watch and wait for access from one of the employees, just like garages! Seems like the best idea so far. 2. These days we have many jewelry and clothing stores which are owned by players and act as an open business and not scripted by the server, when I say that I refer to the open business as the one with the "unique item script" and server scripted are the stores that are always open for the crowd. My suggestion is to keep both, (or else if there's a better solution for the issue I will present here) but only those who purchased a watch/bracelet/chain in a unique item store would be able to purchase the actual item in the scripted store, they would browse the most similar watch to the one they purchased at the actual store (with the unique item script). With this idea going live we could make the jewelry industry more realistic. There are already people who do what I said here - purcahse at unique item shop first, then the server scripted one - but they're rare, the goal here is to make every player to do that and not skip the unique item store part. Commands to add: For suggetsion 1: None, just add the server script jewelry browsing system to /createitem store and we're good to go. For suggestion 2: when using /createitem adding the type watch/bracelet/chain - then, when heading to a server scripted store, the code would catch there items and see the watch/bracelet/chain type and let them purchase the item. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: 1. It would give players the actual RP of purchasing a watch with an actual sales assistant at the store. 2. It would also make more sense to have that while the server has multiple unique item jewelry stores. Because some people say "Why would I purchase a watch at the jewelry store and pay a few grands when I can just head to the server scripted one and purchase an actual watch for that appears on my character for $300?" This is not realistic at all and something has to be done with that. 3. It would make the quality RP in the server higher as it's more realistic to do because we would not have the option to skip the RP. Additional comments: Skipping the RP of buying a jewelry it's like skipping the RP at the garage after you upgrade your car - Both take time, I do agree that buying a jewelry usually takes less time but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be RPed. This is purely my idea, I am looking to see if I can get support from other players. Let me know your thoughts. I feel like there's a missed opportunity gor great roleplay when not doing this. Seems like I'm not the first one and it's a real thing that needs to go live.
  7. Hey there! I was wondering what actually is GTA World's position within the US system? I know we have been told we are roleplaying the 51st State of San Andreas, as island state in the Pacific Ocean. But that makes me wonder; are we really? States have legitimate primairy's and can vote in presidential elections, yet we did not have such events in the past. Legit states also have representatives in the House and 2 senators per state in the Senate. Obviously; we can't have that. This leaves us with numerous options; Organised, Unincorporated Territory Like Puerto Rico, Guam and Mariana Islands. We are self-governing with a State and City government (organised), but that all of the US Constitution does not automaticly apply to the island (unincorporated). These territories are pretty much treated as a state. The main difference is that people in OUT's can not vote in Presidential elections and that the Congress members can only observe, not participate. Unorganised, Unincorporated Territory Like Howland Island, Navassa Island, Jarvis Island, Wake Island and Kingman Reef. These places have no local government and the US Constitution does not automaticly apply here. Given we do have a local government and the US Constitution applies with us, the least likely option. Citizens can not vote in presidential elections. Unorganised, Incorporated Territory Only one; Palmyra Atoll. It is an uninhabited nature reserve, but the US Constitution does apply here. We are clearly inhabitated, so this automaticly rules out this option. Citizens, if people live there one time, can not vote in presidential elections. Organised, Incorporated Territory No current territory has reached this spot, and it is a ''transition place''; right before becoming a state, the territory is moved to this category. It has a self governing body (organised) and and the US Constitution fully applies to the territory. This spot was last occupied IRL by Hawaii and Alaska. Citizens can not vote in presidential elections. The two most likely options are either the Organised, Unincorporated Territory, or the Organised, Incorporated Territory. What are your takes on this? Where in the below graph is ''San Andreas''?
  8. Short description: Creating a Department Of Corrections legal faction and a USP (United States Penitentiary) a.k.a. Federal Prison. Detailed description: There is a real need to have a Federal Prison or a Federal Inmate Section within Twin Towers at least and a whole Department Of Corrections faction. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Bolingbroke_Penitentiary If Bolingbroke was used for this, it would be immersive and completely amazing and probably motivating for people to create a new Department Of Corrections faction. A lot of the committed crimes performed by organized crime factions could be considered to be Federal, that's why it's not realistic to have for example international smugglers or nationwide mobsters mixed with County Jail inmates. Also, females should really have their own section, and if they already do, stick to it both in County Jail and Federal Prison (if added). I know the admins may not want to script a whole new thing (which is sad in my personal opinion) but at least the Twin Towers county jail should really be improved and add the divisions stated above. I'm also aware that Bolingbroke is RP'ed as a State Pen on many character stories, so it could also be a mixed prison if scripted (State and Federal penitentiary). And leave County Jail for minor crimes. Commands to add: None. Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? Criminal immersion, realism, high quality roleplay in general. Additional information: U.S. Federal Gun Law Anyone who has been convicted of a felony is banned by federal law from ever possessing “any firearm or ammunition.” Specifically a person “convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year” cannot possess any firearm in any location. 18 U.S.C. 922(g) is the federal law that prohibits anyone ever convicted of any felony to ever possess any firearm either inside or outside of his home. The federal punishment for firearm possession by a felon is up to 10 years in prison. But as happened in Selma, local police in California have increasingly been turning to federal authorities for help prosecuting gun crimes. The reason? Adkins and people like him face far more time behind federal bars than they would if they were prosecuted under state law. The program under which his case is being handled, Project Safe Neighborhoods, got its start in 2001 under President George W. Bush. It fell out of favor during the Obama administration, but the Justice Department under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions reinstated it. The idea is to seek out suspects considered to be especially dangerous and maximize their prison time by prosecuting them through the federal system. Under California law, felons caught in possession of a firearm could face up to three years in prison. That sentence could be reduced by half for good behavior. Some felons caught with guns end up doing time in county jails. Under federal law, however, they face 10 years in prison, and must serve at least 85% of that sentence. Since 2018, 175 individuals have been indicted on federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm in the Eastern District, and 161 have been sentenced to prison. Some of the more common federal charges include but are not limited to: 21 USC Sec. 841 – Drug Offenses/Trafficking 8 USC Sec. 1324 – Illegal Alien Smuggling or Border Crossing 18 USC Sec. 2113 – Bank Robbery 18 USC Sec. 2251 – Child Pornography 18 USC Sec. 1030 – Internet Fraud 18 USC Sec. 1341 – Mail Fraud 18 USC Sec. 1348/1349 – Securities Fraud 18 USC Sec. 21 – Counterfeiting and Forgery 18 USC Sec. 1956 – Money Laundering 18 USC Sec. 1961 – Organized Crime 26 USC Sec. 7201 – Tax violations DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FEDERAL AND STATE DRUG OFFENSES Manufacturing, trafficking, and possessing controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and opiates are illegal under state and federal law. However, you cannot be charged with a drug offense under both. You are either charged with a state drug crime or a federal drug offense. In some cases, your charges may start in state court but as an investigation unfolds, the federal government may take over the prosecution, leading to the potential exposure to much more severe punishment for the same crime. You are likely to be charged with a federal drug crime if your alleged criminal activity: - Took place on federal property. - Crossed state lines or involved importing drugs into the country. - Was investigated by a federal law enforcement agency, such as the Drug - Enforcement Administration (DEA). - Involved other offenses such as firearm possession to further the drug activity and/or money laundering related to the drug proceeds. - Was related to organized crime or a continuing criminal enterprise. - Involved the sale of large drug quantities. - Involved transporting drugs through mail couriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. - Was discovered through a federal informant. Also, the quantity of the drug also influences whether you face state or federal charges. Small amounts of drugs are often handled by local and state officials. However, if you are allegedly involved with large quantities of drugs, such as importing cocaine or growing acres of marijuana, then your case is more likely to be handled by federal authorities.
  9. Whilest this suggestion, yes, is about the economy, it is also majorly a suggestion into the way we all roleplay, I think we need to make our characters human. This suggestion is based on the idea that you need support from scripts in order to have a realistic roleplay environment. Personally, I think failure to actually roleplay eating, or roleplaying eating with just a /me and no food item, are both power gaming moves. The current economy of GTA:W is a strange one, it's a normal, if not very functional and somewhat prosperous economy in comparison to the majority of roleplay servers, however, we can do better. I believe that we can develop this economy to a point where firstly, we will be roleplaying in a much more dynamic and realistic environment. What we need to do, is bring value to labour, implement script systems that support the economy both directly and indirectly. How? I have multiple ideas, and if people actually see that we can actually have a much more realistic economy, and with seeing, actually care and want a better economy we could combine forces and write a sort of list of things that need to be implemented OOCly so that the economy can prosper, IC is a different matter. Our goal as roleplayers is to create and play a character, an entirely different person, an entirely different self. As humans, we have elements of necessity that define us as universally as people. If we look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we can see that the foundation of human need, are physiological, food, water, shelter and rest. This is the foundation of mankind, this is the base of what makes you, you. In order for us to really connect with our characters, we need to be with our characters through the regular bullshit that we do in real life, this is not because we need to roleplay 24/7, it's because we need to need in order for any economy to prosper. Suggestion: Supply & Demand Firstly we need to implement a need system, something that I think would work very well is a system similar to the system in the game Scum; Throughout the day, you need to eat and drink, the more you eat, the more you need to shit, the more you drink, the more you need to piss. Kind of like a weight scale. Secondly, we need to implement a working and clear addiction system, from nicotine to fentanyl, there should be a clear addiction process. If you start smoking cigarettes, it might take you a real month to develop an addiction, however, once you have that addiction, it will seriously hinder your day to day if you neglect it. Thirdly, we need to implement a health system, more in-depth than a simple bar, because our health is not based on a simple bar. If you are shot, the health issue isn't the fact you got shot, the health issue is the fact that you now have a hole in your body gushing blood. I think disease is something very important as well, from things like the flu to cancer. When all of these things are in place, food will become a necessity, which means that food production will become a necessity. Considering the population of the player base, there should be limits to the amount we can actually produce unless people want to take the mega capitalist approach and start corporations, which is totally fine and an IC thing, which could be apposed by political regimes suchas communist/socialist movements. There needs to be struggling, there needs to be frustration. You shouldn't play for 2 months and have a million in the bank. For the people who do want to play for 2 weeks and have a million in the bank, then fair enough, but have valid and realistic reasoning for that, not just because it's fun to drive fast cars. And to get there, shouldn't be as easy as it is. DEATH I spoke about this before and no one really agreed with me, so maybe we should come up with a system together that could actually work as a death system. I don't think the PK CK system works, I think there needs to be risk in the day to day that you may very well be CKed, which brings real meaning to your characters life.
  10. Short description: Just as the title states, something simple which can improve the realism behind the tints and thus giving them some meaning other than just cosmetics. While it promotes realism, players will now have the curiosity as one would in real life when someone rolls up with blacked out windows. This also reduces the chance of metagaming, which naturally it's up to the player to judge, but let's look at it from a realistic perspective. Ask yourself... Who's that? Is it a driveby? Is it Jenny from the block? Is that a fugitive trying to avoid the police? Detailed description: I'm suggesting a simple script which determines the opacity of the player's name based on the tint levels. The lower the level (Exception of 0 which is no tints) the more transparent the name will appear. TINT LEVEL | LAW | OPACITY % LEVEL 0 | Legal |100% Opacity (No Tints) LEVEL 3 | Legal | 75% Opacity LEVEL 2 | Illegal | 50% Opacity LEVEL 1 | Illegal | 10% Opacity Keep in mind, I'm not suggesting strictly based on U.S. state laws, only merely suggesting to fit the current server's penal limitations and laws. Any suggestions are welcome, as always! Commands to add: N/A Items to add: Opacity Script How would your suggestion improve the server? Reduced Metagaming, Realistic QoL Balancing For Both Sides Of The Law & A More Pleasurable Experience. Additional information: N/A
  11. Realism in the Economy Welcome to GTA World! I'm sure you're wondering, "What sets you guys apart from the other GTA V Roleplay Servers?" Well, one of the many things that sets us apart is our realistic economy system that we have spent hours upon hours deciding upon, with input from experts in the field. We don't want you to spend hours upon hours grinding a fishing job, a trucking job, a trash job, or any other script jobs. We want to encourage roleplay, and encourage roleplay ways of earning that money. We want this to be the furthest thing away from an RPG game, and completely focus this on becoming more of a "real life" simulator, in both the economy and the roleplay standards that we expect our players to hold themselves to. Everyone will receive "basic income" until you reach $150,000 in assets. (This means, in bank cash, on hand cash, your properties, your vehicles, and all of the things that you may own.) This is to help people that are starting off on the server and to "simulate" a program of welfare on the server. Once you reach $150,000 in assets, you no longer receive this basic income, and you must find other ways to supplement your income. You're free to roleplay it as welfare from the government, money from your characters parents, or any way of receiving a "base" income. This means that for those whom may want to roleplay in lower socioeconomic classes, such as those roleplaying gangsters, you can hop right into roleplaying and there's no need for them to "grind" for money, as they will be the one's with much less cash. We want things to remain realistic, but fair to all, and this was one of the first steps we developed in coming to one of the more realistic simulations of a real life economy. Secondly, there will be a 0.0035% Tax of all of your assets that are taken each hour. Before you worry, realize that this is a significantly small number if you are your average person on the server. If you have $800,000 in assets, you will only pay $2,500 per hour. This will help keep things more balanced, preventing the problem of what was had on many different communities before where people would hold millions upon millions of dollars for years, and the economy would inflate significantly with the money going nowhere. There will also be a slightly higher tax for those whom are millionaires, raising the tax bracket to 0.005% which also takes your bank money into account. This would mean that you are paying $5,000 an hour with $1,000,000 in total assets. This means, if you want to keep your money, you're going to have to be smart with it. Don't worry, there will be many ways for those whom want to be millionaires and live the lavish lifestyles to continue to do so, you will just have to be smart to keep your lifestyle that way. In terms of prices of vehicles, items, and houses, we are keeping them at real life-realistic prices. An average house in the poorer parts of the city might be $70,000, whilst one in the "richer" parts of the city might go for $300,000. Vehicles are priced (for the most part) with their real life counter parts. You will not see many people driving around unrealistic vehicles such as helicopters and sports cars, unless they actually work to keep their assets and money. We hope that you all will appreciate this system of more realism and we are always open to suggestions from others. -Missi
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