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  1. IMO, housing should be limited to 1 house/standalone per character. Buying a custom standalone just to sell all the furniture objects and then selling the empty apartment back to the market after 14 days should also be looked into. At that point, you're just destroying something that someone else worked on for hours or days, just so you can make a quick buck.
  2. Also offering buyout if the previous two buyouts fall through.
  3. I bumped into someone, but they said "slash b lol, desync. void?"
  4. I'd love if the pier was active. Beach parties, bonfires and volley ball would definitely be fun. One thing I loved doing when I was in high school is sneak into random apartment complexes and go up to the roof with my friends to drink and eat. I actually bumped into a few people in the apartment complex where my char lives, and they mentioned it'd be nice if we had a little lounge on the rooftop, so if anyone has exterior furnishing slots (and the PM allows it!), let's build a lounge on top of the Palomino Avenue complex by La Spada! I can also pitch in with a few slots. Street fairs
  5. Missed out opportunity of saying "Bingbong 1.1".
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