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  1. Sadly even dealerships abuse this. There's a dealership with over 200 vehicles in stock. Where are those kept? In the sewers and brought up to the street level on some fancy lift? The warehouse certainly doesn't seem large enough to house that many cars. The "buying all of your cars" sort of adverts also have to go. People should be picky about what they buy, they shouldn't just buy up every available car just cause they think they'll be able to turn profits. Car sales should be taxed more and circumventing the script should be against the rules.
  2. It just says 'free panda pointz', no numbers. You got bamboozled. Real vouchers say 'free panda pointz - 100'.
  3. More housing options! Jokes aside, I think one of the big problems is that there're very few businesses active. This is just an idea, but maybe some sort of initiative and/or incentive to run county businesses? Perhaps a list of inactive county businesses that could be posted in the various county discords to see if any of the locals want to pick it up?
  4. This is reportable, by the way. If you see people like this, or suspect that a house is owned by someone who RPs mainly (or full time) in the city, just file a PM report and they will handle it. Same goes for people trying to profit by selling houses there for like 2 millions. The problem is, even if you differ a BIT from the norm, or seem like a character who's from the city, the pitchforks come out instead of trying to help them integrate into the county life. My character generally tries to treat people the same way they treat my character. If they're being obnoxious, sure, they might get called out on it and get told to keep it down, cause they're making clowns out of themselves. All in all, I think we can agree that people need to stop treating north SA as the deep south, and treat it more like a small town a few miles away from the big city.
  5. Time to go spraypainting smiley faces on the rear end of deer, I guess...
  6. This is true. People need to realize that sometimes people need a change of pace. City characters might want a simpler life, and settle down to work in the county, but some people gatekeep it as their own territory. People should be more accepting towards the city people who move out to Paleto, Grapeseed, Sandy with an RV. They're trying to establish themselves there, but if the locals are hostile, it's going to end up as a toxic circlejerk where you'll end up hating your own neighbors. You don't think they fit all that well into the county? Offer them a helping hand instead of telling them to go back to the city.
  7. Thank you for the responses so far, I really appreciate both the staff and various legal faction leaders shining light on their corruption policies!
  8. I'll probably end up bugging you in the near future, this has been on my potential group's agenda!
  9. So, as far as I know, corruption is not allowed in government and related factions (like SAPA). I feel like this might be putting restrictions on what could potentially be interesting roleplay. Imagine shipping counterfeit goods from China, and working with SAPA to forge shipping documents, or bribing them to let the shipment slip through checkpoints. Can we have some clarifications from FM why this is prohibited, or if it's going to change anytime soon if a proper discussion is started?
  10. The only constructive comment in this whole thread.
  11. Needs actual clothing instead of napkins and tablecloth.
  12. People lease expensive cars in real life all the time.
  13. Cops who take bribes. Backroom surgeons and doctors. More unique businesses, like maybe pet shops. More musicians. Activity in Paleto once again.
  14. This happened in Paleto about 2 weeks ago. If Mitch stole it from LS, he's a legend.
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