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  1. The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office is dedicated to pursuing justice in the county of Los Santos. We advance an effective and ethical system of justice that protects the community. We are working to improve the Los Santos County, and we need the help of the community to achieve that goal. The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office believes in a just system. We protect the community, restore victims of crime, and honor the rights of the accused. Assistant District Attorneys, acting on behalf of the District Attorney, are responsible for reviewing and analyzing the evidence, conducting legal research, interviewing witnesses and other relevant individuals. They also try cases in the Los Santos County Superior Court Criminal Division. It is one of the most rewarding careers for attorneys, and our probationary program allows anyone to become an Assistant District Attorney with no experience. Those with no experience are assigned a senior prosecutor, who supervises their work, ensuring that no mistakes are made. Several promotion opportunities are available, and the starting salary is $90,000. Every Assistant District Attorney is provided with academic materials, an office, and equipment required to perform their duties. Assistant District Attorneys are law enforcement officers, who are eligible for LEO CCW after passing their probationary period. Generous vacation time, parental leaves, and overtime pay are also included. In order to apply, you are required to submit a short form, which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. After a criminal background check, to which you consent by applying, you will be invited to an interview. The entire application process should not take longer than 48 hours. Successful applicants will be offered the opportunity to start their work immediately. If you do not have a BAR license, you will be given 14 days to obtain one after you submit your application. If you are an attorney, who has been actively practicing law in the state of San Andreas for the past 2 months, you may e-mail the District Attorney directly (ACCESS) in order to schedule an interview without being required to send your application. APPLY NOW
  2. On September 26th, a petition for my resignation was published. Although the information provided in that petition may seem reliable, none of it is true. If I did what was described in that petition, I would have resigned myself, but I am not going to resign from my office, because a person decided to defame my character and present completely untrue information about my work as the District Attorney. I addressed all issues raised in the petition, which you can find below. Link to the petition: click here. "On multiple occasions, Cromwell has displayed her inability to appropriately prosecute cold-blooded criminals, both violent and non-violent, leading an extremely 'woke' agenda as part of her position, one that hurts the DA's office ability to truly prosecute individuals for their hideous crimes." It is hard for me to address this part of the petition, as no examples were given. Nevertheless, I never dismissed a case for no reason. A common issue for the dismissals is insufficient evidence. I am an experienced prosecutor, therefore when I see a case file, I can immediately tell whether that case can be won or not. It is not uncommon for peace officers to; not take the contact information of witnesses, to perform unconstitutional searches, to misunderstand the law, or to write an arrest report improperly. We are given 72 hours since the arrest to arraign a person. Ninety percent of those delays are caused by law enforcement agencies. During those 72 hours we have to ask multiple clarifying questions, request forensic reports, request reports from medical examiner's office - all of which should have been there in the first place. If we dismiss a case, it's almost always dismissed without prejudice, which means that the suspect can be rearrested once more evidence is gathered. It is not our job to do the work of the officers for them, as prosecutors do not have the power to conduct those duties. "Sometimes, in the form of an over exaggerated plea deal that does nothing more than reduce criminals' time by two thirds, to outright dropping multiple charges on individuals which any sane person would regard as vile and dangerous individuals to society. From murders, to possession of illegal firearms, public disturbances and more." Across the entire United States, approximately 90% of criminal cases result in plea agreements. I have reviewed plea agreements done under the previous District Attorneys in Los Santos County, and there's no difference whatsoever. Behind every plea agreement, there is a reason for it. "Furthermore, Cromwell has lead to one of the greatest falling out of relations between the Los Santos Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney's Office due to her ego." The unfortunate relationship between the District Attorney's Office and the Los Santos Sheriff's Department has been ongoing for multiple months. Those issues started even before I accepted a job offer at the District Attorney's Office in March 2021, and that was before I became the District Attorney. What the author fails to mention is that almost every time a prosecutor arrives at Twin Towers Correctional Facility to perform an interview or an interrogation, the Sheriff's Department creates new policies to make our job harder, at times making the interrogation impossible. One time, they would not allow a prosecutor of my office to conduct interrogations, which resulted in dismissals, as those interrogations were crucial to the cases. Another time, I was told I cannot conduct an interrogation, because a Sheriff's Department detective will do it themselves. They didn't, and the case was dismissed due to the delay caused by them. A prosecutor of my office also requested evidence from the Sheriff's Department multiple times during one case, and after about 10 days of being ignored by the Sheriff's Department, the case had to be dismissed. In some of the other cases, precedents were improperly applied by the deputies of the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. "The falling out stemmed out for no logical reason but Cromwell's inability to accept the LSSD's deputies VALID and LEGAL actions in the apprehension of a murdered. Instead, Cromwell chose to take the side of the person who was recorded partaking in a murder and was documented being in possession of a firearm despite his lack of valid licenses and permits." I assume that the author refers to the case of Martin Pisano. If there is a penal code section shielding him from any criminal liability, he cannot be charged. I do not make the law, nor can I change it to work in my favor. It doesn't matter how many times the victim was shot; the penal code shields him from criminal liability. He was charged for possession of that firearm, and for leaving the scene of a self-defense shooting. He was not found guilty of the latter, therefore he would not have been found guilty of that murder. "Cromwell has also displayed unprofessional conduct, delving into partisan issues on social media and dissing a San Andreas State Government Senator." That San Andreas State Government Senator tried to propose an act, that would allow law enforcement officers to perform searches for no reason, other than the type of the vehicle a person is driving. "It doesn't even stop here. As of the time of this petition, Cromwell herself is attempting to place a POLICE OFFICER in jail for defending his and his colleagues' lives." As stated previously, I do not make the law. The law that we have says that it was not self-defense. I do not have the power to change the law, and if a civilian was the one to do what that officer did, that civilian would have been in cuffs within seconds. I do not tolerate double standards. "Outside of the court, Cromwell herself lead the charge to remove the officer from a wedding of his colleague and one of his best friends, simply due to the fact she for some unknown reason has a hate boner against all service members who devote their lives to the safe being of Cromwell and all inhabitants of the state of San Andreas." That is not relevant to the petition, but I did not have anyone removed from the wedding. In fact, when I was asked if I was comfortable with the defendant being at the same place as me, I stated that I was fine with it. I am not aware as to why he was removed. I hope that light was shed on the false accusations against me. In order to remove a District Attorney from their position, they must have engaged in corruption. There are other reasons, but none of them apply to me (nor even to the false accusations against me). The only purpose of that petition is to pressure me into resigning myself, which I will not do, if the petition is based on nothing but untrue information. Any person can e-mail me at [email protected] with any inquiries. Although numerous issues occurred between my office, the Los Santos Sheriff's Department, and the Los Santos Police Department, I am not referring to all officers by criticizing actions done by those agencies. Despite those issues, I have great respect for all officers. Any questions can be asked as a comment below this article. > Comments are enabled. Username: Comment:
  3. Got kinda obsessed with that show and that's why.
  4. SCD

    Moving animations

    Short description: I suggest adding a script that would allow you to move your animations without any collision with objects or players. Detailed description: There are some furniture (e.g. a chair that is placed right in front of a desk, not allowing a player to sit on it), which do not work great with animations. Sometimes you have to spend a minute or so, just making sure that you used your animation right. The script I have in mind, would allow a player to move/slide himself slowly during an active animation, using some sort of combination (e.g. ctrl + W would make the character slightly "slide" forward while the animation is on, ctrl + PageDown would "slide" the player downwards etc.) without any collision with objects or other players. I propose to set a distance limit as well, so that players don't hide inside walls or travel with those animations or something (e.g. you wouldn't be able to slide farther than 6/7 feet from the initial position while using an animation). Commands to add: None, only the combinations I described (unless it's not possible to do so, then e.g. /forward to move your character slightly forward etc., I guess it's better than nothing). Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I think that it would save a lot of players' time and patience + it would make some animations cooperate better with certain furniture / other players. Additional information: It's been done on an alt:v server, so I think it's possible to do on rage as well. If not, I think there could be some adjustments made to my suggestion and it would be implementable then. If this was suggested in the past then I'm sorry, I couldn't find a similar suggestion, so I decided to post it.
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