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  1. Username: RealistExpert Comment: You're kidding, right? What are these "criminal gangs" gonna do? Pick up an 11 tonne shipping container and just put it in their fucking cars? You must've been high whilst writing this shit. You don't need a SWAT team when your Port Authority officers or security or whatever the hell they are can't handle even the most basic of tasks.
  2. Enjoying the roleplay with you guys so far, keep it up!
  3. Completely agree with you, I'm not saying you don't have less rights, I'm just saying, in these MASK crimes, of constant robberies, there's normally a trend, so if you think that it's not up to par, report them. ICly, there's not much you can do about it.
  4. Crime is shockingly high, yeah. But, it's a video game, so not everyone wants to rp some boring 24/7 cashier, or something mundane, as they're probably playing GTA:W to get away from IRL commitments. If the crime is stupid, it should be reported, ICly, there's only so much PD and SD can do to combat it, just like in real life, we can't be everywhere. If there is an influx of crimes, especially shootings, and shootings against peace officers, we implement IC measures to counteract it and try and get a handle on it, but most of this behaviour everyone is talking about is just poor roleplay. I'm not saying all crime is bad, or poorly roleplayed, but it's pretty clear when someone is just aiming to achieve their own personal goals and get into shootouts instead of progressing their characters in some meaningful way.
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