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  1. Currently you do not have the ability to view your routing number while on the UCP and under your character. I think it's pretty reasonable to request it be listed on the UCP as well.
  2. On October 16th, Melanie Cromwell resigned from her position as the Los Santos County District Attorney. She had been appointed earlier this year. A petition, calling for her resignation, was published on September 26th. Although the petition has been since deleted, Cromwell acknowledged its existence and the number of signatures on said petition. In her statement, she said the following: As many of you are aware, a petition calling for my resignation was published less than a month ago. While it was my intention to battle those untrue accusations, I have to comply with the wishes of the many people who signed that petition. Its existence is not the reason behind my resignation, but rather the situations that were caused by that petition. I do not think its author is at fault for those situations, but rather the society's reluctance to participate in a fair debate, and instead 'cancel' those, who face any kind of allegations. However, all changes start at the top, and if I was a citizen who heard about those accusations, I would be very concerned that such person is our District Attorney. At this point it doesn't matter whether the accusations were true or not, what matters are the optics. My facing those allegations impacts this county, and that is why it is in everyone's best interest if I am not here anymore. I would like to thank those who supported me, and those who engaged in constructive criticism against me. This county chose change, and I will respect that decision. Soon after Cromwell's resignation, Nathaniel Hastings was appointed as the new Los Santos County District Attorney. He released a statement as well, which you can see below. It is no secret that the District Attorney's Office of this county has faced some hardship. This office cannot function without the community's voice, and that is why transparency will be one of my top goals as the new District Attorney. We cannot seclude ourselves and not listen to feedback. I want this county to be safer, and we will apply appropriate strategies to battle the crime rate, but community involvement is also a very important step towards achieving that goal. In the next days, our current bail policy will be updated. Those, who create fear of violence in this city, will be met with stricter punishment and harsher bail. I want to help those with drug addictions - possession of most controlled substances is a criminal offense, but jail time is not an appropriate response to small drug-related charges, and I will make sure that those people are offered probation on fair conditions that will help them. Those, who face minor non-violent charges, will be given a second chance during their probation, in lieu of jail time. However, there is no excuse for intentional violence, if it wasn't done in self-defense. Violent offenders deserve to receive harsher punishment. We must be tough on serious crime, otherwise this county has no future. Our important, internal special directives will be disclosed to the public, and the public will be given the chance to raise any issues before they are officially implemented. I hope to meet this community's expectations, and I hope we will all work together in order to accomplish our common goal - to make Los Santos County safe. To contact the office of the District Attorney with any of your concerns, send an e-mail to [email protected] > Comments are enabled. Username: Comment:
  3. @Oggy keep up the good work with @Nemo. @Adv you wut m8. @Wuhtah wuhtah cats. @LilManiac great rpz. @Invictus please remove the excessive files from Maya's office.
  4. I nearly choked on my beer at the riff raffs cousin Independent woman
  5. Passive legal characters. People complain that there is no rp and it's lacking. Well they don't look for it. It's not hard to strike up a conversation at a venue.
  6. Happens way too often, namely with Gang Characters. Many times a person is shot, senior gang member passes off the gun to low junior member. Then the senior member name changes, to avoid prosecution.
  7. There are currently three factions that provide this roleplay, they are just much more discrete.
  8. Almost every illegal character once face with a possibility of even being involved in a crime, name changes. It happens way too often in gang roleplay. Just stick with your character.
  9. I once had a four hour court trial, the whole examination and cross examination took place. Was great fun.
  10. I do think that there should be a level of transparency of at least releasing how many times an admin as been reported in the staff update. They are only humans and will make mistakes however, I do think the community should know as to why and how many times a staff member was reported. That's only right.
  11. Name: Mallory Comment: Kaylee and Ella were hired by mom to make my wedding day the best day of my life, and oh boy did they. Thank you so much ladies, and thank you for doing my hair, nails and makeup and for the last minute save. I owe you ladies. Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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