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  1. Archived upon request.
  2. I can confirm that Panda Points are actually used as a genuine e-currency in my local area. I paid for an Uber Eats with it. Thank you @Nervous!
  3. Username: pandanewsnetwork Comment: I heard the Mayor invested in up to $300,000 of the budget on NFTs due to wanting a long term sustainable profit. Who cares about these state actors riling up the societal plebs? I want to see the receipts, Mayor Cambridge!
  4. i caught this guy fucking my wife!!! turns out we had a lot in common, now we go fishing every sunday together!!! great guy
  5. Username: pointedhood Comment: crowd were pleasant and the drinks affordable not sure what people meant about a commotion occurring but overall a nice night i rate it a 14/88
  6. Username: buffalobill Comment: wake up call ya fuking rat enjoy hell, rot in piss. oh yeah and the don sends his regards hehe… and for all those cops who dies? I’ll give a flower to your mudda… we ain’t animals …
  7. Username: deputydoorkicker Comment: sheriff cline wouldn’t have even let this get to voting this if he was on the committee disgusting decision by liberals… kill the chomos!!!!
  8. Moved to official factions (you must like this post)
  9. Glad to see beans is being charged. Hate that guy!!!
  10. Archived, 👊 had a good long run.
  11. Username: vaccinesgiveyoucancer Comment: the next SEB cop i see in my hood is getting put on a shirt (in minecraft)
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