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Found 4 results

  1. I WANT TO JOIN! (OOC) We aim to portray realistic and slow-rolling Jewish-American organized crime in the early stages. Players who aim to portray a Jewish-American character, provide character development, and are thinking about joining the faction are welcome! If you have zero knowledge of the culture, don't worry. Just contact us, and we'll provide proper guides. (Complete Israeli Guide) We expect players who plan to spend time in the faction and help it grow gradually. (Be active IG, post screenshots, etc.) Even though we expect serious roleplayers, we know how to enjoy any role we are involved in, yet we do not tolerate any kind of trolling. There are no OOC ranks except for boss/underboss; other than that, the rest of the ranks have to be figured out ICly. By joining our faction or posting screenshots in our forum topic, we hereby hold your character's CK rights. You want to join? feel free to contact @wilybily, @dopelarge or @ElyonTheDon. We are more than happy to lead you to a smooth joining, provide you with guides, or give you simple tricks.
  2. Following the story of Doug Bloom During the unrest of of 1919, the first Comissars were brought to Hungary in the young Hungarian Soviet Republic. In only 113 days the regime was pushed back and the remaining party members fled to Vienna, Austria. Many were executed by Stalin, and more Communist and other leftists aswell as Jews were murdered in what is now known as the White Terror unleashed by Romanian forces. After World War II the soviets occupied much of the eastern block, carrying some of the largest remaining ethnically and culturally Jewish populations in Europe. Most having fled to Argentina and the United States during the holocaust. Before 1952 the United Jewish Socialist Workers Party of Hungary constituted the majority of Hungary's Communist regime and secret police force, until a series of purges until 1953 saw them lose control and only three years later the Hungarian Revolution was in full effect. Jewish men fought on both sides of the conflict, many of these jews were atheistic in nature due to the zeitgeist of the time and the communist edicts renouncing religion and all religious practices. When Soviet troops marched into Hungary and put down the insurrection, leaving between 2500 and 3000 people dead, 13000 people wounded and countless more were forced to attend re-education camps. This assimilation through forced education, marriage and national culture further eroded the cultural heritage of the Hungarian jews. In 1957 the remaining Jews fearing for their lives during new political purges and their religious freedom fled Hungary through Britain and Canada, most settling in Northern America, while a large percentage settled in Israel. Most of the emigrating Jews were strong in their faith and traditions, and brought this with them to North America. Like many other Jews, Doug's grandparents emigrated to Canada through the United Kingdom, picking up an English surname along the way before settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born in 1962, Doug's father joined the army and became an aircraft maintenance technician for the United States Airforce and moved away from Philadelphia. Ernest Bloom Jr narrowly missed being deployed during the Vietnam war and met his future wife Rachel in 1979 while assigned to the Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany. He had joined as a service man due the stories evoked in him earlier in his upbringing, which had left him with a deep seated hatred for Communism. Rachel Frantzen was also of of Jewish decent, and the two married four years after they met when Ernest was brought back to serve at the Los Santos Airforce Base, built in the year of his birth. While the married couple settled in a Jewish and Polish community in South Los Santos, near the Temple Beth Shalom. The majority of South Los Santos had already experienced white flight, and the closing of many Jewish communities, but a few remained and provided a comfortable place to build a life. They would never have any children due to a medical complication following a miscarriage but they remained together until 1991 when Ernest was 30 years old and Rachel would divorce him after having an affair with a co-worker for several years. Ernest remarried quickly and by 1992 his wife Gina had given birth to Doug in the Central Los Santos Medical Center. Growing up in South Los Santos was far from a place to be brought up nor was it a pleasant experience. Abuse from neighbours and law enforcment was common place, and throughout the nineties crime kept it's climbing trajectory from decades before. Barely being able to apply for college after high school, Doug was accepted and attended the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with his fathers support who had moved his family out of South Los and into Mirror Park during the last few years of Doug's adolescense. Despite being provided with the means to attain a degree, Doug began dealing marijuana on campus. Buying the product cheap from his friends back in the "Jungles" allowed him to make larger profits than most, selling the weed to both clueless and educated contemporaries alike. It wasn't long until someone displeased with the price they had paid after being overcharged turned him in to the University Judicial Board. While no evidence could be produced, Doug was forced to accept a deal stipulating he would no longer attend in exchange for both his academic record from the University being sealed and that no investigation into the allegations would be pursued. Since, Doug began working as a delivery driver due to the generosity of a childhood friend of his mother, Gina. Simon Feldman, an entrepeneur and industry professional began working for Jetsam Haulage & Freight while still a young man, eventually becoming a supervisor, then manager of the company. After a long career, Simon then assumed control of the company and at this point offered Doug a job in 2017. Before this, Doug would be selling marijuana and cocaine in small amounts out of his apartment in the projects. This was the result of his father having cut him off financially in 2011 at 19 years old. In 2021 Simon Feldman had expanded, running one of the most profitable cartage companies in the state. Expanding upon this, Wup et Dux a high society clothing store on the iconic Little Portola, in Rockford Hills. During this period, Doug has recently spent some time in the Bahamas on a four month long vacation, cashing unemployment checks while abroad. While having spent most of his money, he returns to the company after a long hiatus. Still cashing in on his unemployment benefits and selling eightballs of cocaine, he spends his days smoking weed with his friends from the Jungle, and working long shifts at the Elysian Island main office. Featured threads(show some love) : Waknine DTO The Merchant of Elysian God of Mischief
  3. The Holy Association "There is no community where everyone is rich; neither is there a community where everyone is poor (Jerusalem Talmud, Gitten 3:7)." The Jewish immigrants who settled in the USA came in waves throughout the Modern Era. Countries like Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Russia came over along with their Jewish beliefs. Even in the 19th century, the U.S. Census recorded eight Jews living in Los Santos in 1850 after San Andreas admitted to the Union. Their signification contributions include arts and culture, science, education, architecture and politics. After a Jewish man was elected first councilman in 1850, the first informal Sabbath services was conducted by a lay rabbi in 1854. From here they strengthened as some focused on organizations to keep afloat. Different Jewish people came together to found organizations which developed the Murrieta Heights and assisted in the creation of Universities in San Andreas. Though there wasn't a specific distinct Jewish neighborhood, roughly 2500 Jews lived "downtown" in the 20th century. It is described people in 1910 even donning the street "Jewish Street" and the area to its south. Smaller groups however lived in the University, Westlake, and wholesale areas. Despite that, these areas seen a steadily decline between 1900 and 1926. That didn't stop the increase as Jews, as 2500 grew to 65,000 in the mid-1920s. As Jewish immigrants and their families came in significant numbers around the 1920's, seen Murrieta Heights home to the largest Jewish community at the time. Acts like the Immigration Act of 1924 attempted to suppress the rapidness as the population of Jews in Los Santos continued to increased. Throughout this time Jews played a hand in creating or developing many Los Santos business and cultural institutions, including the real estate and fashion, and entertainment industries. The Jewish Community as a whole were tight knit, even dedicating a synagogue to a Sephardic Jew who opened the first supermarket in America in 1927. The first Sephardic synagogue in Los Santos was dedicated in 1932. As time went Jews even participated in protest in 1945 in regards to treatment of the Jews in Germany. This led to the Los Santos Jewish Community Council being incorporated in 1936. By 1940, the Jews had the seventh largest population of all cities in the United States. As World War II came to a end, almost 300,000 Jews lived in Los Santos by 1950. This number only grew as more immigrants came over along with Soviet Jews in 1989. The mafias in Israel rose in the 1990's, as they fought over control of gambling and drug rackets for the following decades to follow. With car bombs, grenades, and shoulder-fired missiles hits across five continents, they are among the most vicious and sophisticated worldwide. At a certain point in history, they controlled 80% of the global ecstasy trade partnered with street gangs in LS in order to distribute. As crime families like the Abutbuls, Rosenteins, Alperons, and Abergils even placed hits on cops, judges, and politicians. Despite the recklessness of the Israeli Crime Families, they also managed to establish a global network of gambling and drugs across America, Asia, and Europe. The Abergils' mob syndicate was considered one of the world's top 40 drug importers in the US. With the need of finding distribution, the Abergils' reached out to an upstart Latino street gang known as the Vineland Boyz. With the Vineland Boyz' feuding with the Mexican Mafia, access to Israeli's product brought a new market of drugs on the radar. Owning manufacturing labs in places like Israel, Belgian, and Morocco; The Abergils produced ecstasy pills, cocaine, and hashish. There only problem at the time was distribution. As the 2000's approached, Israeli Crime Families like the Abergils' ventured out to Los Santos. At the time, the Vineland Boyz was sick of being man handled by La Eme, and the Abergils' needed protection and distribution in LS. Just after they agreed on a deal, the feds eventually caught on as the product flooded the market. In July of 2002, there was a drug bust involving three groups with some Israeli players and bodyguards in attendance. Though the Abergil Crime Family was able to follow through, inner turmoil and heat led to their demise. In 2003, the Vineland Boyz ended up shooting a police officer, which led to them being put on the radar. By 2005, 13,00 Law Enforcement Officers participated in a huge sweep to shut them down. The Abergil Crime Family was in and out of prison, as the main players are behind bars up to date. The Holy Association is a tight-knit group of mainly Israeli descent from all walks of life scattered around Los Santos, Vespucci Canals mainly. The group stems from a hard-working background as most affiliates are used to poverty at some point in their life. Growing up, seasoned affiliates of the group experienced organized crime around their communities whether it be in Los Santos or the Holy Land. Those who participated got involved in a number illicit activities such as money laundering, racketeering, extortion, gambling and such. At a time OCG's from Israel were funneling millions of narcotics, mainly being ecstasy pills as it flooded the United States in the 2000's, members of the Holy Association participated in the distribution as well. Despite ties being cut as the years went on, the Association managed to co-exist. With big plans in the future, The Holy Association seeks expansion from a tight-knit group into an organized crime group.
  4. Jewish Organized Crime in America (Overview) Unlike Italians, American Jewish crime is decentralized, having never opted for a commission or heirarchy. In modern times, organized crime is cultivated, enforced and led in territories by families, most often claiming ownership over such territory from the "Jewish Golden Era" of the 1960s, post Vegas- and the onset of Cuban capital investments. The grandchildren of these men, have continued the legacy of enforcing a Diasporic Jewish hold over Las Vegas, New York and Miami despite the massive and successful Cosa Nostra wipeout by Rudy Giuliani in the early 2000s. With a Zionist, Diasporic ideology in the bedrock of their adhesion, Jewish organized crime has become incredibly intertwined with legal business, become one of the largest global "grey" powers, according to Reuters International, 2021, attributed with the exportation of small arms and Israeli contraband, including weapon accessories and acid-wash, high grade MDMA. The Jewish Branch - Amsalem's Crew Starting off in Israel, The Jewish Branch quickly expanded their business in the country, promoting illegal Gambling in a small family-run restaurant as a way to earn money. They further expanded their business via drug and weapon racketeering. This caused them to quickly grow in numbers and power. As they expanded so did their illegal networks, eventually smuggling drugs and weapons to Europe via clandestine ships and aboard planes. With their interest set in America, The Jewish Branch hasted to send their members as a crew led by the Amsalem duo, quickly expanding their business and forming new connections within Los Santos they rapidly started dealing not only drugs but weapons too. As the crew started to regain power and obtaining legal assets within Rockford via their illegaly obtained money or by infiltratating their members in already established companies in order to reach positions of power keeping their operation behind the already established legal businesses as a mask. Las Vegas Conference - Weiss Family From an older generation, an age where aforementioned men were of certain relevance, the Weiss family has developed into a major force of judgement, arbitration and order in Vegas. As time went on, and Vegas built into the city it's known to be now, the Weiss family focused their efforts on import and export, using the cross-over town in the middle of the desert as a hub for continental exchange. As Nevada's gun laws are extremely lax, an upsurge of firearms being found at the border, leaving Nevada has increased since Alexander Weiss has been rumored to take over for his ailing father. The Weiss Family invested heavily into commercial real estate in Las Vegas, surfing the casino wave until their assets were substantial enough to establish a kosher food and goods manufacturing and distribution service. Forging a Criminal Syndicate Alexander Weiss, upon establishing proper channels for distribution of gun show hauls, decided to return to Los Santos. Back in Los Santos, Amsalem and his crew have established themselves down in Rockford by obtaining a decent amount of asstes throughout the area and/or by crafting some sort of agreement with the already pre-established owners. After scooping, Alexander approached Amsalem in order to initiate him into the Vegas Conference, thereby extending and expanding the network of Jewish organized crime through, using Rockford as their main base of operations for distributing, the now imported cargo from Las Vegas, across Los Santos. With the new partnership between Weiss and Amsalem and with the support not only from Vegas but also from Israel, the Rockford Crime Syndicate was established. The newly formed Syndicate allowed them to not only have a significant increase of manpower but also resources as new supplies would arrive in clandestine Ships and trucks that would await at the borders of Los Santos to be unloaded into smaller vehicles. They wouldn't choose the illegal route as their only way of money making either, they were quick to invest their money in various legal assets as a mean to increase their profit, and consequently have their money laundered. But Vegas wouldn't just come with a set of material possessions, along came new and fresh ideas as the group haste themselves to create a way of promoting illegal gambling throughout Los Santos, setting these games in clandestine houses/garages, along with new fresh ways of extortion. ABOUT USOUT OF CHARACTER CK RIGHTS OBTAINED UPON ROLEPLAYING AND/OR POSTING IN OUR TOPIC, AND SUBJECT TO BE ENFORCED AT DISCRETION OF THE FACTION LEADERSHIP. RECRUITMENT IS STRICTLY IN CHARACTER, but you are welcome to join our discord for hints on how to find us or by contacting us directly. The applicant is expected to have UNDERSTANDING OF AMERICAN ORGANIZED CRIME. Contact us directly by messaging Kadius#8745 / Inon#2163 Or join our discord https://discord.gg/xVpDcCkpFy
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