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  1. Archived, 👊 had a good long run.
  2. Username: vaccinesgiveyoucancer Comment: the next SEB cop i see in my hood is getting put on a shirt (in minecraft)
  3. Locked & Archived upon request. If you want it back let me know.
  4. After deliberation between Illegal Faction Management, we are shutting down this faction due to its generally poor portrayal by members and a lack of overall activity, with only ONE active member in the faction. Thread locked. While the faction is now discontinued, you may still continue to roleplay your characters.
  5. great mapper, fast and efficient without letting the quality drop. would recommend! (this is not a paid sponsorship)
  6. 202 Laguna Place Affordable apartment in Hawick just on Laguna Place. Middle-class neighbourhood in North LS. One bedroom, a bathroom, living room and kitchen with a dining table included. Also a spare room currently serving as a lounge. Market Price: 115,000 Furniture Price: 130,007. Looking for reasonable bids at a minimum increase of $5,000, starting from $245,000 Bidding will end in exactly 1-week time or if an acceptable price is reached. I as the seller hold the right to end the auction whenever, even without selling the property.
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