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  1. Username: pandanewsnetwork Comment: I heard the Mayor invested in up to $300,000 of the budget on NFTs due to wanting a long term sustainable profit. Who cares about these state actors riling up the societal plebs? I want to see the receipts, Mayor Cambridge!
  2. i caught this guy fucking my wife!!! turns out we had a lot in common, now we go fishing every sunday together!!! great guy
  3. Username: pointedhood Comment: crowd were pleasant and the drinks affordable not sure what people meant about a commotion occurring but overall a nice night i rate it a 14/88
  4. Username: buffalobill Comment: wake up call ya fuking rat enjoy hell, rot in piss. oh yeah and the don sends his regards hehe… and for all those cops who dies? I’ll give a flower to your mudda… we ain’t animals …
  5. Username: buffalobill Comment: someone let this cocksucka know if he shows his face in ls? im waking dis mudafucka… five families want your head… there’s a reason we call this rat peter cocksucking conti,,, u swore on the fuking saint!!! 🙈🙈
  6. Username: deputydoorkicker Comment: sheriff cline wouldn’t have even let this get to voting this if he was on the committee disgusting decision by liberals… kill the chomos!!!!
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