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Found 4 results

  1. John "Tuna" Capra is a late thirties LS based mobster, primarily serving as a made man/soldier in The Conti Crime Family. It is rumored Capra arrived in Los Santos with ambitions to continue his semi-successful sales career. However, his lust for money seems to have taken a turn for the worse after introduction to Gerald Marchetti, at the time, a leading solider in The Conti Crime Family. The introduction seems to have occurred due to Capra's ownership of Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, once owned by long-term associate of The Los Santos Crime Family, Paul "The Butcher" Zampa. It is said that Capra was hosting an underground card game alongside Nicholas Trisano where he first came on Marchetti's radar and subsequently put on record with the mafia. Since taking the role of manager in famous, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, it is believed Capra answered to long-term consigliere Joseph Campagna. However, his brief stint with Campagna was short lived as he left to Europe for unknown reasons. Capra returned to Marchetti and helped create the foundations of the Clinton Avenue Crew as the crew's ringleader alongside long term partner Nicholas Trisano. In late-April Capra used his accumulated financial wealth from his numerous rackets to invest in a rundown warehouse building in Clinton Avenue, Vinewood. This new business venture has led to Capra being the sole founder of The Lucky Fish casino, supposedly named by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare after Capra's nickname "Tuna". As well as Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, it is believed to be the home of Capra's operations which span from extortion, bookmaking, drug trafficking and loansharking. During Capra's time as an associate in the Clinton Avenue Crew, led by newly promoted captain Gerald Marchetti, he was noticed by leaders of the Conti Crime Family after pulling off the biggest heist in the borgata's history. In early May, Capra and Trisano walked away from Bad Day Goods, a pawn shop used as a front for arms trafficking, with a $671,000.00 take. It was dubbed by criminal circles as the "Bad Days Haul." Yoska Makula, the owner of Bad Days Goods, disappeared and in typical mob fashion his body was never found. Shortly after, Marchetti vouched for Capra's membership into the borgata. Capra received his button and was inducted into the America Mafia at the prime age of 39. ((John Capra has been my character for the last few months. I've wanted to create a character topic for a while but feared it was too late. Though, after consideration have decided to go for it. I'll update regularly with screenshots and upload important ones below that were integral to John's character development. The character story will host recycled LCN based screens from The Conti Crime Family faction thread and showcase screenshots that are either lore relevant or show off John's character. ))
  2. Hello! I am looking for a house or big enough apartment for 2-3 people to live in central/north/west LS (I would prefer Richman/Vespucci Beach/Vinewood/Rockford Hills/Burton/Hawick or any other good and safe area). I am looking for 2 bedrooms at a minimum (could be more). Maximum price range: $160,000-$200,000 (could be more if the offer is reasonable) I will take a look at the cheaper offers to! Don't worry and offer for me everything that you have!
  3. "You can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down." Name: Zacarías Alejandro Evans Birthday: September 28, 1994 Nationality: Mother - Puerto Rican, Father - Irish - from Liberty City, South Bohan. Height: 6'2 Feet Weight: 198 Pounds Build: Muscular Toned Voice: Deep & Soft Pet Name: Zeus ( Rottweiler ) Initials: Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Black-ish dark brown. Hairstyle: Bald / Buzzed Skin Tone: Light Brown. Scars: Has three total for now. One in the shape of an Ace on his middle finger ( burn mark ), another two scars on the side of his left cheek ( knife fight ) Tattoos: Not too many tattoos. A tattoo would "ACE" would be seen on his neck, another tattoo of a $ sign on the left side of his neck & a tattoo of a larger $ sign on his left pec with two daggers piercings through each side, last but not least would be the tattoo on the right side of his neck wording out " S I N N E R " ( find the rest out ic ) Disorder/Issues: Unforgiving & Vindictive ( find the rest out IC ) Clothes: Loose, casual & street-wear, red or black attire. Very rarely wears 'high class' clothing, unless needed. Mood: Relaxed & friendly. Overly silent in most "questionable" situations. Always watching someone for their first move, pretty confrontational if his family or loved ones are threatened. Place of Interest: Vinewood, Power Street, Davis & The Beach. Unique Items: His fathers' switchblade & car. Love: Very loyal, protective and overly fond and caring when in a relationship. - Currently Single. Orientation: ( Figure it out IC ) Rap, Music, Working out, BMX, Cooking, Movies and more! ( Figure out the rest IG/IC ) Tattoos: He loves ink, thinks of it as an art, doesn't really find the time or place to judge anyone for it, has quite a few himself. Scarification: Only one on his middle finger in the shape of an Ace. Alcohol: Who doesn't love a beer or more with the family even better with the woman around. Drugs: Depends on the time and place, doesn't do much hard shit. Mainly sticks to weed and party drugs such as MDMA, Molly and once in a blue moon will do a bump or two. Junk food: Loves his junk-food -.. hot dogs, Twinkies, donuts, pastries & just about anything from the 24/7 or gas stations, but usually tries to burn it off shortly after the next week following. Gangs: Without family, what would there be? Smoking: Weed, Cigarettes and that's just about it! Murder: There's a place and time for everything, let it be in the alleyway or in public to send a message. Races: He loves everyone unconditionally until they make him see otherwise, hates racists. Racists: Hates them with a fiery passion, wishes them dead. Police: The worst, nothing but goody-two-shoes and stuck up snobs. Music: Rap, Lofi, Hip-Hop & Instrumentals. Guns: Needed in "important" and dangerous situations. Early Years Zacarías Alejandro Evans was born in Southern Bohan, Liberty City. Thought it was a poor and quiet household, he had his loving parents, three wild older brothers, and his younger brother, Osirus. Being the second youngest wasn't the best, but he still had what he needed; his family, his father ( Irish ) and mother ( Puerto Rican ), and his best pal 'Mikey'. Nonetheless, this area of Bohan was not the safest, by any means and most often filled with hoodlums, gangs and plenty more. As the second youngest, he was always looking up to his older brothers, even though they were often committing pretty crimes; let it be selling weed for his father or stealing out of cars on the streets. Jail time was a common occurrence amongst the household, especially with his father, Benjamin. Benjamin was a hard and rough man. He worked at the warehouse docks, usually as a Laborer most days. He would often be moving boxes, hanging around, and sometimes working under the table for the 'higher' ups around the area; typically running as a mule for those around. Usually he was forced to run packages of coke, weed and sometimes ammunition around Bohan in order to pay off his debt to his boss, Peter, or as people like to call him "Big Pete". Zach's mother 'Maria' worked a fine and honest job at the Florist shop downtown, called, "Blossoms 'n Such". His parents were honest and loved their children with all they could give. They worked hard to provide them with food, a roof over their head and most of all, their love and smiling faces. However, it all came crashing down when his father was caught at a road stop, trafficking a few ounces of cocaine. Benjamin was sent to the pen for life after "Big Pete" ratted him out on various other Scandals to save his own hide. It was a fair day outside when Zach was walking down to main-street on an errand to get some milk and bread for his mother's "famous" bread pudding. Zach got home and about twenty minutes after he'd gone to go to his room to draw and play, he heard the heart-wrenching scream from downstairs. He ran as fast as he could and that's when he saw his mother weeping into the phone, curled up on the floor against the wall. His father was stabbed in the courtyard for ratting out " Big Pete" on his lies. Growing up Growing up he watched all three of his more elderly brothers get thrown in jail, various times for lesser petty crimes and or getting thrown into the cruisers of the local PD. He started dragging himself closer to his brothers as his mother had to take on a second job at the Deli, as well as the Florist job she already had. Zach was usually always left alone or with his oldest brother Sean.Growing into a finer and more sculpted younger man he was, often laundering around outside, hanging with girls he attempted to try to bring back home, sometimes succeeding or sometimes not. He was a pretty sculpted guy for his age.Zach's day to day was either working at the same warehouse where his father was working, working with the 'boys', carrying out small tasks like moving crates here or a bucket there, cleaning the table tops of the lunchroom. Nothing overly huge was pushed onto his plate until he received the word that he was asked to take care of his fathers' debt, that's when the work started to turn into further and more dangerous acts, running bricks of weed, small grams of coke for the same Boss his father use to work for. At least he was making some pretty serious cash on the side.Zach saw his family get locked up by the time he was nineteen, still working for the same scum-bag boss and his mother coming into her early depression, popping pills ( pain killers ) and drinking mostly every night. Zach was trying to get out as far as he could for his brother Osiris, trying to capture his own slice of life, something further away from Bohan. Moving on Nothing was the same now; his older brother Sean was at home and was working with Zach strongly beside "Big Pete", usually trafficking 'heat' ( pistols ) to the other end of town on their bikes and or stolen cars that would be supplied for just the occasion. Their mother was always traveling around the city, hardly ever home... no one recognized what she was really doing during her 'episodes' anymore. Zach ultimately received the big deal he'd been waiting for, moving ten ounces of blow across the bridge and towards Broker. The deal was completely fine until the guy decided there was "no deal" and pulled out a gun, Zach ran around the corner as his brother ran the other direction. Four minutes was just enough, the shooting started to pop off... his brother Sean was trying to shoot the man as Zach wrapped around the building, waiting until the time was perfect, every shot counted and noise took advantage of. Zach used every shot to get closer to the gunman, keeping silent and down to the ground, hiding behind boxes and holding his breath until Sean used his last bullet. Zach ran up to the man and slipped out his fathers' old switchblade, stabbing the gunman him three times in the back rapidly, two times in the hip and snatched his gun, running back to Sean, grabbing the drugs, money and the car as they headed back to town to discuss with "Big Pete" what happened upon the situation. Thus "Big-Pete" giving Zach the nickname "Creep" for his actions.Zach explained to the 'big boys' at the Warehouse that the man started to shoot, no one was allowed to speak, move or barely utter a peep until Pete managed to breathe and relax down. Zach was dismissed, told to never come back and was left for the dead, as well as Sean. Weeks were devoted examining the window as 'familiar' cars would drive by the block, most often slowing down outside Zachs' house, observing their mother go in and out of the neighboring dilapidated apartment. A month went by and everything was fine, Sean got a job at some construction company and abandoned the deals and wheels behind, as did Zach. The two started working together in construction just under the overpass in Eastern Dukes. It was about nine at night when Zach and Sean came home, noticing bullet holes in the window, door and the bricks layering just outside the apartment, their mother in a pool of blood just beside the kitchen sink and Osirus hiding in Zachs' closet, upset and shook. The End Zach twenty-three, Sean... Twenty-six and Osirus now seventeen. The other brother's still in jail, father and mother dead, no one was there to make 'family' worthwhile anymore, but the trio. They were not always getting along, but they were family, they where blood and most importantly... they were survivors. It's been a few years, some weeks and some hard hours. The three moved in some blocks towards central Bohan, away from the slummier area of the 'slums'. Zach came home with from a long day on the high rise, working with Sean. The two loafed in their brown and stained old couch, Osirus was playing some old video games on the computer and complaining about the food in the house, often a normal occurrence It was the same for weeks in and out until Zach came across a poster hanging up on a light-post the area where they were working. "Los Santos, where the low come to live and the high come to give", Zach quickly ripped down the poster and stuffed it into his pocket to show his brothers at home. The brothers all agreed it'd be safest to save up some money, move away from Liberty City and start anew elsewhere, far... far away from "Big-Pete" and his hoodrat gang. It took six more months and is now nearly Zachs' birthday, but it happened. They finally paid off most of the bills they had debt too, and most importantly saved some extra cash on the side, packing boxes and staying up late. Finding a cheaper apartment in the more 'safer' places in Los Santos was more difficult than planned but it wasn't exactly impossible. The three agreed on a place on Power Street, Vinewood. A place that wasn't exactly the best of the whole 'LS' lifestyle or the lowest, some would say... mediocre?Zach spent the last week visiting his older brothers in jail, promising them he'd be safe and take care of Osirus, along with Sean and the others, heartfelt discussions where had and tears where shed as he said goodbye to his best friend 'Mikey', leading off with a nice thug-hug to end it all on the spot. Zach went home and packed the car with the four boxes they had, a few sleeping bags and some pillows, little clothes and a bit of food... that was it. Los Santos was bright, vibrant, beautiful. Everyone was a lot nicer than those in Liberty City, helpful and most of all.. not trying to kill the three. They moved into a shitty apartment down in Davis. Zach got a job at the local LTD and Sean found work at the construction unit down by Alta, and Osirus mainly stayed home, keeping the house secure and cleaned up among the three, playing video games and tending to some 'weed' plants he found in the back of someone's yard. Zach came home one day after a few beers from the bar " The Banjo " and ran among a down and out man, seemed his name went by Rat, wasn't particularly the nicest man but wasn't the worst. Zach and the inked up figure spent hours talking among the situations they have both been in, the loss of friends and family among the many years and how difficult it was to find a place safe enough for his younger brother to grow up and just go to school, perhaps college. Rat mentioned a friend that has recently left the city and how his apartment was up for grabs, without further hesitation. Zach made the deal to pay 'Rat' off over time in payments, leasing the house (rent to own), the location was perfect, it was close to everything and everyone, Power Street. A few weeks went by and the brothers unpacked their belongings in their new home on Power Street, happy and content with their situation, noticing the changes and how nice things where running, life was near perfect. Osirus was studying some, pretty smart for his age too, Zach was working as a laborer with his brother Sean running a small group as a Foreman around the Alta Construction Site. Zach was relaxing on the couch playing some video games with his younger brother as Sean burst through the door with a pale and panicked face, turning dead-pan to the two, "Z, yo.. I swear to fuck I just saw some of Petes' old men by the stripper joint in Strawberry, Homie!" Zach moved uncomfortably away from the TV and grabbed Osirus by the arm gently as the trio went into the kitchen to talk about the former chaos that was terrorizing their home in Liberty City. Zach looked at the two with a calm and overly relaxed face, holding his brothers' shoulders with intent. "Maybe it's about time we stop running, look what we got manos'. We got a mother fucking house, our dog, our familia and jobs. I ain't running no more homies, these fuckers want to come into 'our' home now, they can run out of 'our' home. Fuck Big-Pete and fuck the gang, we're power street" ( Those who are more interested in the story, information or anything about The Power-Street Aces and Zach or his brothers, there is plenty to find out down the line through IC actions. As to what you'll be to Zach down the line in his story is completely up to you and the actions provided during RP. See you in game, have fun!
  4. NoxeS

    Vinewood houses

    Hello, yesterday I was looking for some house I could buy. The first district I went to was Vinewood, then I saw there are NO HOUSES to buy. Wha-..? It is the most beautiful district I ve ever seen. I just want to ask, where are the rich people supposed to live? I found only 2 Villas but already someone bought them. There are so many beautiful modern houses in Vinewood, please we want to buy them! You could also add new clothing shop locations, make every gas station functionable, and so on.. Make the city more alive.
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