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  1. A wipe after seven days is an awful idea. It's a video game, dude. We all can't sit ingame for 14 hours a day pretending it's our second life. 14 days is fine (honestly, it might even be a little short). The problem with property hoarding has to do a lot more with people having too much money and not enough to do with it, then inactivity.
  2. Jeez what a terrible opinion. "If you need _______ to roleplay something is seriously wrong" is both the oldest and lamest sentiment in GTA RP and it just oozes "I don't have any real excuses for why this is happening" Yeah, it's a roleplay server. It's also a video game. We can't all just sit in coffee shops with our sports car and red highlights doing /anim leanbarcounter1 like it's second life 2.0. It's hilarious how ridiculously un-self aware and condescending you're being, while at the same time calling the other dude "stand-offish". If you
  3. Your first couple paragraphs are a great example of why an admin rating system might fail its very possible that the prototype version we already have IS failing for the reasons you describe not to suck my own dick here, but let’s be real. I know I’m a good role player, the people I role play with know I’m a good role player. I mean I’d hope so right? I’ve been doing it nearly ten years now. but does the admin team know that? Who knows. The admin team, more often than not, only sees you when you fuck up, or apply for something. As long as you’re a good write
  4. it’d help if your solutions were viable or realistic 1. Admins determining whether rules were broken or not is **not** the same as deciding if people are good role players or not. Character development and portrayal is an entirely different skill set than ingame moderation and after 8 years of GTA Roleplay, I’ve seen that administrators are usually decent, even good, but not spectacular role players; I’m sure there’s exceptions. They may be paragons of the community, but that doesn’t make them paragons of actual roleplay. 2. no one on an RP server is going to volu
  5. Admins are not qualified to assign people roleplay ability ratings lmao There may be several good or even great roleplayers on the admin team, but just being an admin doesn't make you a great roleplayer nor does it give you the ability to scout other great roleplayers. A better suggestion would be to create a Roleplay Quality Assurance team that has a similar responsibility to what point one suggests. EDIT: Also, while I agree that the server has a tendency to cater to the needs of the staff team before the needs of the community (this is why hou
  6. It’s a good write up and it rings true, but everything you said could’ve been summed up with this: > people don’t want to work 9-5 all day and then come home to a character that works 9-5 its sad but it’s true. The fact is, a lot of players, the majority in-fact, just don’t have the mental fortitude nor desire to RP a working class character. That’s why the only poor people are illegal characters or teenagers. incentivizing working class RP is tough; because you can really only do it through some form of compensation, which will eventually cause them to cea
  7. what? you realize guns outnumber people in the US by about 50 million right?
  8. I wonder if that opinion has something to do with you being a manager OOCly instead of actually role playing
  9. this is the content i subscribe to this thread for
  10. This isn’t a bug, or oversight, or loophole its a feature the reason the no NC rule exists is to prevent people from doing exactly what you’re describing loans are a piss easy way to scam someone and are one of the only ways to scam people over the scam limit, so taking steps to limit their occurrence and adding risk to doing so (being forced to live with the consequences of your scam) is a solution to that issue
  11. Not everyone has discord. Support. It's a change that takes literally nothing to implement
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