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  1. I think it's best to just split them all up into neighborhoods of south central los santos. Expect for El Burro, that should just be referred to as EAST LS.
  2. I'm going to have to agree with everyone else when it comes to brawls. Brawls should really only happen when two gangs happen to bump into each other at a public place/event. All that mobbing into rival turf 25 deep just to spam punch is for sure outdated. It's honestly a lack of fear roleplay, why are you marching into rival territory looking to brawl? Your enemies ground zero should be a absolute danger zone unless you're coming to shoot at them. It's especially true if there's recently been some sort of gunplay, your character should know that their enemies would nine times out of ten jump at the chance to shoot at them. When it comes to how factions "conduct" these feuds, there should definitely be stuff besides shooting like previously said in the thread. However, it's gotten to the point where it seems some factions don't even want to get into any type of the gunplay or shooting wars that comes with gang banging. Lets be honest here, we're roleplaying these violent street gangs based off of arguably the most developed and violent gang culture in America or possibly the world (southern California), so why are people so shy to roleplay the violence? In my mind "gang beefs" or feuds should be episodes of intense gunplay with more "passive" scenarios like tagging, social media beef, and so forth in-between these intense episodes of gang warfare. We shouldn't' shy away from the treacherous lifestyle that our characters would realistically be living in that's fueled by egos and poverty. These wars should be roleplayed as a tedious and drawn out aspect of our character's everyday lives, your character should wake up thinking about how today could be the last time he/she steps out the front door. The tdm mentality of block wiping for the sake of dm videos and racking up kills has watered down gang roleplay down to the point where all RP goes out the window when a gang war cracks off In-character. There's so much possible roleplay that could be done around the actual shootings and all the violence that realistically comes out of gangs beefing but most people just opt out to go on a gta:online esque rampage. The way that I see this issue being resolved is by leaders keeping mature communication between themselves so that a healthy and realistic rivalry can be orchestrated.
  3. I met up with @DeadPlaya mother last year. I gave him a juice box on my way out after me and her had a little fun.
  4. hey bitch say bitch you better recognize some real primping and choose the fuck up
  5. Something like 2-3 hours sounds more reasonable if there has to be a cooldown.
  6. What's the reasoning behind the 12 hour cool down? I feel like most people liked the fact that there wasn't a cooldown. I personally never saw anyone complaining about there being no cooldown. Honestly, a 12 hour cooldown will just incite people to "block wipe" or kill as much people as they can in one single attack because they know they won't be able to attack again in a day or two since diverse time zones and work schedules have an affect on when two factions will be on at the same time.
  7. Shout out to lucky. Looking good.
  8. What I personally think good role play is: Good dialogue: Being able to write realistic and believable dialogue is imperative to good roleplay. If we take away all the visual immersion that gta v provides, the way you write your characters dialogue should still be believable and convincing for whatever you're trying to roleplay. If you roleplay a Hispanic gang banger then your characters dialogue should read like how a Hispanic gang banger would realistically sound. If you're character has enough depth and convincing & intriguing dialogue, you should be able to hold a meaningful and interesting conversation ingame for at least thirty minutes straight I've been on gta world for almost two years now, and one thing that bothers me is that most people talk the same way IC. There isn't much diversity when it comes to character dialogue, it's pretty common to see a African American character in Davis talking the same way as a Vinewood resident or a biker from the county. The way they're talking isn't very appealing either, it's usually an atrocious amount of apostrophe's and idiotic misusage of Ebonics & AAVE. Short but concise /mes: Keep your /mes short and to the point. Nobody wants to read a three line /me of how you simply sniffed and pulled up your pants. Emotes that are lengthy for no reason are inevitably boring because the extra wording just doesn't matter. Don't get me wrong though, there does need to be a certain amount of detail in your /mes for them to be engaging. You just have to find a good and reasonable balance. Also, avoid using cliché and clumsy metaphors or references in your /mes too, nobody cares about that scene from a cheesy 90s movie you're trying to copy. Character depth: The best thing to remember while role playing is your characters motives and backstory. These two things should be the guiding force to how your character reacts to things IC differently from other characters. The biggest thing that kills role play is one-dimensional characters that don't bring anything to the table to help keep the ball rolling during RP. This however doesn't mean you should try to make up some crazy outlandish back story just for the sake of making your character seem more "unique" than the next persons. You're character should be able to play a specific and realistic role in whatever lane of RP they're meant for be it gang rp, LEO rp, business focused rp and so forth. The best type of character you can make is one with a believable back story & engaging personality that brings it to life and contributes to RP scenes. I'll also link a amazing guide made by @Kipps that I %100 agree with.
  9. Okay, going off this I say designate areas to officers since they all end up just constantly patrolling south LS due to the fact it's the most active part of the map when it comes to shootouts. If I'm not mistaken police are usually given designated areas IRL anyway, so it should be the same thing with LSPD.
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