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  1. Red dot never miss I'll turn your bitch into my misses. Fucked up the day by taking a life, you made me your nemesis I’m in your mind, that’s too many times you talked to your therapist Who is surprised whenever I tried to make it look effortless Speak of the devil and he shall appear Looked in the mirror, hes already here Ain’t no fucking way that blood’s running clear If what I said was unclear I don’t give a fuck bout anyone here You was on tough shit talking bout blood and tears You out of luck shifting your last gear Whispers in ear got you changing your tone and dripping them tears Red dot aimed till you beg One in the leg, put two in the chest and three in the head My demons will rest whenever I get they taste, blood fest. I needed respect, it’s evident that shits gone lead you to your end, no amends We'll cock back the barrel, kidnap your bitch, if she moves she gets another stitch. We're here to stay and reside, ain't no funny games, we are here till we die. native things. Guns and anarchy, I master thee - Looking at me while I slit your neck, pure jealousy, if it doesn't connect I'll call the calvary, make ends happily. I will dance on your grave, piss on your stones, mother fucker I'll go full tom-johns. I'll sing when you die, hearing that blood curling cry. I'll dance when you're dead, got your mother giving me head. I'll throw my hands up when your gutted, show your little sister how I got so blooded I'm a fucking psychopath, I live to take the risky-path, no fun if there's no blood-bath. Let this be a warning for anyone trying to hit us, we got this fire burning within' us. Turn your car around go back to the city, you're not going anywhere trying to be this witty.
  2. One of the best MC's I've seen, go get them boys, give'em hell!
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