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  1. Username: Kali Comment: Great piece, interesting to see the changes in the business code from a legal perspective. I think the city should really push ahead with elections sooner rather than later.
  2. HaveADream

    Username: Kalani Jamil Comment: Interesting article, it's good to see some love being paid to the more 'vintage' vehicles. Despite how bad their emissions may be. Great job for a first article.
  3. Hello! I'm HaveADream and, for those of you that don't know, I run Saints News, which is an (unofficial) news faction here at GTA World. Following off from the very positive feedback that was given to both the police department and the fire department in their respective threads, I thought it'd be constructive to allow the same opportunity regarding news factions. I've invited Saints News staff and the other press outlets to contribute to this thread too to allow us to get a very wide array of views on record, and we're here to ask you simply - what can we do better, what can we do to improve your experience with the press/the server as a whole? As Saints News has grown quite significantly over the past month, I'd like to bring the question to you so I know how we can all move forward in the future to provide a better experience for the many people that interact with us, even indirectly through reading our material our directly through our stories. This thread is entirely OOC and will only be used to guide us onto a path that works for everyone, so please keep that in mind when posting. To echo the other threads - this is not the place to complain about individual members - that can be done directly through forum PMing me (or that factions leader) Look forward to reading what you guys think!
  4. Wrong Side Of The Tracks Fire Helicopter Down In Strawberry Mystery surrounded a helicopter that was found, having crashed landed on a tramline in South Los Santos, closing nearby highways and roads. The helicopter in question was a Cargobob Jetsam belonging to the Los Santos Fire Department. It is currently unknown how the helicopter managed to crash directly into the tramlines, but speculation at the scene suggested that there were no fatalities as a consequence of the crash landing. The helicopter suffered severe damage, with smoke billowing out from under it, with debris laying around the tracks and below the bridge, there was somewhat significant damage to the tramline itself, suggesting that there may be a long term closure of the Los Santos Transit system while it is repaired. We spoke to Deputy Chief Lionheart to find out more about the situation. Approximately an hour and a half ago, we received a fire call-out in Banham canyon, to which our units, Brush 1 and LifeFlight 3, which is the aircraft in question, responded. On the way to the scene, our aircraft had suffered an engine failure and had to return to Station 7, however, along the way, we received a distress call for an emergency landing from our Lieutenant piloting the aircraft, LifeFlight 3. At this time, that's all the information we can give, however, we will be running a full-scale investigation with cooperation from the LSPD. Between the distress call and the present, it seems the helicopter downed in Strawberry, and evacuated before our arrival. The Los Santos' Media Relations was unavailable for comment. This article contains sponsored multimedia advertisements. This has not affected the content of this article. Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  5. Evasion Attempt Gone Wrong I Fought The Law, And The, Law Won. Kalani Jamil Police lights rained down upon Mirror Park on Tuesday evening, as a black Sedan was surrounded at the gas station on West Mirror Drive. The suspect, who was identified by an onlooker as a Russian migrant, was charged with evasion after speeding past a police officer who then pursued him, eventually cornering him and blocking him in within Mirror Park. The man, who is currently unidentified, claimed to have been carrying a passenger at the time of a speeding offence, which began the pursuit, stating that he would not have evaded with a passenger in the vehicle. Said passenger quickly escaped the scene and drove off in his own car once the vehicle, a black luxury sedan, was apprehended. The suspect verbally fought and protested with the officers at the scene who had charged him, claiming it to be a misunderstanding. Officers later claimed that the man did not carry a Taxi License at all, a fact that was protesting by the suspect. Despite several instructions to do so, and following the reading of his rights, the suspect still continued to argue and protest with officers, even going as far as being consistently sarcastic and rude to the officers. We contacted the Police Department for a statement, but have yet to receive one. This will be edited when one is received. The incident follows claims of a sharp upturn in the number of high-speed pursuits undertaken through the streets of Los Santos, A concerned resident, who did not wish to be named, slammed the current laws allowing criminals to go severely underpunished for such offences, and called on the government to tighten their control, stating that she does not feel safe driving anymore. While any savvy citizen may notice a heavier police presence while driving through the city, one source told us that they don't believe the level of crime has risen, but the awareness and presence of police, leading to more vigorous handling of crime within the city. Saints News Have A Business Plan - Or Your Own Successful Business? Read This! This article contains sponsored multimedia advertisements. This has not affected the content of this article.
  6. HaveADream

    Great responses, will definitely reach out to you and look forward to working on this together! Yea, Cascade has really improved the department since I first started doing the press gig, definitely an exciting future.
  7. HaveADream

    I would obviously like to see more liaison with the press, it can be offputting finding an interesting story and by the time a statement is possible, it's 'old news', while @Cascade knows how much I appreciate the effort they put into our roleplay, they can only act as the press officer for scenes that they've seen, overall, as boring as it may be, I really would like to see officers outside of MRCAD react to requests from MRCAD and get those press releases out and get those statements to the press. We're infinitely dependent on each other to either advertise the work you do or to get interesting stories that actually have an impact on the macro-world and the immersion we have from it. Great work with the police, it's a benchmark on how a legal faction should be run.
  8. The Independent Press Standards Authority The following reads a press statement issued by the Independent Press Standards Authority. This has no relation to any media companies. Over the past few weeks, many avid readers may have seen the following image on articles, most notably published by Saints News - but what is it, what is the aim of it and why do we need it? The Independent Press Standards Authority, or commonly referred to as IPSA, is a self-regulatory process by members of the media, including representation from Saints News and SARR (Formerly known as R&R), the regulation exists to act as a way for consumers to trust the media they consume, and to trust the methods that go behind a story, like how stories are funded, whether directly or indirectly, through advertising, for example. Currently, IPSA is composed of six journalists from two media companies, with invitations extended to others in the field to join if they so wish. Please read our mission statement below. The full edition may be found here, and republications may be made in the future, but of course, these changes will be communicated with you. We hope we can bring together a safer, fairer and more open media. The Independent Press Standards Authority.
  9. Jetskis, Biking And Hiking A Possible Alternative To Kill Free Time? Away from the busy, monotonous life of Los Santos, deep into the wilderness of Tongva Hills lies the White Water Activity Center. While nothing particularly unique in its structure, it remains a life that is far from the life that many dream of when moving to the city. While jet-skiing and biking may not be everyone hobbies, it certainly provides a change of pace that honestly brings a breath of the fresh air to the usual smog-filled, traffic-filled, hectic lives that we live. While there are multiple firms offering the same experience, we decided to speak to the owner of the White Water Activity Center, Jenny Randall, to get her perspective and what she's done to build the kingdom of wilderness that she has. I want to ask you to explain what White Water does, how it started and how it's going? The White Water Activity Center is an outing club located in Tongva Valley that offers a wide range of sportive activities with exciting and meaningful experiences in the great outdoors, from watersport jet skiing and ATVs to mountain cycling and off-road adventures and various other activities. After finding that no such similar organization existed, an effort was put forward to find a club that combined both fun and share a love of the outdoors. WWAC is welcoming anyone and everyone who is interested in participating and having meaningful experiences in nature. The club is meant to serve everybody and their interests, welcome everybody regardless of interests, or personality, anyone can find their niche in the WWAC. We serve to please everyone and provide a great experience in and appreciation of the outdoors, those who share the same love for the beauty and mystery of the wild, those who love to explore and go adventuring, we all share the same love to the great outdoors, it's where we truly find ourselves, and what drives us to explore. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, anyone is free to apply and everyone is highly encouraged. In a city full of nightclubs and bars, what are you doing to stay competitive with the market? We are a not-for-profit organization and have no intention in being competitive in the market but vice versa, the aim of the club is to enjoy the outdoors, but also to enjoy each other's company. The income is relatively small and has no place to compete with others or anything. The income goes into the business, purchasing more rentals and keeping it afloat. What would you like to get out to the people of Los Santos about your organisation? We are promoting outdoor activities in and around the Los Santos County, our objective is to organize and participate in outdoor sporting and recreational activities, increase people awareness of safety issues and skills of various outdoor and sporting activities while organizing and participating in events as well as living a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly welcome everybody. We're all about getting outdoors and our goal is to share this passion with you, joining our club in is a great way to make new friends outside of your lifestyle and become part of our outdoor group, take some time off and explore the beautiful countryside and coastline with us. The WWAC is not just for the extreme adventure junkies types, but for everyone from the experienced mountain climber to the explorers. We simply believe in promoting life outside and pursuing what we love, building a community around the shared enjoyment of nature. If you share our passion for adventure, let us know! Share your travels, adventure photos and stories on the social media, and show your love for the wilderness. Look for us on Facebrowser, White Water Activity Center. Saints News Have A Business Plan - Or Your Own Successful Business? Read This! This article contains sponsored multimedia advertisements. This has not affected the content of this article.
  10. HaveADream

    I'd like to see much less illegal roleplay in general, to be honest, or at least a consolidation of groups, I feel like I can't go anywhere without running into an illegal faction. Imho it's oversaturated, overfilled, and completely fractured into many groups with essentially the same aims.
  11. First Television Program Commissioned Calling all investors and entrepreneurs! Think you have what it takes to bring your idea to the market through the business genius' of the Dragons of Los Santos? From the award-winning BBC show in the warehouses of Manchester to the sunny shores of Los Santos comes a revolution in business investment. Bring your ideas to the dragons, back it up with stats, and face one of the most excruciating interrogations that would put the police department to shame in the hope of bringing onside the brilliant mind and healthy bank balance of a dragon. Dragons' Den will be produced by Saints News, with Kalani Jamil acting as the Executive Producer of the series. The series has been commissioned for the first season of six episodes. Dragons' Den is currently looking for both the harshest investors amongst yourselves to act as our dragons, as well as several entrepreneurs who are aching to send their business to the skies. Want to be a Dragon? Click Here. Want To Receive Investment? Click Here. (( Unfamiliar with the format? Look here. )) Saints News
  12. Hi Dolph, welcome to the server! I would heavily recommend joining a current faction than attempting to start your own at this moment in time.
  13. Username: Saints News Comment: We can be reached at our public number at 7687. Thank you.
  14. Body Found In Paleto Bay Scene Currently Under Investigation A body was found last night around the hours of midnight and 1 AM in a property off of Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay. Responding after a Missing Person report, the quiet northern San Andreas town was once again filled with a police presence not seen since Paul Mazzanti's arrest as part of a crackdown on organised crime (Source: R&R). A substantial crowd formed immediately as officers forced entry into the building, which was reportedly filled with a strong musk testing even the strongest officers. We received the following statement from the Los Santos Police Department. 'The LSPD received a well-being concern for an individual at this address. By all accounts, the concern came from the man's children of which they haven't heard or seen them in a few days. We arrived on the scene, checked all possible outcomes and ways to determine their locations resulting in an emergency breach of the property behind us. I can confirm a body of a male was found in the basement of the property behind us. I cannot confirm the cause of death as the investigation is ongoing, however, the LSPD will be treating the cause of death as suspicious.' Speculation at the scene pointed the blame on murder - with the victim reportedly found with a fatal gunshot wound. The victim is currently unnamed, and the motivation behind the attack is currently unknown. Out of respect of privacy, we request that the investigation nor the relatives or friends of the victim are not disturbed, and we will update you as further information becomes available. Saints News This article contains sponsored multimedia advertisements. This has not affected the content of this article.
  15. User: Kjamil Comment: Great article from a great journalist, I think the market is really beginning to change in favour of other venues.