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  1. HaveADream

    Community Outreach
  2. HaveADream

  3. HaveADream

    Hey. Message me on Discord and if you're interested in government we'll see about sorting something out. HaveADream#4339. Currently there are no elections and no plans at the immediate moment to hold them.
  4. HaveADream

    I'm in the government faction. Eventually from my perspective the aim is state level administration but that's unknown at the moment and depends on a lot of variables. At the moment, like you said, it's state level. If anyone is interested in joining either government or the Democrats, message me and I'll help you out.
  5. HaveADream

    That's because it did - I just wanted my character to have a party affiliation and thus was born current situation. Not complaining though if it means we get real political RP! In terms of whether the current gov is happy with elections, we've been preparing behind the scenes for elections for a while and it's just the infrastructure needing to be in place.
  6. HaveADream

    Not quite right - The Democratic Party has a faction thread and we're working together with staff - just needs the right people and the right engagement (the latter of which being quite low).
  7. HaveADream

    With the recent formation of the Democratic, Republican and the Libertarian Party, I believe it is time to sit down with the community and find out what they want from the future of politics and government in GTAW. My current view of the situation is that the recent events could lead to some exciting times in the legal RP region - live debates hosted by news factions, petitions and protests against unpopular changes, government bailouts, a fluid policy-driven economy, and so on. We can't do it without engagement. Absolutely - as every legal faction leader bar PD knows, engagement is the most difficult thing to have, even back in the days of when I ran Saints News with @borhoi, we really really struggled to have enough engagement and activity to make any of our work feel 'worth it', and, while I'm unsure about Borhoi's personal view on it, it completely crashed my motivation to run the faction altogether. I see that it's something that's wanted in threads about government and when I see people discussing government in terms of wanting that 'out-there' on-the-street government interaction, if you're one of those people it's so so important you engage and interact with those of us starting these political parties - joining a member, supporting a campaign, discussing politics and so on. Additionally, it's vital that we look at politics in the context of GTAW, and not in the context of reality. Costings and accurate figures are simply not possible due to the way the economy works, as well as policies on the whole not being possible for a variety of reasons, instead of looking at politics from a national viewpoint, I believe it would be best for all if we looked at policies and parties in an isolated context of GTAW. And to you - what do you want to see in the Future of Government? Tagging @Mecovy and @LaLa as they're key figures in the current movement - will tag leader of Libertarian when I find out who it is.
  8. HaveADream

    The Democratic Manifesto
  9. HaveADream

    As @Brett famously said 'I'll stick by you as long as you stick to the bill of rights.'
  10. HaveADream

    Lawyer Up!
  11. HaveADream

    (( Comments would not be enabled anywhere on this page ))
  12. The Democratic Manifesto >> Read Our Manifesto << Following requests from the public, we have published our first manifesto draft. Manifesto subject to change. Want to include a policy of your own, or change a policy currently present in the manifesto? Join us today. Join Us Today