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  1. Preamble Midnight strikes down upon the Los Santos County, and, with that, voting is now OPEN! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this project so far - from @NexusExodus and @Scarlatti, who have steered their parties through a stressful period of time and have been key to facilitating the birth of political roleplay within the server, to the developers, @Static, @Everett and @Mike, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the databases are updated and the features functional. However, this is only the beginning - myself and the rest of Legal Faction Management are excited to see what comes next in the council chambers and the backroom meetings, from the Chief of Police to the 'Average Joe', political roleplay will soon have something for everyone to get involved with if they wish. Whether you're a civilian petitioning the government to vote your way, or a group of rich lobbyists forcing their hand, the possibilities in the future of political & government roleplay are endless. To the candidates, good luck, we'll see you on the other side! HaveADream OFFICIAL CANDIDATE LIST WESTERN DISTRICT: Tanya Sun (D), Joshua Shepherd (R) NORTHERN DISTRICT: Manjot Singh (D), Jonathan Spencer (R) CENTRAL DISTRICT: Richard Orosco (D), Alex Flynn (R) EASTERN DISTRICT: George Valencia (D), Thomas Busch (R) SOUTHERN DISTRICT: Wallace Abbasi (D), Jose Ortiz (R) BLAINE DISTRICT: Badar Khan (D), Joseph Hoffman (R) Voting Rules One vote per UCP account. Characters must be 18 to vote. You can vote in any district you own/rent a property, but you can vote only once in one district. Characters must have 40 hours to vote. You must vote in-game at the polling station in the district you wish to vote in. Unsure where the polling stations are, or which district you live in? Check this handy map here!
  2. Speaking as an administrator, forum reports are often difficult to deal with, especially where there is 10 or so replies, or its a type of roleplay you're not particularly well-versed in, for example, I'm no expert in gang roleplay so I tend to refrain from reports that involve gangs. In addition, most administrators have a heavy workload which increases how long a forum report takes. For example, I come home from my real life job and I've got FM work to do, reports & tickets in game to look at and a lengthy amount of research to do, now apply a similar workload throughout the administration team and I think it helps uncover why forum reports often take a long time to get resolved. Are forum reports frustrating? Absolutely, for both sides, but if there's clear evidence (video evidence is always best) presented by both sides in as few replies as possible, it really does help. I like the sound of some of the suggestions in this discussion, however!
  3. @KV, you do an insane level of work and I really appreciate you and all of the advice you give!
  4. Just to piggy-back on this as a member of Legal Faction Management and a former leader for both LSNN and Saints News. As Mitch has said, LFM has developed a system to provide factions that provide roleplay to the server with enough money to stay afloat - even if said faction doesn't earn a profit or even break-even. Hopefully this will help elevate this concern from news factions especially. At present, other legal factions do not inform news agencies of developing or breaking news stories that they themselves are involved in, and, due to the workload a news faction demands, they're usually less active and therefore more likely to miss big stories just simply driving around - who actually wants to do that, too? You also have to consider the character, too. When I was working with LSNN, I often saw 'newsworthy' stories, but to my character, LSNN was just a job and my character was off the clock, if it wasn't something major, or didn't fit my characters agenda (which she certainly had) it didn't fit in with the character development to immediately pull out a camera and a notepad at that moment in time. Sure, my 31 year old hyper-liberal journalist could've made a bigger effort to report on crime in South Central, but to me, that showed a real lack of fear RP, my character didn't want to get shot for a job. The closest I personally got was with Saints News in which I had to hire private security, and a story I wrote about a long defunct illegal faction. Did I try to write about South Central crime? Yeah, but it wasn't worth my characters time to prepare questions for an interview or an investigative piece just to get a text saying that my lead has pulled out (this happened every time I tried, in either news faction I was in.) Everyone wants news about their favourite topics, nobody wants to write it.
  5. This isn't a Europe v. American crime rate debate, please stay on topic!
  6. The administration workload for this would be so insane that nothing else in the server would be able to get done. Plus the risk is too high for character-dependent stories and benefits, what if one of the candidates got CKd before the election? What if someone spent weeks writing guides for their new faction just to get CK'd? That's not a server I'd want to be on imho.
  7. Election Official Information PREAMBLE As the clock strikes midnight, so begins the official countdown to the first ever GTAW Distict Council Election. Since beginning this project, I have had the pleasure of working with some really amazing people, hearing some interesting arguments and seen some wonderful events, words cannot accurately describe the amazing work that has been poured into these elections so far by the community coming together to make it a success. From FaceBrowser posters to live Q&As, it's unarguable the amount of high-quality roleplay that has been on display. As we enter the official election period, I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone once again and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming elections! HaveADream OFFICIAL CANDIDATE LIST WESTERN DISTRICT: Tanya Sun (D), Joshua Shepherd (R) NORTHERN DISTRICT: Manjot Singh (D), Jonathan Spencer (R) CENTRAL DISTRICT: Richard Orosco (D), Alex Flynn (R) EASTERN DISTRICT: George Valencia (D), Thomas Busch (R) SOUTHERN DISTRICT: Wallace Abbasi (D), Jose Ortiz (R) BLAINE DISTRICT: Badar Khan (D), Joseph Hoffman (R) ELECTION INFORMATION ELECTION BEGINS: Friday 25th September, 2020 ELECTION ENDS: 6PM, Sunday 27th September, 2020 RESULTS ANNOUNCED: 9PM, Sunday 27th September, 2020 Results will be announced via an event taking place at City Hall. The event will be broadcast live. Invitations for the event are limited, but will be sent via the City Clerk's office. (( To vote, you will assign a registered primary property to your character, all characters with 40 hours minimum will be permitted to vote. Characters in jail will not be able to vote. Voting is done in-game via polling stations dotted around the map. ))
  8. I'd only want a wiki if it was heavily curated. Maybe something for Continuity?
  9. Well done everyone, here's to another good month!
  10. Hi, There are a lot of characters that originate from the United Kingdom within GTA:W, so I always do suggest to start off with something like an American from Los Santos for one's first character and general introduction to the server. Nethertheless, there are indeed things that I can and can't tell you about role-playing a person from the British Isles! As said above, there are regional linguistic and cultural differences - not only from country to country, but city to city. You're not going to be able to learn everything about roleplaying a British character prior to actually getting in-game and immersing yourself somewhat in the character, but I'd try hard to to avoid falling into the trap of role-playing a stereotype which often happens when done when role-playing an unfamiliar culture (for example, don't go around asking for cups of tea in bars!) As a final piece of advice, consider how they got to Los Santos - it's unlikely, even as a Briton, for an unskilled British worker to end up with an American visa outside of marriage - normally you'll need to be in your late twenties or early thirties with that much experience in an industry or, at a minimum, a MSc/MA. Remember that not being a citizen will prevent you from owning weapons and so on. Ultimately, as any character, roleplaying a British character is roleplaying a unique person with their own wishes, desires, traits and flaws, some from culture, some from their own experiences, it's ultimately what you make of it and what you choose to do. Good luck!
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