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  1. Agreed Agreed ‣ If they haven't already, I think they should have specific forum staff to focus on refund requests, player reports and things forum related. I've noticed a lot of things such as refund requests are waiting weeks for people to get a reply. ‣ We don't have enough restaurants... We need more, no more bars and nightclubs please, just some nice food joints. ‣ Properties need looking into for prices... I shouldn't be paying 2 million for a trailer in sandy shores and 100k for a high rise apartment in the city. ‣ Starter paychecks are far too much, stops people from roleplaying jobs properly. ‣ Make more characters CK if they die properly... And make the consequences from the CK more severe, might make people understand the value of fear in certain situations!
  2. I just wish we could see more low income roleplayers being able to roleplay in a low income environment, even the criminal roleplayers who are roleplaying in david have luxury. There needs to be some limitations put in place and I think quality management need to start looking into it too. Properties need looking at and those roleplaying in them need looking at.
  3. Couldn't agree more, it's bad... You end up going up against Jeffrey Bezos in a bidding war to try and secure your one bedroom one bathroom house in Davis. If the server could facilitate more for the poor, you'd see a lot more poorer characters.
  4. The basketball scene at ULSA is completely NPC'd right now, the team is slowly growing again but most sporting events we host are NPC'd. This is just to allow the univeristy to gain a following on social media and to allow the people roleplaying as students to have something to waffle about on campus. "Did you see the game last night, they lost again, maybe they need a new coach". Maybe we could look at getting some leagues set up for the community to get involved with. Might be something worth setting up there.
  5. The way the server is set out, it's harder to roleplay a poorer character, trailers costing 700/800k, the vehicles you can make look run down cost a fortune to get then you have to upgrade them to "downgrade them". If you're wanting people to roleplay having less money, the focus needs to be on facilitating for those. Add more trailers and make them cheaper, add more rundown projects and make them cheaper than "200k market price". The way the economy is set out is the reason why everyone is rp'ing rich, just because it's easier to do. It's cheaper to buy an apartment up in a luxurious location than it is to buy a run down place on the outskirts.
  6. more activities for civilians to roleplay, more restaurants, little businesses for people to roleplay in, less nightclubs and definitely stop the main focusing being on cops and robbers. i'd like to see a little bit of love to the ones who want to roleplay regular bystanders! i know a lot of people enjoy the law enforcement side and the criminal side, but a lot of people want to roleplay a regular joe who wants to get on with their day and i feel like their isn't enough for those people to do! i'd love to see the golf minigame implemented too, nothing screams fun like shanking a ball into the bunker and launching your club into space!
  7. honestly i wish cabs were used more, they're not used nearly enough. the amount of times i've seen people leaving a nightclub and jumping in their cars to drive, after rp'ing drinking the bar dry, it's ridiculous, then they drive as if everything is normal! i see it from both sides though, i've been stood waiting a good 20 minutes with people after calling a cab, so it's swings and roundabouts at this point, they need to show some more love to things like this on the server instead of focusing on criminals and law enforcement, it's the little things that'll make the other population of players happy
  9. ahhh yes, drunk college students doing drunk college student things... glad it's the worst
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