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  1. WAKE UP. IT'S TIME TO START THINKING FOR YOURSELF. ((clicking the QR code serves as ICly scanning it with your phone and will take you to the link))
  2. james if u hurt my mother i will be displeased
  3. https://ulsa.gta.world/index.php ULSA added too?
  4. absolutely not. a high school? yes. a high school in davis? no. put it somewhere like vespucci / vinewood etc where crime isn't rife.
  5. Oldest character I've RP'd was in her 80's. Youngest was 16 so - take that how you want. ULSA has a lot of middle aged rp'ers with our professors and whatnot. My I currently have a character who's 34, and one who's 50. They definitely exist but most people like the "youth" experience and rp that since it's what they know and what they are familiar with
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