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  1. Drug scams have no limit. If you get set up by a cop... no, you dont get your money back ICly lol. You go to prison.
  2. **Username NOAHHHHH joins the stream. He lurks, before dropping a 2 month subscription**
  3. Is your game on a HHD or an SSD?
  4. meh. extortion is stupid and doesnt really happen irl. its a subpar way for people to get a quick buck. i wouldnt personally give into it. I have insurance if my car/business is burned. my only character with a business has no living family members or real friends either so, gl with that lol. its an okay guide though. bugs me how you portray it as "u gotta give in or youre shit at roleplay"
  5. shoutout to my main bitch @rasbruu (aha............. rubs palms)
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