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  1. Exactly. Many of the potential issues that people mentioned here are existent in other fields of roleplay as well, especially in criminal/illegal roleplay. In fact, imo each type of roleplay has its own potential problems, so instead of steering away from a specific type of roleplay just because of the potential issues, I'd rather just work to make the roleplay more enjoyable
  2. I would really like to see more political roleplay outside of governmental politics, especially radical politics, such as far left groups like anarchists, antifa, communists etc, or far right/alt-right groups such as ultranationalists, neo-nazis etc. Of course, the crimes that these groups would be able to commit are very limited, but the emergence of /solely/ political groups would really bring a fresh breath of air to the server's roleplay. Thoughts?
  3. ((in fact doing this type of rp is pretty hard, not many characters support the movement ICly, really hope there would be more far left characters on the server, would make things more interesting))
  4. *Boaz Adelson comes across one of these posters in Downtown LS. He stops for a second and sighs, muttering "Bunch of hypocrites" to himself, before walking away.*
  5. Username: Boaz_1312 Comment: I'm a Jew born and raised in Vespucci, so I can confirm that Vespucci is full of nazis, fascist and racists. This is a pressing issue that has been overlooked for too long, too many young men and women have become victims of racial hate. FUCK ALL THE RACISTS AND FASCISTS! #Antifa 🖕
  6. Username: Boaz_1312 Comment: Fuck Brandt, man's a straight up dictator, government's straight up fascist. 🖕 Free the people, fuck the government! #antifa
  7. **Boaz Adelson walks past the poster while taking a stroll around Rancho. He stops and takes a quick look at it as he cringes and frowns. He then continues with his stroll.**
  8. Antifa Los Santos Saying 'NO' to fascism. Join the movement today: Facebrowser Page: https://face.gta.world/pages/antifa Facebrowser Group: https://face.gta.world/groups/antifa
  9. "Caged 새장" - TaakEZ Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/kronosa1 Soundcloud: ((Link to song in Soundcloud)) Spotify: ((Link to song in spotify)) YouTube: ((Link to video of official audio in YouTube)) ((This webpage would contain links to Facebrowser, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube to an R&B/neo-soul song with bearable singing, incredibly skillful and soulful guitar playing, with resemblance to the playing style of Mateus Asato. The song's lyrics would be a mix of Korean and English, and would be mainly about the constraints and standards of asian society and the desire of breaking free from society's expectations and constrains.))
  10. Young Korean male looking to work as a driver in a taxi company Phone number: 13167897 - Mr. Han Email: ((Discord)) Kronosa#6269
  11. jwbeatz "Paralyze"- emo style trap beat ((Upon clicking "play" on the Soundcloud page, you would be listening to a pretty good sounding emo style trap beat.)) https://soundcloud.com/user-390272790/paralyze
  12. Looking for any cheap home in Los Santos. Budget is less than <100,000. SMS or Call 76551218 for Mr. Jamar Wells.
  13. Honorably discharged as Sergeant First Class from the US Army Delta Force. Has a valid PF license and Guard Card. Looking for Armed Security or Private Military Contracting work. Call #17881962 for Mr. Barin Ryker.
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