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[LSNN] Can Gruppe Six reverse their recent fortunes?

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Can Gruppe Six reverse their recent fortunes?


Private security firm Gruppe Six have found themselves at the center of numerous controversies. Can they turn their public image around?







Los Santos, SA After a series of recent courtroom defeats which have saddled the firm with legal bills of at least $430,000 and $50,000 in punitive damages, it'd be fair to say the past few months haven’t exactly been a PR golden-age for Pillbox Hill based private security company Gruppe Six.


To some, that will not come as a surprise. The company has been mired in controversy for some time now. Incidents such as a fatal shooting at Fantasia Hall and offensive comments from CEO Clifford Hunter during a ‘defund the LSSD’ event in the past have left a sour taste in the mouths of some.


Yet the presence of the Gruppe Six’s security teams remains a frequent sight in the city. The company still seems to dominate the private security sector of the local economy despite these numerous controversies.


Their recent courtroom troubles began with a lawsuit sprung against Magnolia Records, a well-known local record label. 



Gruppe Six's main office in Los Santos on Vespucci Blvd.


The original claim brought before the court related to the song “Fuck G6 ” by Los Santos rap artist OfficialElyas (Elyas Bakker). Punitive damages of $500,000 were requested by Gruppe Six for allegations ranging from defamation to copyright infringement. 


However, things quickly fell apart for Gruppe Six as it was revealed their legal representative, Asher Clarke, was not licensed to practice law in the state and was summarily arrested mid-trial. Justice Matt Eckart, who presided over the case, dismissed all allegations against Magnolia and awarded $50,000 in punitive damages as well as additional legal costs to the defendants, who were represented by Miles Hyde. It was revealed to LSNN that the bill for the legal costs was $130,000. 


Miles Hyde found himself representing the artist Elyas again in two cases that followed immediately after. The first was withdrawn swiftly, but the following case again demanded $500,000 in damages again but this time solely on the allegation of copyright infringement.


Again, things did not fall in the favour of the security firm. The case was lost when Magistrate Michael McMurray ruled that the case was frivolous and awarded the defendant legal fees again. This was revealed to LSNN to be a total of $300,000. Bringing the total known amount billed in legal fees to Gruppe Six to $430,000 plus an additional $50,000 in punitive costs. 



A jubilant Miles Hyde celebrates his most recent legal victory against Gruppe Six on Facebrowser



“My client won because they're law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise free speech and doesn't care about corporate bureaucracy or methods of opinion suppression”


“Whether it's through a SLAPP lawsuit or anything else. I encourage everyone to stand up and share their opinion regarding anything and anyone, so long as it's done within the boundaries of law.”


In a statement to LSNN, Miles Hyde shared his thoughts on the cases he covered. He reinforced the importance of free speech and free expression.

Both lawsuits were costly for Gruppe Six in financial terms and in terms of its already struggling reputation. Many believe that the company needs to rethink its strategy in engaging with the public.


In a separate statement on the recent SHAFT act reforms which she lead, Senator Chloe Knight accused Gruppe Six of presenting “dangerous and unacceptable conduct”.


“I think the slashed fee for obtaining a guard card will spur on more growth in the private security sector. Innovation is desperately needed, as firms like Gruppe Sechs present destructive and unacceptable conduct.”


“I believe in what I'm seeing from the private sector in response. The more guards we see with proper licensing, the better. This is a step in the right direction on that front.”



LSNN's Dennis Sidwell sits down with Clifford Hunter during an interview last week


Perhaps these events are why  CEO Clifford Hunter gave a rare interview with LSNN earlier last week,  where he humanised himself more to the public by speaking a little about his private life. 


"I go fishing often, hunting as well. I prefer the county overall, it makes me more relaxed."


Regardless, it is clear that the company must attempt to rehabilitate its image somewhat if it wants to shake off its troubled past. 


One good start would be less confrontation. The courtroom defeats do not seem to have helped their nightmarish PR situation at all. 

Another may be more community outreach. Interviews such as last week’s LSNN interview with Clifford Hunter give a face to Gruppe Six beyond the corporate logos and armed security guards. 


As for what route the company wishes to take (if any route at all), we shall have to all wait and see.





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Can Gruppe Six reverse their recent fortunes?   Private security firm Gruppe Six have found themselves at the center of numerous controversies. Can they turn their public image around?

Username: FeelsBadMan Comment: Got the info wrong, it wasn't Darnell Murphy, it was our lord and savior Michael McMurray, the best irish judge of the west. 

Username: TruthHurtsSometimes

Comment: they cant lol. shit company. people shouldnt hire them, get freelancers instead. also go request a background check on asher clarke, see his criminal record yourself. then @ me

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10 minutes ago, Cocaine Capital said:

Username: FeelsBadMan

Comment: Got the info wrong, it wasn't Darnell Murphy, it was our lord and savior Michael McMurray, the best irish judge of the west. 

Username: Phoebe Holter (Author)

Comment: Noted and corrected. Apologies to Michael McMurray!

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Username: ARepublican01
Comment: The justice system in LS is fucked to the core. Lawyers fuck judges, and vice versa. And then there a judges, who seem to be minors, since their knowledge of laws is so limited, that this ain´t even funny. And that Michael McMurray is just a gay judge, who loves Miles Hyde. They probably sucked each other off, and made the decision together.

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