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  1. I agree. New characters should not be capable of immediately murdering or robbing others. This doesn't include shoplifting or the generally harmless and fun to watch scenes; but specifically hunting out and killing another player, or robbing people under threat of violence.
  2. thats kind of toxic bro A edit: im retarded i thought this was the without another staff member ruining it LMAO how ironic...... you either die a hero.... or live long enough to see yourself become toxic....
  3. Should be handled IC. Your bullet wounds would show that you were shot in the back. The person would be charged with murder.
  4. Username: DogPerson310 Comment: That's why people need to be careful with rescue dogs. Poor things have seen so much heinous shit, takes forever to rehabilitate them.
  5. imagine getting drunk in clubs and not showing up drunk in the first place to spend less. can't relate
  6. hope treetops didn't download fallout frontier
  7. The only other alternative is to have the script keep track of how much money you make through it. That way mechanics don't even need to say a word and the business script itself can be checked to see how much money Jeremy Clarkson has made. If that's done, then the only people that will ever actually involve themselves into that RP are people that need to launder money, because it's been obtained in questionable methods.
  8. There's no doubt about that. No cop would ever have the resources to even investigate such crimes, it would be farcical to attempt that IRL. At best a task force may be assigned - something similar to this (click me). Whichever is chosen has no real tenable difference from a practical viewpoint. Merely semantic at that point.
  9. Practically speaking, SD/PD are great at doing paperwork. Their forums is one example out of many, and so is GOV. Licensing, FLD, etcetera. So from a practical perspective, it makes sense to have a select few of them handle that sort of money trail paperwork as well. The issue is the simple fact that money spawns out of nowhere in this game. You can /startshift and make 4k an hour. You can then spend this money to mod a car somewhere. Receipts don't really exist, and as such, money can't exactly be traced. That's cool and all, but mechanics can make tha
  10. I'm assuming this means that a portion of their DB will be responsible for auditing? I'd like to hear more about how this process is to be integrated. Financial auditing is a pain in the ass IRL and I'm curious as to know how this will come into play in game, given how simplistic the script seems.
  11. So as you may have heard, the new "IRS script", or so it has been dubbed, is set to release soon. This should allow the government in order to monitor taxes. This thread aims to discuss a few key points regarding how the new script would operate. First: This makes no sense. The LSPD should be able to report taxation, but not directly issue tax audits directly nor even take any form of action. IRL, only the IRS has the capacity to perform such acts (because these are specialized accountants that do literally nothing but massive amounts of financial auditing). In fact, LSPD h
  12. Congrats on hitting detective!
  13. Forget emails. Add some form of statistical release for IC purposes.... How many people own a PF? What % of the active population? What % is incarcerated? Re-incarcerated? What ethnicities are they? How old are they? What sort of crimes are often committed? We already have the forums for PMs.... If you want a project, that should be the focus IMO. Not only would it allow for much better political RP that is actually grounded in the facts of the server, but it would also allow better OOC judgment by staff members in order to administrate the server properly.
  14. I don't have any, so I don't make positive statements or proclamations regarding the nature of crime within LS. We simply don't have access to such a statistic, that's why I ask regarding as to how your statement can be anything other than an opinion. Let me ask you this; if I shoot someone in an abandoned area in the desert, and someone shows up, can I /report to get that person's existence voided, since realistically people don't visit these areas? If not, then the obvious issue exists.
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