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  1. If you wanna reward good RP, ask the person you rp-d with their UCP name and send them some gifts. This "good rp rewarding ig" is not good at all. Why? Because people come from different countries and have different backgrounds - some make more unique characters, others are more bland ones, which is fine. And who will give the rewards? Staff? Well, then it might become a "I-am-a-good-friend-of-the-admin-gimme-rewards" system.
  2. Please, do go to UCP and look. You can change WP to PP - duuh. Meaning, you buy World Point for real money and then change em to Panda Points. There are minors in this server and at some point, this will become a problem. Imho - this will end pretty badly for the server.
  3. Username: JustAnOpinion Comment: What can go wrong there? 17-18 year old girls writing to sexual offenders and manipulators. Sorry, but this program should stay out of the University, imho.
  4. Username: ARepublican01Comment: Ahh - nice riots. Kudos to the SD and all the others. What I would like to see, is more hard-knock-baton education. Translation - if those soyboy fucked up wannabe shitface gangsters show up, beat them to a pulp. If they come back, beat them again, and more hard. They only learn by broken bones or if they are six feet under. Fucking illiterate liberal shitheads destroying our city, or what is left of it - after that bald-headed BLM spokesperson Skye started it all. Each and every protest ends bloody. And for what? Because the cops shot a fucking copkiller, who started to shoot first. Fucking degenerates. I am starting to think, that maybe at some point, a normal person would start to think that it is time for the normal people to use their Second Amendment, go to Davis, and clean this shit up.
  5. I mean - why kill ICly in the server? It has became so natural to see dead bodies all around, that maybe it is time that gangs/mobs/killers can just RP killing NPCs too - because killing has become the one of the most common things in this server. So - a gang should just go like "Hey, let us RP that we kill five people today" and they do the lengthy RP, and then they call in the admins, who will shake their powers and dead bodies all drop from the skies. All would be happy - people who do not want to get killed every day, if they are not part of the IFM. Example: /me does not like that Johnny Q is walking in the neighborhood, where our gang turf is located. /me takes out his pistol and loads it. /s "Hey motherfucker - Ya ain´t welcome here!" /me shoots ten bullets into Johnny Q. /me reloads his weapon and shoots ten more, just in case. /s "Fuck YOU, mano! Ya dead now! /me collects the casings. /me runs away from the scene. Go ahead and copy it - and mostly, have fun. Tbh - the death rate in this server is already comparing to those non-RP FiveM servers. It is getting quite ridiculous. (oh - and do get the sarcasm, which I expressed here, except the sentence, which begins with "Tbh..."
  6. Going to chime in. 1) Do not take it in a bad way, but to the author - have you thought in moving to Cali irl and enjoy real life "roleplay" there, with all its benefits: cultural, historic and geographic? 2) Why you say this? Do not try to replicate real life into a game by micromanaging to a level, where most needs to be taken over from real life Cali? Where to you stop? I am 100% sure that most of the criminal factions arent really part of real Cali lore. Or how about the politics? There are 5 vs 5 in the Senate, so we gotta change it to 8 Dems vs 2 Repubs, since realistically, that is how it is. 3) The server should strive to be a self-breathing organism with 300-700 people who are shaping it daily, not copy-pasted from ooc California. Or - then drive to Paleto also 5-6 ig hours with your car with 1mph. Game should have its own lore, thats about it. God bless.
  7. Username: ARepublican01 Comment: Actually counted the male participants on the photos and came down to 2-4, at the march. Disclaimer: some might be just there, because they were drunk or "white knights" to protect the dyke population of LS. But I was shocked though - only 20 people or so at the march?! 😄 Really shocking, since 85-90% of the female population of our state is LESBOS IDIOTICUS.
  8. And how can you avoid those "minor rule breaks", if you won´t get no information about it. To be honest - notes are good, if you break something, but they should be all available for the person, who breaks them, so they can better themselves on those aspects of roleplay. It is kinda like Twitter - they shadowban you, et cetera. Meaning - you won´t know it, until you get hit in the face with it. Every warning should be visible to the person, who has them on his character to better themselves. But this gives the impression, that they are gathering "evidence" on every player to use it at the right moment. Weird to be honest. Why not put everything on the persons record?
  9. Username: AnOpinion12 Comment: Let the city make South Central (Davis, Strawberry, et cetera) an Autonomous Zone, like they did in Seattle. And let the Summer of Love begin. And when autumn comes, just go and clean up the corpses and the problem would be nothing at all anymore. Jokes aside, but those people really need to get it together and try not to act like it is The Gombe Chimpanzee War out there.
  10. User: ARepublican01 Comment: oh, already so mad and defending itself wirh drooly "facts". Ya sound like a libtard to me, tbh. And about facts - g6 has had 3-4 big scandals with firearms involved, PD has had hundreds xD. So.. yeah.. facts.. here ya go, libtard.
  11. Username: ARepublican01 Comment: Mhm, and the other guards probably beat the one up, so they can cover for the shooting with a narrative. Ye-ye, sure... xD G6 has issues, but beating up their own so they can kill or shoot young bmx-riding individuals aint one. 😄 And leave my formet gf out of it - she came to LS and turned to a lesbian, like 95% of females in the city do. That is a real issue...a damn dyke-pandemic! 😄
  12. User: ARepublican01 Comment: Do I give a damn if you are an "actual" Republican? Nah, I do not. An active LEO does not say shit to me - ya guys should deal with your own problems inside the PD first. The corruption runs rampant and some of you really love to use your guns faster than people can put their hands up. G6 has their problems and of course, tougher background checks and more vigorous training should all be implemented, but they have also good people in there - who have actually saved lives. But there is room for impeovement. And even more room for improvement for the PD, because many of us have lost the trust in ya. And that comes from a guy who has raised tens of thousands of dollars many times in the past for the PD and FD. What a shame you have been...
  13. Username: ARepublican01 Comment: Exactly, and a travesty was avoided by shooting the degenerate. You know what "prevention" is? Let us take the same situation, where one of the guards and the culprit ended up in the hospital. I argue that you do not have to wait until the criminal gets the gun and shoots first - a bullet through your partners head, for example. You prevent it by any means necessary. Why the fuck are those young adults on private property and attacking one of the guards? I am 100% sure that he wanted to get the guards firearm and that was luckily avoided by shooting him in the leg. Travesty avoided and court will decide based on facts.
  14. Username: ARepublican01 Comment: it is quite funny how the fact, that they entered restricted areas and attacked one of the guards, is left out by that poor "teenager" who is a fucking young adult already - 19 y.o. Teenagers are from 14/15 to 17 at most. Those shitty brats could not phantom the idea, that they were not allowed to ride their bikes there. And WHEN the attack took place, shooting was completely justified. How? Easy - to hinder that maniac in taking the other guards gun, which he probably wanted to steal and maybe even use. And he was shot in his leg, clearly in attempt to stop the assault, not to kill him. Follow the fucking rules, degenerates. Dont be like a certain idiot, who jumps over barricades and then gets his ass beaten and cries for mommah.
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