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  1. You win! Check your e-mail!
  2. AP Pistol is the best handgun in GTA:V, it's deadly accurate, has no recoil, can go up to 36 ammo capacity and does the same damage as a rifle. I do like the idea of being able to get your handgun made automatic, such as a Glock - but it shouldn't turn into an AP Pistol (which has no real-world counter-part that's entered mass production).
  3. Close, was already suggested by someone else and has been implemented, based.
  4. Bump, ending in three days.
  5. Top bid currently 80. Buyout inquiry has been handled privately, still for sale regardless.
  6. Location: Exterior: Interior: (( Stats: )) Start: 60K. Bid increase: 5K. Bid ends 4/14. Black woman in interior photos not included (however I can direct you to her OnlyFans link).
  7. Show off your rolls, give support to other losers, swoon or groan about your winnings/losings. Maybe eventually the winner of the golden panda will post. I'll start with my very modest winning.
  8. I love RDR2, I love RD:O (obviously gold bar money meta not so much), I love the potential both of them have. One thing I won't love if we go for it is strict realism, IE women/minorities having little to zero power or agency. Just kills on the types of characters that can have fun. I'd prefer an RD:O type grasp on realism, where you can sort of nod to the historical fact that that woman shouldn't be wearing trousers or doing anything beyond being a whore/home-maker, but you can't really expect that to be everyone's cup of tea for that character. Likewise you can poke fun at the ethnic minority having a legally allowed profession above bitch-work or being taken seriously by authority, but you can't make your mission to always lynch uppity non-whites. I don't even think the KKK should be allowed to be portrayed, it'll just be horrible.
  9. all the NYAsayers gotta be kitten me, their opinions are a CATastrophe the cat ears are purrfectly fine, bring them back right mrowl
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