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  1. It was posted long time ago. I don't play in the server anymore (in a break) so, I don't really mind at this moment.
  2. Doesn't matter for me. My reports always stay in the section for atleast one month, so I don't really care about it anymore.
  3. Everyone talking about admins busy all the time, come on, I see a few of them chit-chatting in Discord 24/7. They simply don't wanna handle it.
  4. Username: Thomas Comment: What kind of censor leaves the face shown? LOL
  5. Anyway, I am happy to see that this thread, aparting for Martonaro's immature behaviour and cringefest, has a point. Because people here are even contradicting an admin in this rule. MEANING IT NEEDS A CLARIFICATION.
  6. @Viscaria you should remove that guy's warning then, according to this person.
  7. Grow up? Man, you don't know me and you're taking it PERSONAL and then you talk about crying when you're the first and only one who started to talk about it in a personal way. Don't talk to me or my person ever again, you don't know me, talk about the game, the rules, my faction, my character, not about me, don't you dare. I've never been involved into illegal gambling with this character. So, I don't even know why you're referring to me or my group of people doing that. Only Casper does it, and it's his own problem. This shows how much you know nothing about anything. Make a few more of you post in here, so your argument looks more valid. 5,6 are not enough yet. 🙂
  8. Well, you guys keep on talking about realism and real life, you don't understand there are rules. IRL you can rob on a motorbike too, here you can't. If we can perform something IRL doesn't mean you can do that in here. Not gonna respond anymore, waiting for an admin to clarify this rule. You guys simply cannot understand at this point and, according to the bolded text, you like to violate the rules on purpose too.
  9. Uh... I've never tried to put the personal issues inside this thread, ever. In fact, I did state in the first post the fact it is NOT your fault, but the rule is NOT clear. Also, I wasn't ever robbed by any of you lol But then, someone of Martorano goes: And then, I had to respond accordingly. This is all about the rule clarification. I cannot use any other example because it's your faction that performs these kind of robberies over and over again.
  10. This might be the first time I can finally understand a point of view. Because it’s not about smartness or character portrayal, it’s about rules. I want an admin to confirm that, if someone posts an illegal ad and for some reason goes through, we can perform a scam or a robbery through that, according to rules. This is all I’d love to hear, but I need it to be stated out loud finally. Thank God someone helped me about illegal poker ads: You guys shouldn't blame people for their portrayal or admins not checking ads if you don't inform yourselves first.
  11. Illegal ads are against the rules. And the rule saying that you cannot perform robberies/scam through advertisement doesn’t make any exception, because of the fact all the ads have to be legal. Im not here trying to check on who’s the smarter person, but I am only speaking about what rules say.
  12. Anticipating your next reply: There’s absolutely NO POINT to state that the ad was legal or illegal. The rule doesn’t make ANY exception. At this point I BEG an admin to clarify this situation. It’s pretty obvious it’s pretty unclear.
  13. I believe you haven’t read this. This guy has been punished and he didn’t use his OWN advertisement to perform a criminal action.
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