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  1. I believe you don’t have much experience in IRL crime. Just google about it. Rental vehicles are used a lot for crimes.
  2. Having a list of people who RP underage, putting more effort to get an underage character, would definitely improve the underage characters RP.
  3. To players: record and report those people! To admin: Be severe with people who loot, please/
  4. Even if it’s a Heavy RP server it’s still a game and it’s still GTA. You can RP punches, kicks, even beatings, but definitely not brawls or fights. That has to be done through the videogame mechanics.
  5. Rentable cars should be rented using ID or fake ID. Every car should be linked to a person.
  6. To create an underage character you’d need to apply for it. Application shouldn’t take ages to get reviewed and it should ask like background, purpose in RP, and all that.
  7. I’ve never used that command in 12 years of roleplay. I always do RP my side by myself and I like to give the other party the chance to react in his own way, no luck involved.
  8. Following. I really enjoy this thread. How your portray your character and the story behind it.
  9. In Italy in Halloween who use to go to clubs and discos with masks and all 🙂
  10. Much love to Jose (Royce) and his job at the Casino he owns. Keep it up!
  11. Username: blamethem Comment: Nobody forced them. They wanted easy money? That’s the price to pay!
  12. If you’re actively being shot, you don’t need to use emotes at all. So, yes.
  13. Through years of RP. Mainly, I’ve met people in my past that roleplayed their character in a fantastic way. I’ve felt their character so hard that I was jealous about it. So, I approached them both ICly and OOCly, trying to learn as much as I could from them.
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