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  1. Good to see this still going.
  2. This type of big brother, we know best attitude is what time and time again smothers out jail RP. What you see as a constant un ending loop of riots and lockdowns is the development you seem to be trying to foster and protect. Constant violence and chaos means constant RP and politicking. That's the thing I don't think you understand, if it was truly chaotic violence that was getting in the way of prison RP, the prison RPers would be the first to complain.
  3. Looks really solid guys, glad your carrying the torch and best of luck.
  4. Because the same people who are cheating are running factions, businesses and rackets making them some of the biggest purchasers of premium and world points (For /bad, mapping, extra furniture & character slots, etc). It isn't the random new player or lowly illegal RPers who are running cheats, it's the players logging 25+ hours a week IC like GTAW is a second job. The type of player who invests so much time (and money) that they run cheats so just incase they do get in to (IC) trouble, they've got an insurance of sort on what they've invested. But that's probably a bunch of nonsense. GTAW Management would never tolerate cheating, AOGM, metagaming or any form of rule breaking. The integrity of the server comes before everything else... Right?
  5. What possibly "good" RP could come out of a school shooting? The fuck is wrong with Roleplayers these days?
  6. LCN RP is stigmatized for 2 reasons/core beliefs within the community. 1. "The mob doesn't exist on the West Coast" This is pretty much true and LCN is the only faction type like this where it's still allowed. For certain people that's frustrating, I know for a fact that there are players who hate on LCN RP because at the core of it they are frustrated they can't do Yakuza RP. I see the hypocrisy but also see why it's allowed, it's easily translatable to the west coast and personally I feel like you really have to have another secret grudge if this is your only gripe with LCN RP. 2. "All LCN characters are bad Sopranos/godfather/goodfellas knock offs" This is tricky because I feel there is both a kernel of truth and a bit of a misunderstanding around this stereotype. There are absolutely characters who fall into there's stereotypes, I've been doing LCN RP for the better part of 4 years and it's clear as day IC when the extent of their LCN knowledge is their first time watching Goodfellas last weekend. That being said I think a lot of members of the community have the same extent of knowledge and so when they bump into any LCN character they just assume its a bad knock off. I personally think the level of stigmatism LCN has received from the community is unfair. It's fine to have gripes about certain areas of RP but the "fuck LCN" crowd goes OOC with their level of hatred, constantly power gaming and trolling LCN RPers any chance they get. That's sad because without LCN RP the last 3 years, the peak during quarantine isn't nearly as fun as it was. We had two fully functioning crime families with over 30 made men, 5-6 different crews and hundreds of associates. We ran 20+ different businesses, we created unique RP jobs in the form of the port and construction along with respective unions, we ran the Country Club, the MMA circuit, pretty much every casino. If one of the LCN factions didn't run it, they probably had a hand in it. So I'd say even if you hate our guts, you probably enjoyed the RP we created one way or another. I think the server had a great run with big massive LCN factions but those days should be in our past. Like the exact same organizations we're trying to RP, both families peaked in power and were either cracked by investigation, infighting or simply died from age with no one to replace them. All that's left is a few, very loosely knit crews and a handful of characters with a connection to the past. Let it fucking be.
  7. I'm curious how hard it would be to sim an entire conference or at least a few more teams representing other GTA lore cities like Liberty City. Something I've noticed as an issue is that there's a real lack of following for American sports on GTAW and it comes across heavily IC. Fully American characters can't tell you shit about the NFL but ask them about Manchester United and they'll talk your ear off for an hour. Now I don't expect EU players to learn an entirely new (superior) sport just for a character. But an IC league that's all SIM teams from which they can just pick a team at random to be a fan of would be a very useful asset for the server.
  8. I think there’s room for clarification and improvement but the rules exist for good reason. Before the rule players were blatantly convoying around the map looking for randoms AFKing outside interiors. Not just driving to specific locations to find a mark, just driving through every street in the city to find any opportunity. That’s just blatantly unrealistic. in addition it wasn’t a few bad apples, it was dozens of people and entire factions doing it every day. it’s a tough issue to solve because everyone’s trying to do so in bad faith. Illegal RPers don’t want more restrictions but also don’t police themselves internally while at the same time a lot of civilian RPers push for more restrictions while never being satisfied because let’s be honest, a lot of them don’t want robberies fixed, they want them removed entirely.
  9. +1 Lifers have clearly shown they have the self control to handle violence in the cell block in a realistic way without things getting outrageous. It's kinda funny, when jail released there seemed to be a much larger degree of freedom given to jail RPers to follow the roleplay where it leads instead of being handicapped by the rules. Sadly it seems that as SD has moved farther and farther away from it's original purpose and it's activity in jail has declined, those rules have become more restrictive. This is genuinely killing jail RP and should be addressed immediately.
  10. RIP Longo, sad to see it come to an end.
  11. Honest question, what hoops? I'm not trying to be a dick but this an RP server, there are no government regulations or industry standards and practices that need to be abided by. The staff team is entirely volunteer, there are no contracts that need to be followed or unions that need to be negotiated with. While I appreciate the fact that GTAW clearly has systems and process in place to stop it from turning into a complete dictatorship where everything is at the whim of ownership. Ultimately at the end of the day it is, nothing is stopping staff from saying this isn't working and figuring out a solution in 2 weeks time, it shouldn't be on going for years like it has been. Again, I'm not trying to be a dick. I'd appreciate knowing what you can share about staffs internal processes for making such decisions, but as a community member it seems at this point to be just a bunch of useless bureaucracy that's pawning off the shit end of the stick on the players. It's beyond frustrating.
  12. One of the finest group of dudes I’ve ever RPed with, I’m proud I got to be apart of this faction. o7
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