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  1. That's not at all why, your just mad you got scammed lmao. The consumer base is severally limited for the same reason GTAW clubs/bars make their money off of entry fees instead of liquor sales. People don't really know how to RP intoxicants/work them into their characters OR simply don't see the point in using them in RP at all. See the swarms of people who go clubbing/bar hopping for hours at a time only to drink one or two beers. Drugs for most of the servers population, including a lot of criminal RPers are sadly an incredibly occasional affair. That's why the consumer base is severally limited.
  2. The fact that I can't tell if your explaining how GTA NPC's work or how players behave on GTAW is concerning.
  3. None of this addresses people using /changechar and doing crime on an alt. The crime rate would stay basically the same. The real issue is staff inaction on problematic players and when they do act, simply handing out slaps on the wrist. Key community member shouldn't be allowed to continuously get official factions and supplier when their factions are always a hotbed for shitty criminal RP.
  4. This is an idealistic approach, sure those are all great things but anybody who actively RPs in prison can tell you a good chunk of people just /changechar the minute they hit the pod. Absolutely nothing stops the players who just wanna rape, rob and kill from doing that.
  5. Absolutely not as @Jax said: On top of that, when talking about this issue specifically it just opens the door for wild abuse and frankly I don't trust LEO admins to be impartial. Now, I'm not saying every LEO admin is maliciously but there is definitely a divide between the way LEO players think, what they know and the way criminal RPers think and know. It leads to constant issues and butting of heads and the idea that people should just make a report afterwards if they feel they've been wronged is frankly bullshit. The RP's already happened, it's kinda hard to go back to RPing when your shits already been raided and reports take 2-3 weeks to even see a response.
  6. After you've been here awhile you'll realize that most if not all of these threads are just like I said, repeated topics with a new coat of paint. There's been at least 30 threads since I joined this community about addressing criminal RP issue. The only one that's even been remotely productive was the IFM run Illegal RP thread. I'm not saying good discussions can't happen, but it happen rarely. Then again, I specifically addressed this concern in my suggestion. If someone has a valid idea for a general discussion thread, they can reach out to staff and have it made. At which point staff can closely monitor the topic and keep it on subject. The discord is absolutely more toxic then the forums, but general discussion specifically isn't much better. Because a senior admin admitted to me that the majority of staff do not look at general discussion threads, this has gotten better over time but by and large they still aren't looking at them enough to extract any valuable information. Honestly, half these threads explode into 13+ pages of back and forth debate within hours and no one is really gonna go through all that to figure out exact what the community wants, they barely do it to even moderate these threads. As for warning/temporary bans for repeat offenders? It does happen when these offenders are obvious but at the same time, there are a lot of people who (Especially on the legal side) blur the lines between personal opinions and toxic attacks. Heres an example: You can personally be of the opinion that all criminal RPers are bad and are just living out violent fantasies on the server. Your wrong, that statement is inflammatory and is going to lead to a toxic back and forth but it's not really a bannable offense, its an opinion as wrong and as toxic as it is. We've been expanding the staff team for years, these issues have never really gotten better even after a team specifically for forum moderation was formed.
  7. I'm not saying close everything off complete, if someone approaches staff with a genuinely good discussion topic it can be posted and heavily monitored from that point on. But the vast majority of these threads are just vague suggestive posts that normally lean heavily one way or the other significantly effecting the discussion. This thread is a great example. It really is just a suggestion but by posting it in general discussion it just opens it up to endless back and forth since staff seems to think these threads need to remain open until they reach a toxic breaking point. However that's not how suggestion threads are treated at all. In the suggestion forums, people debate back and forth about the actual suggestion and if it's something staff isn't looking to address its quickly shut down.
  8. The general discussions forum is a terminal cancer in this communities brain (To which I am definitely a contributor too) no matter who you are, this is plain and obvious to everyone. In it's current standing, it serves only to create tension and toxicity through the same 5 controversial threads that get rehashed every few weeks with a different coat of paint. A few points: No good discussions are happening in General Discussions. Besides light hearted meme and community threads like "Screenshots with threatening Aura's" 95% of general discussion threads are really just suggestions. As we saw with the Illegal Faction Revamp thread any discussion that needs to happen can be addressed and made by staff in a manner that is 10x more productive. General Discussions is the Fox News/MSNBC (Take your pick) of GTAW and really only serves to enflame existing frustrations in the community. General Discussion is so bad most staff members don't even look into these threads to moderate which in turn leads to more unchecked toxicity in the community. @Wuhtah deserves to see the sun at least once a month In all seriousness, allow people to keep posting in the light hearted threads I mentioned but lock new posts to Administrators, if someone has a topic they feel needs a thread they can reach out to staff and have it made for that discussion OR they can make a suggestion thread where it can be debated and quickly accepted/denied by management. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  9. Kinda ironic that the people this thread is about have provided the most levelheaded takes while the people complaining have denied multiple genocides and made fun of the way some minorities talk. A true GTAW moment.
  10. Because there are no sources that actually back up you argument. It's cool man we get it, your fine with genocide just as long as it's being done by people on your side of the political spectrum.
  11. I suggest you read: "Illness and inhumanity in Stalin's Gulags" by Golfo Alexopoulos "Tell it to the world; international justice and the secret campaign to hide mass murder in Kosovo" by Elliot Behar. "No Lessons Learned from the Holocaust? Assessing Risks of Genocide and Political Mass Murder since 1955" by Barbara Harff "Crimes against humanity under communist regimes" by Klas-Göran Karlsson and Michael Schoenhals "Communism’s Bloody Century" by Stephen Kotkin If your gonna sit here and be a genocide denier, get the fuck out of here with your debate bro talk.
  12. Yes, because acknowledging the fact that 65 Million people died as a result mass deportations, forced labor camps and police-state terror under the exact same men your glorifying on your profile is having a "western-centric view". I'm sure the thousands of historians who have made their careers documenting these cases for the last 100 years are just trying to promote a "western-centric view". It's not like these regimes left thousands of documents and millions of witnesses that can confirm these events happened. Your profile is akin to having young Hitler as the PFP and having Goebbels, Goring and Himmler as a profile banner.
  13. We don't have to debate, your entire profile is glorifying men who committed mass genocide, manufactured famines for political gain, created secret police organizations to round up, torture and execute their political rivals, and ordered the wholesale rape and slaughter of civilians all across Central Asia and Eastern Europe. This isn't a "western-centric view" that's literally just the facts of history.
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