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  1. Ohohohohohoho, it definitely is. Koreatown is probably one of the worst off neighbourhoods in Los Angeles at this point that ISN'T South Central. The homeless rate in K-Town is through the roof, there's stabbings/shootings/kidnappings every other night, girls get raped damn near every weekend in the clubs across K-Town, you should seriously go read about the things that go on there. Koreatown may not be on the same level as South Central, but it's definitely not a safe place. To be completely honest with you bro, there's no realistic way you can justify the way Kkangpae goes around crossing out gang graffiti, the Kkangpae don't do that irl, nor do they go around rubbing excrement on things like you guys have done before, (that was the report I posted on yall, fyi) I wish u guys would portray your community and more importantly your organization more realistically and more true to how they act in real life, because this current portrayal of the kkangpae in my honest opinion is not realistic in the slightest, sorry to say. Not only does the Kkangpae stay miles n miles away from ALL of the street gangs in that town, but they don't go to war with street gangs for having the AUDACITY to have beef with eachother. Nor do they, as I said, do any of the things I reported u guys for during my MS faction. Truth be told if the Kkangpae stood up to MS-13 or 18th Street IRL (or any gang, really), they'd be a memory by the very next day, they truly have no say in that neighbourhood IRL and they only reason they do IC is because of numbers and nothing more.
  2. this type of shit is pretty much the reason i closed my ms13 fac in ktown down, couldnt breathe for shit without dogshit facs spamming /cim's to cover up graffiti, made gang rp outside of drug dealing and shooting impossible. its a shame too cause little seoul is such a great area for roleplay, but it's being faced with extremely abysmal roleplay quality unfortunately.
  3. Sounds like headcanon to me, personally. Plus, just because an area is presently gangless doesn't mean there's no possibility of it having had gangs in the past, or that there's no possibilities of gangs rising and deciding to take over Mirror Park. it's happened irl, there's suburbs in long island which were gangless for decades, now those same areas are filled with ms-13 and 18th street gang members. Look around the neighbourhood your character lives, there's signs of gentrification everywhere and if u look between the lines u definitely can see slight signs of gang activity, even in singleplayer the marabunta grande were present in mirror park. what castle is there currently in Mirror Park? Cops living in Mirror Park and it being quote on quote gangless? So what? There's several neighbourhoods on here that are gangless and imo shouldn't be, and that needs to change in the future. Just because you've rped in an area for a specific amount of time doesn't mean a new faction opening up in that area has to take how you view the area into account, if gangs want to RP in mirror park, they should be allowed to. And as far as cops living there, that shouldn't mean anything. There's cops that live in rancho ic bro. 😂 Proper portrayal is the act of portraying a realistic character. A character who is part of a fac which is portraying an age old gang that's only just now popping up again in 2021 after being defunct for a long time isn't unrealistic and is nothing to complain about.
  4. thats the entire point of what im saying though, just because an area is middle class doesn't mean it's immune to gangs popping up or existing in the area, The suburban and middle class areas of LA for example are home to possible some of the worst gangs to exist, crime isn't focused primarily in the southeast portion of the city irl and shouldn't be on here either.
  5. everything in and around echo park irl is gang territory. gangs dont stop existing for atleast a few hundred miles north of echo park.
  6. hate to break it to you, but IRL Echo Park (Mirror Park) is very much a gang area. the gangs were there before the hipsters, and still are there. the same applies IC.
  7. i literally have a warning on my ucp for saying something rude to somebody in a private call on discord, nervous still gave me a warning on the ucp for it, which i didn't dispute. IDK how it's not feasible personally, people have been banned for shit they've said off platform before too.
  8. Personally that whole IFC group is a snake pit full of toxic players who don't care about the experiences of others whatsoever, they claim that they stand for better RP but I guarantee that's all a lie so that Nervous keeps allowing them to continue doing what they do without being booted from the community like players who do toxic shit like they do always have, the other point is that they don't really stand for anything, let alone good roleplay or any of that. All they do is sit in a fake podcast discussing other people publicly, never themselves, never improving their own terrible roleplay and most definitely never why none of them can keep a faction open for longer than 2 weeks without being banned. The report you posted was posted after the start of IFC's little crusade against me where they claimed I did all types of things that I wont comment about here. Regardless of all that, after the podcast was posted, my good friend Black Swan and I recieved barrages of hateful messages, Additionally, Black Swan recieved text messages from random numbers (Probably just IFC members) because she rped with me and my associates at the time, i've additionally recieved countless messages asking questions about things people 'say' I've roleplayed, but never have and quite honestly got sick of it, so I reported them. The toxicity in this community will never subside until something's done about the toxic hole that is IFC. Preferably that solution would be that management goes ahead and gives everyone in it that harasses and doxes players (not just including myself, there's others too who've been harassed and dox'd by these people) a free vacation to the ban appeal section
  9. Sex crimes in general are heavily frowned upon by the inmate populations of many states, but this disdain for sex crimes is magnified in California. Not only that, but the Mexican Mafia (Along with the white prison gangs) have rules that strictly prohibit homosexuality / rape.
  10. The problem isn't with anyone not wanting cops to show up. It's with being labelled a snitch by other associates of the gang, who often times would likely perceive their associate calling 911 and saying that they need police AND medics as snitching and in many gangs that would have violent repercussions later on, so saying 'both' may not even be an option to that character.
  11. Irwin Leveron was born in Apopa, El Salvador on November 9, 2004 to father Hugo and mother Lucia Leveron (nee Araujo). His older brother, Jose, was also born in Apopa during 1999. Leveron’s father was a bus driver, employed in San Salvador, and sent bribes to Mara gangs. His mother was a homemaker and the primary victim of domestic abuse by his alcoholic father. Leveron’s parents are ethnic Salvadorans of entirely Latino descent. Leveron spent much of his childhood in the streets of his Apopa neighborhood. He was frequently absent from home and schools to avoid his dysfunctional family and schoolyard bullying. He became involved in crime at age 8. His crimes started with pickpocketing, vandalism and loitering; they progressed to robbery and theft over the years. His older brother Jose mentored him with robbing tourists in particular, as they’d often visit Downtown San Salvador via urban trains to steal from tourists. In 2011, his father was blinded in a bus robbery when he was shot in the face by the 18th Street gang. Leveron departed El Salvador in 2015 at age 11. He was accompanied by a Mara Salvatrucha gangbanger Wilfredo Alvarado and another street kid, Esmeralda Menjivar. The trio left their families behind with little notice, and as such, were not initially taken seriously. They traveled through Guatemala and Mexico until reaching the United States, two months later. They settled in Los Santos, San Andreas as unaccompanied minors. Their families have reported them as missing in El Salvador, although the police have done little to help. Their whereabouts are still unknown to their relatives. Leveron and his two friends lived in the streets of South Los Santos for several months. Their period of homelessness ended when a previously unknown 2nd cousin of Alvarado’s provided them residency in Northern Rancho. This 2nd cousin, Ronald Alvarado, was an American-born criminal who harbored the adolescents. While being harbored, they were enrolled in area schools under assumed names and falsified family connections. While attending JR High and high schools in Rancho, they all joined the Lowenstein Grandes Salvatruchas. They all had to commit homicides to get initiated. Leveron continues to illegally reside in the United States. Still underage, he’s actively gangbanging with the Lowenstein Grandes Salvatruchas. He has taken advantage of school enrollment by selling stolen properties and hard drugs on his school grounds. Although he is mostly truant, he completed a season as a linebacker on his high school’s junior football team during the 2019 - 2020 school year.
  12. the problem with this is that gang members generally aren't gonna call the cops, and when they're seen doing so, they're more often than not labelled as snitches. So this is an issue that really can't be changed, FD's gonna have to start adapting to it and calling backup manually, or simply showing up like FD would irl.
  13. Definitely. Although sadly, I don't particularly believe that his fact is the reason that ic homophobia happens on this server, especially towards lesbian characters. I personally think that alot of the people who icly express disgust and hate towards lesbians are doing it for the simple reason that there's alot of ppl that rp lesbians on this server. My character for example, doesn't give a damn about lesbians. Most gang members IRL don't, there's even lesbian female gang members out there (Although on here, I will say that they're portrayed quite badly). On here though, for some reason it's completely normal for a gang member or even just a regular person to walk into a club and start harassing lesbians, or characters they think are lesbian, when irl that person not only would have better things to worry about than a couple girls who like carpet. (NTM that most men irl love lesbians 😂 they're literally always solid wingmen) but he'd also most likely get bashed and told to fuck off if what he was doing was bad enough.
  14. the 45,000 estimate is from the early 1990's. The number is estimated by the LAPD to be above 200,000 nowadays. Shit it does if you're tight with that person and/or their homies. Beverly Hills, sure. But Hollywood? Nah mate. There's over 45-50 gangs in the Hollywood area (North, East & West) alone and it's also home to two MS-13 offshoots, among other gangs such as Varrio Sur, White Fence, Rebels, TMC, I could go ahead and name so many more honestly. Adding to that, there's gangs all over LA, not just in the Southern portion of the city, that's just where they're most concentrated. There's gangs in Koreatown, Chinatown, Echo Park, Westlake, Pico Union, Hollywood, Venice Beach, everywhere. To make it a little easier on you, the circled area is Hollywood in its entirety from the East all the way up North to the SFV (Which is still North Hollywood), as you can see, those areas aren't immune from their problems. Also noting that not all gangs that exist in LA County are on this map, so unmarked areas don't particularly mean gang free areas. Keeping in mind that each of the gangs whose territories i've circled in the Hollywood area alone have from 50 up to several hundred members, i'm sure it wouldn't be a stretch to say that gang affiliates are much more than a minority in LA. What if I told u that that famous college is right smack bang in the middle of gang territory? And as far as the rich and famous of Los Angeles go, they tend to stay in the Hills where all the mansions are and very rarely venture away from them As famous as the other industries are, that doesn't take away from how real gang culture is in Los Angeles and exactly how many people are actually involved in it. I personally fail to see what this has to do with anything, but alright bro. I'm gonna stop responding though, as this argument is pointless.
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