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  1. Thank you all for your Service!!
  2. Connection Lost -> Can't Join Server! Hello there! My name is Geo, and my favorite past-time is finding bypasses and fixes to the intricate and frustrating client that is RageMP! Today, we are going to take a peek at a special scenario where your game is trying to connect to the server, and pops up with a "Can't Join Server" Message! Note- Try Nervous' guide prior to doing this. His guide usually fixes the issue for most players, mine is more of a 'special case'! 🙂 1) Press Winkey, Open up Windows Defender Firewall. 2) There are five opti
  3. I find that a large amount of players play youthful characters, right around that 21-24 year old phase, solely to party / make minimum club entry via age, etc. I admit, I myself use to make my characters 21 just so I can go to clubs and rp. A lot of people lose interest in that, as it is not a sustainable practice if you're going to bars to rp then logging off shortly after. I also find a lot of people don't utilize Character Development, so their character is stuck in the prime of their life. Idk... not for me! I wish everyone's age increased!
  4. Hey again. Ah, I apologize, my mastery comes with RageMP and GTA V, but I am not well versed in the graphics overhaul aspect of troubleshooting. I really wish I can help you, just don't know enough to be confident in getting your situation to work. Bumping this for your convenience and I hope you find help soon!
  5. Hi there, are you able to provide an Error Code of the issue, or further explain what R* Launcher is doing that is not allowing you to play GTA World? Thanks, Geo
  6. Hey again! Unlike most Applications on your computer (Chrome, internet explorer, Direct Games), RageMP uses an updater.exe file, which runs the source code in your Command Prompt before it decides whether or not it wants to launch. Sometimes when using an updater, your computer will reject it, trying to protect you from a possible Virus. That is the main issue I face when I am helping others! The chances of the game loading are not in your hand, or not even in your computer's hands. Your computer will always want to deliver what the User (you) has selected. Having said that, RageMP sor
  7. For sure, let me find some resources. I am in the works of making a Guide for this, so stay tuned for that!
  8. Hi! Have you been banned by chance? You can check this by going to the UCP -> Settings -> Server Record. Let me know, if this isn't the case I can provided some tools for you! Your friend, Geo
  9. Hello there, David! Your computer is constantly sourcing files in order to Launch your game. You are making it hard on your computer when the same Application is sourcing files and displaying the game data. By separating it, you're allowing one window to Display the Game, and the other in the background is helping grab the files as needed! As you play more, your computer will find ways to source the files easier, so you won't have to do it every time! As for Firewalls, if RageMP Works with them on, perfect! If not, just disable the Firewall for RageMP, disabling it totally is not neede
  10. Hey guys! I always admit when I'm wrong, as it allows me to learn! After your comments and some research it is indeed the code of the computer and not the computer functionality itself. Sorry for pitching an argument! Take care!
  11. That I agree with, my friend! RageMP Is dodgy, and littered with bugs and invalid code. There surely is a better way to alter the source code in the cutscene to make it run smoothly, it just hasn't been implemented yet.
  12. Never said that, my friend. Rather; reload your game and continue playing, or take it out altogether. As I said above, I am all for the deletion of the cutscene as the batch code is too heavy for some PC's and Laptops to run. I defend the reason on why I think it's a good idea to have it, but am not a fan of how many players are experiencing issues with it!
  13. I am in full agreeance of it being removed, my primary standpoint was not for keeping it in GTA World. Some computers can execute the mp.game.cam.doScreenFadeOut(100); and mp.game.cam.doScreenFadeIn(0); back to back batch commands, others can't.
  14. While this is true, the stairs of RageMP will always be broken to a degree. Half the server struggles with the various problems that RageMP throws at them. With a 22 comment thread and thousands of players, I heavily doubt that the collective is facing this issue as well. I play on an average gaming Laptop, like most other people on the server. However, a large part of my career is based off the troubleshooting of programs, I would say I am confident in my knowledge of RageMP problems and solutions, my guides wouldn't be posted on #announcements if they weren't valid, tried and true. I wil
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