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  2. Armed gang robberies are up (especially around Vespucci) and business interiors don't appear that lively. A lot of people will go to businesses, but particularly bars and nightclubs, and absently stand around without any roleplay. A lot of the commerce on this server really lacks any sort of social/cultural immersion. Other than that, RP has been getting stale for some players who I know.
  3. It depends. Other servers are seriously going to have to play ball if they have any intention of properly stacking up against GTA World. This server basically has a monopoly on text-based GTA RP servers at the moment. Although, I will say that I'm intrigued by Liberty City Roleplay and I'll likely try that server when it launches.
  4. I completely second this topic. Last year, roleplaying as a legal character was challenging at times due to the crime waves that you've mentioned. My character could hardly work without risking getting maimed or killed outside of his workplace. Some incidents were so ridiculous that two different people got gunned down on the same spot within just a couple hours of each other. Having a violent city in today's America is totally fine, but I find it's exaggerated to the point of broken immersion. What you've written about factions resonates with me as well. I've been on GTA World for over a year and I've made a point of actually avoiding factions, to the extent of refusing IC and OOC invites. I have made an exception to this rule only just recently. A lot of problems on this server would be resolved if it wasn't for the OOC controversy and interpersonal drama between players and their various groups.
  5. This is the best Eurasian OC faction out there right now. Good shit.
  6. Agreed. There's more to the Balkans than just Serbia and Albania.
  7. There are a number of Eastern European ethnicities that aren't represented as much. Among these include Romanians, Bulgarians, Slovenians, Croatians and etc. There always seems to be an abundance of Russians, Ukrainians and Serbs, but not many others. Eastern Europe isn't limited to what was once the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.
  8. What are you even on about? There’s plenty of actual roleplay inside of nightclubs from both managers and customer alike, seeing as though I was part of it for some time. There are entire corporations on this server (WAVE and AMC) that produce this kind of roleplay. I have been to clubs in real life. Fighting does happen in nightclubs, obviously, but it doesn’t typically end with stabbings and shootings on a nightly basis. If this were to happen in reality, the nightclubs would be shut down. It’s happened before. A fair amount of nightclubs have been fairly dead before and part of this is because Los Santos has became significantly violent. Nobody wants to go there if they’re going to get shot in a DM event while stepping outside. Seen it before. The insolent comment at the end was uncalled for. Don’t get why you’re talking shit when you’ve never roleplayed with me before and were never around what the Vinewood Bouncers were doing.
  9. @orca112and @Ticklehave provided the reasoning that best relates to my own experiences on this server. From the perspective of someone who's been IC & OOC involved with the Los Santos nightlife for the past seven months; the city's became significantly violent. I found that the violent crime at bars and nightclubs was demotivating, and this was due to the immersion-breaking element. There were times where beatings, stabbings and shootings happened every single time my character showed up for work. Additionally, me and some others were Deathmatched a couple times for refusing people's entry into a nightclub. People don't want to log in and play, only to get roped into shitty roleplay or be on the receiving end of rule breaking. On another note, GTA World has opened Russian and French servers lately. I'm guessing a chunk of foreign players have gone over to those servers, which has somewhat decreased the playerbase here. Resultantly, the city will look more dead because there's now less players.
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