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  1. Factions popping up and closing isn't inherently a bad thing. Though, adding an arbitrary process where the focus turns from RP to "becoming official", from experience leads to some factions lose motivation and their goal once its been achieved. The unofficial stage, I believe, is for those that simply want to showcase their roleplay while going through the application process. Whether that's a day or a year.
  2. I thought it was satire. I feel its a little too complex and it again, doesn't match what I believe the intention is between separating groups from factions. I don't speak for IFM, naturally.
  3. Unofficial is simply not a requirement at current. There's no skipping it, they are asynchronous processes.
  4. Time for an IC Barcrawl. There's no issue with the amount of businesses that open of the same type or time. People will go to their favourites that suit their RP and their character, regardless of what's open. If people want to come in, buy one drink then move on... Let them.
  5. Karner


    I've forwarded this straight to the archive!
  6. Congratulations everyone! Thanks to all the admins and players who supported me and were patient with me during my trial period!
  7. I've met real life partners, friends and other acquaintances IRL through RP and I've always been open about where we've met and what it is. Im proud to be a roleplayer, as far as creative hobbies go it's quite difficult and in my opinion very fulfilling. Though there's naturally a fine line between hobby and taking it too far.
  8. Let people play and RP how they want as long as they ain't breaking rules. If you Dont like someone's RP you don't have to "fix" them, you can ignore them. If there is an issue with the rp like in the video shown above, they're typically handled quite quickly.
  9. 👀 I take you didn't play between 2011 and 2015 while I was an administrator there? 😛
  10. Still not sure what RCRP is really.
  11. Karner


    Locked and Archived.
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