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  2. In my defence, they blamed someone else so it's all good.
  3. I did move to Chad though... so half way there!
  4. I was removed from the staff team, stuck around to RP for a while and a few months ago I decided to move on from RP and gaming to something a bit more beneficial to my life. Pretty simple really!
  5. I didn't think of this at first, especially the first part. I quite like this suggestion. Overall fantastically written response honey. and a great eye into how IFM see these issues. Thanks for taking the time to hear us all out and take it on board and better yet, plan an action to fix concerns!
  6. This is very true, I didn't really consider the fact it'd become a logistical drain on other garages. Aside from the extra standards I put on top of employees because I'm an administrator, PM's standards have also increased and rightly so. I'm not entirely sure what the long-term solution will look like for these problems, but I will reflect and discuss with those appropriate.
  7. As someone who's been owning and running a garage for the past... two months now the reasons why it's hard to open are the following. (This is anecdotal, not statistical). A lot of players are rude to staff, IC and OOC. They will not wait patiently for cars to be finished once they've been started (but Ironically will happily wait in line prior). Mechanic RP is held to such a high standard compared to other businesses and avenues of RP that a lot of people just aren't as interested in being mechanics on the daily. Mechanic RP is super stressful, it often requires 2/3 mechanics + a clerk to keep the whole lot running smoothly and even then we're oftentimes rushed or questioned. My garage has never had an issue with profit or restocks. They simply get super busy, are held to an insanely high standard and it requires a lot of knowledge to do right. It's 1000x easier to do private work, advertise private work and then any "walk-ins" we get while not open than it is to open the garage and have THIS happen, every day.
  8. I left in 2017, was an admin from 2011 -> 2015 on and off.
  9. I guess way before your time.
  10. (( The report has been concluded, sale may continue ))
  11. Please do not sell this property. A PM investigation is taking place.))
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