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  1. What I said doesn't argue against this. What I'm saying is, it's likely a combination of things contributing to the hard crash not the script in and of it's own.
  2. Looks like an issue with the clientside garbage collection than the script / server itself.
  3. As people have said previously, which I agree with, the minigames are not built to replace roleplay. Whether it is poker, blackjack, hot wiring, lockpicking, or breaking into a safe you are expected to RP before and after those events. The minigames are a soft skill lock that you oocly will get better at as your character gets better at it and are far better than the previous random chance elements that predated them.
  4. Owner, Manager, Tenant? The natural hierarchy of a rented property kinda thing. I can see that.
  5. Ohhhhhhh, I know you! Nah he doesn't play here last I spoke to him.
  6. Thank you for the congratulations and congratulations to everyone else on their promotions and new positions!
  7. Cord was handed it after you got banned
  8. Dying after being wounded/downed in fist fights seems way too easy to do accidentally now?
  9. Some object -> ped attachments don't seem to work correctly. (Trucking packages).
  10. I've not used them myself, but does GTA V not have working closed captions?
  11. As someone who's RPed an LEO I can fully see the benefits of their system. However as someone who primarily RPs a criminal... You can definitely function without the voice channels. It's harder, sure but there are other peace officer roles that don't involve chases and shootouts that one could partake in. Hell that's without the fact that a deaf and handicapped player can still perform those aspects of Leo rp with a good partner.
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