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  1. This ^ I was just evicted from my own property for not being able to log in for a max total of 3 hours for said character without any type of notification... We are at the point of development to where we get notifications via discord for any messages sent to our phone while offline THAT WE CAN EVEN REPLY TOO but we can't have a notification for when we are about to lose a property so we are given a chance to contact PM just in case if there's something going on IRL? That is kind of unreal if you ask me.. Just like how you say is common courtesy to let you guys know if something is going on it is also common courtesy for you guys to notify us so we can notify you.
  2. Socks would be a great addition.
  3. blast

    S/S Playboys 13

    You already know shit fire
  4. I really hope this thread will be able to help you guys figure everything out.
  5. The crime rate isn't a issue. There are schools located in the highest of crime rated locations all over the US. Davis is the only location in the city area where not alot of rp opportunities like fast food places, gym's and any other kind of activities that brings rp to the general area opens on a daily bases. Most rpers in Davis have to create and NPC stuff like that to even compare to the other locations that have gyms and stores opening on the daily.
  6. I want to start off saying that the point of this thread is to see how may people would be on board for High school RP in general along with gaining new ideas on how to make this happen. With ULSA becoming a successful faction for college RP it has shown that the community is able to create such an experience if given the time and resources to do so but, due to it being a college and doesn't really cater/appeal to people who RP poverty while in Davis which would make Highschool a perfect for this situation. Time: The schooling hours isn't such a problem as people think as the classes can be set to begin around the prime hours of GTA:W to cater to as many rpers as possible. Transportation: This would be handled within the faction until someone feels like creating or reviving GTA:W bus job. Until then each character would have to fine there own means of transportation to the Highschool rather it be by BMX, Car, walking or simply calling a taxi. Ages: The Highschool would cater to the ages of 14-18. I honestly don't think its impossible to create something like this, of course its going to take a little time but I wouldn't mind taking the time to do so. If anyone can point out anything I didn't cover I will gladly add it to be able to create not only something I would like to see but something the community would like to see.
  7. Do your thing brodie
  8. Looking good so far keep it up 🔥
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