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Found 3 results

  1. The Southside Playboys The Southside Playboys 13 also known as the S/S PBS 13, or the Rabbit Gang are a predominantly Mexican-American street gang. Their territory strands from Davis Avenue to Roy Lowenstein with the heart of their hood being Brouge Avenue. Although the numbers aren’t as large they’ve established themselves in various areas of the East & West sides of Los Santos. The Southside Playboys 13 have earned a violent reputation due to an overwhelming influx of younger members even opening up to bringing in different races of members including the African American race. The street gang shows loyalty to the Mexican Mafia with the 13 behind their name, and they usually sport a Playboys Logo (A Rabbit). The Southside Playboys 13 were originally immigrants from Mexico and migrated to the streets of Los Santos and swarmed the streets in the 1970s being one of the oldest Latino street gangs in the history of them all. Gangs surrounding the area of the Playboys 13 street gang were the 38th Street Gang, Florencia 13, Primera Flats 13, and the 14th Street, gang. By the 1980s the street gang already had cliques and sets spread throughout Los Santos with them growing bigger and bigger in a different areas. There are multiple cliques from the Southside Playboys 13 clique with their most known and allegedly the first clique called the Baby Dukeros originally made by Santiago “Duke” Jimenez who was sixteen at the time. The clique recruited young teenagers who attended the Davis High School which was a way for the Playboys 13 street gang to expand. The Baby Dukeros are known to sport the Detroit Tigers logo and are the biggest clique in the Playboy gang. This started to lead on with other cliques being made but a noticeable female clique arrived on the scene. Gloria “Gata” Ramos a known member of S/S Playboys 13 made the Southside Rabbits or the Southside Conejas a group of what you could say doll-faced menaces. Gata grew her group of females to be very strong and keep their minds focused on the hood and that only is why there are so many members of the Playboys street gang that's related because of the family relations within the street gang due to this clique. The Southside Conejas can be identified on apps like Facebrowser with a Pink Rabbit possibly as their profile picture or somewhere in their post even tattoos. Gata eventually passed away from multiple gunshot wounds while hanging with female members of the Conejas she went out taking one of her opposers with her. The Baby Dukeros & The Southside Conejas are what you would consider the Original cliques of Playboys. The Tiny Malditos is one of the newest generational-based cliques made by Oscar “Osito” Navarro. Navarro had multiple members under him ready to die for the cause and all within it, he approached the known Shotcaller of the Playboys gang Gabriel “Lil Maniac” Cortez. He approached him in a respectful manner and took his time building his clique to be officially a part of the Playboys street gang with that in mind, they started to take over the schools and over Facebrowser. The Mainline Lowkeraz was made to branch off and separate some of the Conejas into a different group ran by Kenya “Krazy” Jimenez, they’re still building a name for themselves in Los Santos. Operation Rabbit Ears/Big Maniac’s Up-coming In the 1990s, the Los Santos Police Department started Operation Rabbit Ears on the Playboys street gang. During this time a young Hector Cortez was growing up in these streets still making a name for himself. Cortez looked up to Lefty a known Emero for The Mexican Mafia. Hector was taught almost everything by him including shooting his first firearm. Hector also was close with who people may know as Big Listo & Big Shady two members of the Playboys 13 street gang who were in their mid-teens at the time and involved themselves in deep street gang activity including killing multiple members of rival street gangs and became a Top member of the Baby Dukeros. During this time Hector got his long-time girlfriend pregnant with a child who would grow up to follow in his footsteps (Gabriel “Lil Maniac” Cortez”). Hector eventually earned his name Maniac by killing two officers while the LSPD was closing in on the Playboys & Mexican Mafia relations during a big deal going down involving massive weapons. Maniac attempted to save Lefty from being arrested by killing the two officers and fleeing immediately hoping Lefty would follow behind, but Lefty was eventually caught due to him being shot in his leg and collapsing to the ground where he was apprehended. Big Maniac built up his rankings expeditiously after this and became a Shotcaller during the mid-2000s. The Operation Rabbit Ears indictment eventually caught up to Big Maniac but he was released in 2015 from those charges, as he beat the case due to no one in the circle coming out to talk about his rankings and relations to the Playboys street gang. Hector continues to stay around the Playboys area and is there to help his son Lil Maniac run over the Playboys street gang and is his go-to person when needed. Heart Of The Hood Brouge Avenue is the most active spot of the Playboy street gang, there have been parties and what people know as hood-days in this area, where other sets come back. The Playboys have controlled the area since the 1970s and have been the predominant street gang in the area. There has been plenty of wars between the Playboys and other street gangs but they have never been a time where they’ve been pushed out of the area. When approaching their turf you can see various graffiti from the different cliques of the area, insignia like their Mexican Mafia relations on walls, and even bandanas tied to fences in the area. The street gang has experienced beef with street gangs like the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips, the Traviesos Gangster 13 street gang, and most of the Hoover Criminal sets but has still been strong and held together as such a big group in the Southside of Los Santos.
  2. Character Story David Fernandez was born June 22nd, 2006 to a lower-class family. David is the youngest of his two siblings. Growing up David was into video games a lot, he would sometimes go outside with his big brother Ethan and his sister. David lived with his abuela due to the absence of his parents and that they didn't want to take care of him. He got decent grades in school but he would get behavior reports and call homes about him cussing out the teachers so his abuela would get mad at him and take his games away from him , which caused his behavior to get worse. When David is not in school he would play video games all day or sometimes ride his bmx bike and do tricks, he is also into music so he learned how to play guitar. He often found ways to make money by cleaning peoples lawn, or go to his local barber shop and clean the hair from the floor, or he would ask his abuela or his brother for it. His abuela started to get more and more calls about David's behavior so she finally talked to David and he just got mad and cussed her out so she decided to kick David out to go live with his brother. Trigger Warning this thread will contain sensitive screens and sensitive topics.
  3. Julius "Jules" Hernandez started in journey in the TTCF at the age of sixteen on a drug charge, with his choice of taking it to trial he sat in the county for longer then expected which resulted in him ultimately getting involved with the Sureno's and Cuatro getting him down with the program. Julius had family on the outside and was in constant contact as things went on during his stay in the TTCF, before leaving a few days after his seventeenth birthday he stabbed a black inmate 11 times inside of the shower, leaving him for dead and getting clear of the scene. After being released Jules went to get the "XIII" tattooed over his eyebrow and the tear drop to follow under it representing the work he did on the inside. Not long after his release Jules ended up murdering a man in cold blood in a parking lot with a handgun, Jules shot the man 4 times in the chest before standing over him dumping another 6 rounds into the male. Jules would then get into his car and flee to his girlfriends house where he was caught and brought in on first degree murder charges. He was given Life at sentencing and since then Jules has undergone two birthdays making him 19 at the time of this writing. He has been involved in riots and other activities throughout the TTFC. Jules has built up a name for himself and is aspiring to be a top name/well respected in his new home. Whatever he is called upon to do he accepts with gratitude. Julius now has little to no family on the outside after the death of his two sisters and one of his cousins going missing. He maintains contact with his mother and one of his other cousins, his girlfriend ultimately left him after finding out what he has done. Day by day Julius takes time to reflect and hopes to make parole but understands he has a duty to fulfill and he needs to make sure he can take care of what he needs to on the inside. This thread will follow the development of Julius "Jules" Hernandez from this point forward. This character has already been developed to a certain point so the beginning of his story will be cut out on this thread regarding screenshots. This aims to represent a troubled teen within the TTFC facility that is in too deep and content with his current situation. Anything can happen within the story and major events will be documented.
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