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  1. I admire your mapping skills
  2. Most Blaine characters aren't originated from SA itself, but migrated from another state. Accents of a person don't change all of a sudden. But I do get the point.
  3. Naru


    Well, let me remove it then ? The search function never shows me what I'm looking for
  4. $600,000 Lower bid in case no appropriate buyers are selected. Raising bid to $750,000.
  5. Username: mpeters Comment: can't blame him, seen the two a couple times, she's hot
  6. Naru

    For Sale Signs

    I have a sign at my property on the Calafia Road X: 810.8976, Y: 4230.421, Z: 52.76351, R.x: 0, R.y: 0, R.z: 70.96431 Can those gates get removed too? ?
  7. is this some new mc? looks cool
  8. Naru

    Hunting Roleplay

    +1 Bring it that far that a select number of qualified players are allowed to use an animal skin.
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