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  1. Vito Bernini, owner of the Golden Crust. Alright, I'm commenting on this only once and on behalf of my bakery and staff. The three sisters came inside the bakery asking for vegan options which I replied politely that we have some and some are just out of stock as it's the case for a lot of places around the city, you don't always find what you want, still, I told you guys if you give me a said amount of time I can prepare what you want for you and call you back, but you guys just asked for what vegan options we have which I answered very politely with a list of it but apparently you girls came here to just protest given that you already agreed with the three males that insults are some kind of freedom of speech, so I don't know how is this a lie, I remember it was me telling you that we somedays sold none because no vegans came asking for it. And about the amount of time, those three had witnessed three males inside my bakery insulting me and my staff with vulgar and racial words which those three saw it's freedom of speech for some reason and they agreed with them as well. I had to call 911 and ban the three males from coming again to the bakery and that was the reason why their food took some time to be prepared even though an employee was taking care of their order. To not make it long for the many readers of your blog 🙂, those three were here to make a fuss, they even went after my customers before they entered the bakery to tell them not to go in there and that we were racists, those three think I insulted them in a way or another which I seem completely lost on how I did it but I apologised to every one of them then apologised to the three combined I even refunded them after they asked me to do it, with more money than what they have paid just as a combinsation and what did they do? They insulted me when they were leaving. All of what I've said is on the bakery's cameras footage and witnessed not just by one officer but three and the officer that was there seem to agree with me that I did not insult them in anyway. I don't hold a grudge against you guys and I respect your opinions about the bakery even though I don't agree with them, I've never heard someone telling me that the food I bake is bad but you guys lied to me by the way, you told me that if I refunded you you'd at least give the place one star hahaha, take care and thank you for your time. Vito Bernini. **COMMENT GOT DELETED**
  2. *Username: ViBe *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: They always know what you want to buy if you don't know.
  3. Would like to arrange an interview with you for an opportuinty at a private garage belongs to Zenith Autos. Please contact : 517-54-59.
  4. Full Name : Vito Bernini Email Address : [email protected] Offer/Bid (In USD) : $250 000
  5. This bitch dumped my bike in the water
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