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  1. Birdie

    Section 8 Housing

    It's a good idea! Definitely. The former Director of Public Social Services thought the exact same thing and created the "Affordable Housing Initiative" Sadly it hasn't come to be realized yet. With the current reform going on things have been put on hold, but- There are several projects in the works. The completion of the Affordable Housing Initiative. A government run community center that will cover a lot of ground. A foster care program. There are more things that we wish to realize in the long run, and they will hopefully soon become more
  2. A beautifully renovated two bedroom apartment on Palomino Avenue, overlooking the Marina in La Puerta. Additional renovation can be done upon request. Market Price: 150.000 Renovation Cost: 110.000 Starting Bid: 400.000 Buyout Price: 560.000 Exterior & Entrance: Interior:
  3. Offering the buyout price!
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