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  1. I reeeeeally like SAPR. They're super cool and it's always a pleasant experience to come across them in-game. My character is a part-time hunter and frequents the forests quite often to hunt game and he has bumped into SAPR units patrolling said wilderness a lot of times. It has actually helped me shape some key points of my character's thoughts and opinions over the course of a few weeks due to our IC interactions. To be honest, I subconsciously promised myself to never join any LEO faction in GTAW when I joined the server but SAPR was the first, in 4 years, to actually make me change my mind. The character I'm trying to portray just fits the Ranger's mindset too perfectly. That isn't to say I WILL attempt joining if the opportunity ever arises, but I'm very tempted to. Keep it up, guys. Your RP is amazing.
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